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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 30 Million Views?

This article will discuss YouTube’s Algorithm and monetization policies and how much YouTube pays for 30 million views. YouTube algorithm is complicated. YouTube is a very vast platform with creators creating content across the world. It is difficult for small channels to understand the YouTube algorithm and monetization policies.


YouTube’s Paying Amount for 30 Million Views

Having this many views on your YouTube channel requires a lot of dedication, hard work, patience, and, more importantly, consistency. It is a challenging thing to gain this many views. So, for 30 million views, YouTube pays an estimated revenue of INR 306,317.82. However, it can range between INR 99,255 to INR 496,275 based on variables like your channel type, location, etc.

To constantly gain this many views, always upload consistently, grow your engagement, interact with your audience more and follow new trends on YouTube.


YouTube Algorithm

YouTube algorithm is designed to keep people on the platform watching videos for as long as possible so YouTube can run ads and make money. If your videos help to keep viewers happy and on the platform longer, they will be aligned with the goals of the YouTube algorithm. But if you are constantly trying to get people to go from watching one of your videos on a platform to visiting your website off of the platform, then you are working against the goals of the algorithm.

YouTube algorithm knows much more about your content. YouTube’s AI analyzes your content beyond the information you have provided. YouTube uses a complex system of algorithms. So, it is suggested that as a creator, it is a good idea to plan for videos that naturally work and link them at the end of your playlist. It is going to increase the chances of YouTube suggesting those videos together.


30 Million Views Income On YouTube

YouTube Pay For 30 Million Views


YouTube Monetization

YouTube monetization means the ability to earn money through your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel should fulfill all the requirements to get monetized. For monetization, the requirements are that your channel should have 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time; if your channel fulfills this requirement, then only you can apply for monetization.

YouTube monetization policies allow you to monetize on YouTube. If you are a YouTube partner, your agreement includes that you are compliant with things like copyright, YouTube terms, and policy and that you live in a country where the YouTube partner program (YPP) is available; you need to have more than 4,000 public watch hours, That’s hours consumed of your content across your whole channel within 12 months and 1000 subscriber count, and then you need to link an AdSense account. Once you have accepted the program terms and set up your Google account. You need to create a YouTube Channel and Google AdSense account. Once your channel gets monetization preferences set up, your channel goes into a review after hitting the targets of 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time, and then you apply to get reviewed. You also need to set up an AdSense account for your payments, and then later, you will connect that account to your YouTube channel. A key thing here is you want to ensure that you only have one AdSense account.

It would be best if you thought that after fulfilling all the YouTube monetization requirements, you would get paid by YouTube, So all payments are issued through your AdSense account. To receive payment through your AdSense account, you need to clarify all things related to payments, like updating your social security number, you need to update your tax info, and you need to make sure your address is verified and all other personal details like bank details, Adhaar number, and email. It would help if you kept in mind that after even getting monetized, you need to maintain that 4k hour of watch time of your content.

So, how can you collect money from YouTube? After reaching and completing all the requirements, you may be eligible for checks and electronic funds transfer, and the money gets transferred into your business bank account. The amount YouTube will pay you depends upon your ad views. When you look at your analytics, there is a difference between a view and an ad.