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7 Crore Views On YouTube Money

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If you have just created your YouTube channel and are aiming for something big, and if you are here to find out how much you can earn for seven crore views on YouTube, let’s first start with how much you can earn on one crore views and know about more basic things.


How much do you get for 1 crore views? 

The amount of money you can make from YouTube per crore views is INR 413,497 to INR 4,116,375. The income is calculated by RPM, traffic source, niche, and watch time. The number of ads per video also plays a huge role in earnings. The RPM is highest for countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. With one crore views, you’ll make more than INR 576,292.

The RPM for the above four countries is more than Rs. 82.32. For every 1,000 views, you make Rs. 82.32 approx. For 10,000 views, You get an income of  INR 823.275, and for 100,000 views, you’ll get $100.For 1,000,000 views, the income is INR 82,327, and for 10,000,000 views, you will be making  INR 823,275. For countries like the USA and European nations, It’s very unlikely to get an RPM of less than INR 82.32. Your YouTube earnings also depend on your niche. YouTubers focused on finance, real estate, product reviews, health, and physical fitness gain RPM of over Rs. 123.4912 and up to Rs. 823.27. One will make above INR 1,234,912 per 10 million views with this RPM. The quality of the video and length also matters. A low-quality video will get an RPM of less than Rs. 41.16. Significantly, you put on high-quality videos on your channel to earn RPM of more than INR 82.32. Video length also plays an important role in income earned from AdSense. If you make longer videos, the higher your income will be. Ensure that your videos are above 20 minutes long. With a 20-minute video, you will have two ads within one video, hence higher chances of earning more than one with a short video.

When uploading videos for YouTube, India and African countries are considered the lowest RPM (less than $1) earning countries; if you target traffic from India and Africa, you will have to put more videos and get more views. If you are targeting African traffic, go for South African traffic. The highest RPM is for traffic from the USA. Those with over 90% of traffic from the USA can make over $10,000 monthly from YouTube.

7 Crore Views On YouTube Money

YT Money On 7 Crore Views


How much does YouTube pay for 7 crore views? 

Here, we will explain how much YouTube pays for 7 crore views. This list is prepared for you after doing all the research.

After the basics explained above, we will tell you how much you get for seven crore views. The YouTubers whose videos cross seven crores or 70 million, How much money do they make from that video? So this is the full list of how much you get for 7 crore views in India.

Channel Category Earning (approx)
1. Comedy Channel Rs. 1,728,877- Rs.2,305,170
2. Music Channel Rs. 576,292- Rs. 864,438
3. Tech Channel Rs. 1,152,585- Rs. 1,728,877
4. Roasting Channel Rs. 1,852,368- Rs. 2,305,170
5. Food channel Rs. 576,292- Rs. 864,438
6. Gaming channel Rs. 576,292- Rs. 1,152,585

Besides, you can earn at least INR 5,78,781 for seven crore views on YouTube in India. And if you wish to convert these dollars into Indian rupees, you can calculate on the YouTube currency converter calculator tool. You have to google it. You type the dollar amount in the tool, and after that, the tool will convert that dollar amount to INR, etc.