How To Create A YouTube Channel?

Nearly one-third of all Web users use YouTube, a multimedia network owned by Google. Users watch hundreds of millions of videos daily and produce billions of views. YouTube reaches more Americans aged 18–34 and 18–49 on mobile devices than any other cable network in the country.

Amazingly, just 9% of small companies in the United States regularly use YouTube, and I feel that statistic holds globally as well. Consequently, why aren’t companies using YouTube as a component of their social media strategy?

Producing a video is more difficult than creating an image or blog article. Or at least many of us believe that to be the case. But in truth, making videos is becoming increasingly simpler and less expensive. This implies that YouTube presents a significant possibility for your company.

This article is for you if you’ve been considering joining YouTube or tried it out but haven’t found your place.


Not able to create a new channel?

When attempting to create your channel, if you see the notice “This action isn’t permitted,” you could use an old YouTube app version.

Here are some possibilities on how to proceed:

  1. In your phone’s app store, update the YouTube app.
  2. Using the browser on your computer, create a YouTube channel.
Create A YouTube Channel

Make A Channel On YouTube


Creating a YouTube Channel

Having a well-run YouTube channel with regular material may aid in company growth, but doing it correctly is as crucial. Here are the detailed instructions.

1. Start by logging into your Google account.

You must have a Google account to view, share, upload, and comment on the material on YouTube. Visit and choose “Sign In” from the menu in the top right. A Google sign-in page will then be shown for you to access.

  • The sign-in screen will ask you to sign in using your Google account.
  • Make sure to choose the Google account you wish to be linked to the YouTube channel if you have several Google accounts.
  • Click “Create Account” and follow the instructions to sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one.

2. Utilize your Google account to create a new YouTube channel.

The next step is establishing a channel once you’ve set up your Google account and logged in. Go to the top right corner and click your user icon. This represents your YouTube and Google accounts (as Google owns YouTube). You should choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Your account summary will be shown after that. Select “Your channel” and then select “Create a new channel.” Creating your channel name is the first step. However, we suggest it reflects the business the YouTube Channel will promote. It may be whatever you like and doesn’t have to match the name you used to open your Google account. You may be prompted to confirm your account after entering the channel name through text or phone. If that occurs, enter the code you are given by selecting an option.

You will be sent to your channel’s dashboard after your account has been authenticated. It’s time to begin personalizing it now.

3. Go to the Customize Channel page by navigating.

The basic information regarding your channel will come first. “Customize channel” may be found on your channel dashboard.

You will then be sent to the channel customization page from there.

Layout, branding, and basic information are the three tabs that you’ll see. You may make your channel viewer-friendly with the aid of these three tabs.

4. For better discovery, provide Basic Info on your channel.

Start by selecting “Basic Information.”

It would help if you filled this section with basic channel information, such as the language your videos are in and a description that will help people find your channel when they type in search phrases that describe the videos they’re searching for. These keywords may refer to your channel’s subject matter, the issues it addresses, the subjects of its features, the subjects’ goods and persons, your sector, and more.

You may also provide links to websites you wish to promote to your audience. These hyperlinks will appear above your banner picture.

5. Put promotional materials on your channel.

The graphics of a new YouTube channel may also be customized in addition to the descriptive information you’ve already contributed. You may upload your banner image, profile photo, and video watermark under the “Branding” page.

  • Profile Picture

When exploring video material on YouTube, profile images make it easier for consumers to tell who made a certain video. The picture below will display the YouTube videos on the play page. YouTube recommends a photograph with a minimum resolution of 98 × 98 pixels.

  • Banner Picture

The channel page’s main banner, known as the “banner image,” is a sizable banner that gives you a great chance to promote your business to visitors. Using a picture with a minimum resolution of 2048 x 1152 pixels and YouTube advises a file size of 6MB or less. Banner on YouTube’s profile page

  • YouTube Watermark

Each video you publish has a watermark visible at the bottom right. Ideally, you should choose a 150-by-150-pixel logo that best embodies your identity. Create a custom layout using your more extensive layout choices. Branded watermark on YouTube video  On the “Layout” tab, click.



Gratitude for reading. I enjoyed learning how to start a YouTube channel, and I hope you learned something. It is only the beginning of building a successful YouTube channel, whether you start one from scratch or already have one up and running. Any company has a big opportunity to reach viewers on YouTube who may not be familiar with them. You may interact and develop connections with people via videos in a unique, perhaps “closer” manner.