YouTube Comments

How To Turn On YouTube Comments As A Viewer?

Scroll down the page of a video to see the comments. Threaded replies make it simple to follow conversations. Anyone can respond to a comment you publish on YouTube because public comments exist.

After receiving a notification, if you can’t discover a comment, it’s conceivable that it has already been deleted. The original poster, the channel owner, or for violations of the rules, comments can be deleted.


Turn on YouTube comments.

If comments aren’t already enabled on YouTube, it’s very easy to do so. Otherwise, comments on YouTube are enabled by default. You receive sincere feedback from your viewers when you enable comments on your YouTube videos, which is one of the main advantages.

Enable YT Comments

Turn On Comments As A Viewer On YouTube


Your brand must read every comment made on your YouTube videos carefully. This not only aids in emotive analysis but also gives you insight into what your audience expects of you and where you should concentrate more when filming and editing your content.

1). Enter YouTube using the channel account for your channel-

Your YouTube channel’s settings allow you to control comments. By clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen and choosing it from the menu options, you may access YouTube Studio.

2). When in your YouTube studio, select Settings-

Go to your channel’s Advanced Settings in your YouTube studio to access the comment settings. Another method is to use the default settings on your channel page to access the options.

3). Activate the Community settings-

You can go to the community settings tab in the settings choices to turn on your comments. One of the more complex channel settings, community settings, allows users to add moderators and approved users, ban links, and enable or disable comments.

4). Click the Default tab in the community settings-

You may change the settings for your comments on the Default tab. There are numerous ways to enable comments on your channel:

  • Accept all remarks
  • Comments that may be offensive should be held for evaluation (with an increased strictness setting)
  • Hold off on reading every remark on your channel.

It’s fantastic that you can hold comments for approval before publishing them on your channel, preventing trolls and spammers from attacking your material.


Some of the benefits of turning on the comments as a YouTuber-

A strong marketing tactic for boosting the popularity of your YouTube channel is comments. Don’t just turn off comments if you want to expand and earn money from your YouTube channel in India. The following are some major advantages of reactivating comments on your channel:

1). An active comments area increases your channel’s authority-

By keeping your YouTube comments active, you can show that your channel offers interesting and useful content for your subscribers. The YouTube algorithm raises the rank of your material when you enable comments and answer them constructively. This helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field over time.

2). You may create a community by using your comments.

Successful YouTube channels are vibrant communities. As seasoned YouTubers know, building and maintaining a community of active followers is essential. If you reply to commenters who give positive feedback about your material in the comment areas, you’ll discover that they frequently visit your channel.

3). The comments area raises the internet visibility of your channel-

A lively comments area promotes the performance of your video on YouTube searches and results in positioning on Google for pertinent queries. For the algorithms to better understand where to rank your material, your commentators may include words and phrases commonly used in search queries.

4). Comments allow you to connect with other YouTubers and promote your channel-

It’s nice to interact with other YouTubers in the comments section. Other content creators may wish to comment on your work to support you on your creative path. With them, you can develop communication and joint projects.

5). Comments guide visitors in determining the value of your channel and material-

A large portion of YouTube viewers’ viewing experiences includes reading user comments. By allowing comments, you allow your audience to learn more about what you have shared, see what other viewers think of your work, and pose questions. The interaction between comments on your videos can significantly increase engagement.