How Do I Turn Off Monetization On YouTube On My Phone?

A video’s advertisements will stop when monetization is off. Additionally, you will not receive any money through YouTube’s revenue-sharing scheme for the video. In the Creator Studio’s Video Manager, you can turn off monetization.


Steps to turn off YouTube monetization on phone

Disable Monetization On YouTube On Mobile Phone

Turn Off YT Monetization On the Phone


  • Open a web browser and go to Any web browser is compatible with mobile devices.
  • To sign in to YouTube if you are not already, click Sign In in the top-right corner and enter your account’s email address and password.
  • Press Creator Studio. The drop-down menu below your profile photo is next to an icon resembling a gear.
  • Then select Video Manager. It can be found on the Creator Studio’s left sidebar. It shows a list of all of your video files.
  • Click Next to the video(s) you want to demonetize. Each video in the list has a checkbox to the left of it. The videos you want to choose should have a tick next to them.
  • Select Actions. This button is located at the top of the video list in the Video Manager. A drop-down menu with many options is displayed as a result.
  • Choose “More Actions” The “Actions” menu’s drop-down menu contains this option near the bottom. It updates the drop-down menu’s actions to a new set.
  • To monetize, click. On the list of videos, this places monetization choices at the top.
  • Under “Edit Videos,” choose Off. The “Edit Videos” bar is at the top of the Video Manager, above the list of videos. Next to “Off” and across from “Monetization,” click the radial button.
  • Hit “Submit.” The “Edit Videos” bar at the top of the list of videos has a blue button in the lower-right corner.
  • Click Yes, after selecting the image. You are informed by this pop-up that you must wait until this update is finished before taking any further action. Toggle the box.
  • After checking the box next to “I understand that I cannot cancel or undo this update once it has begun,” click the blue “Yes, submit” button. Until the update is finished, a blue bar at the top of the Video Manager will read “Pending Edit.”
  • Your profile photo can be clicked. The circular image in YouTube’s upper-right corner is your profile picture. With this, a drop-down menu appears. All platforms, including PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, and Android phones, can access YouTube monetization.
  • Applying for Google Adsense and allowing YouTube to display adverts on your videos is the standard method of making money from your YouTube channel. You’ll receive a portion of YouTube’s advertising income from those adverts.

Since it works on all platforms, modifying it specifically for Android is unnecessary.   Any young person desires to become a full-time YouTuber but to realize that dream. One must first qualify for monetization and begin earning money from their content.

You won’t be able to produce high-quality material for your channel or be able to do it full-time without monetization. Therefore, you must quickly monetize your channel.

Let’s quickly review the minimum requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program for monetization before sharing the procedures to monetize your YouTube channel.


Conditions for monetizing YouTube:

– Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.

-4000 watch hours needed

– An AdSense-connected channel

– Access to the YouTube Partner Program in the origin nation or area

The first and second conditions are the primary two that need attention.

Some YouTubers frequently create videos on any subject they come across. And this is a poor choice. When you first launch, you must create a channel style for your content to reach the correct audience.


To sum up

YouTube is quite good at distributing videos to its user feeds, but if you aren’t producing content for a certain niche, the algorithm may have trouble spreading your new upload to the right audience.

Similar to Google search, YouTube also heavily relies on keywords. The title, file upload name, description, and other areas should all contain the keywords related to your video material that you have identified through research.

Sadly, you can do little if your channel has not yet been monetized and advertising is still appearing on your videos because YouTube is running the commercials and keeping all the money without sharing its benefit with you.

The good news is that YouTube thought your content was valuable enough to run advertisements on, which will help your videos.