YouTube Monetization Requirements

YouTube, as we know, is the biggest visual platform that enables a user to both watch and create, as two types of audiences get indulged:-

  • The one who only comes for valuable content may come to infer knowledge of any particular topic. That can be said a real audience or viewers.
  • The second makes content for the viewers. Generally known as Content creators.

Thus YouTube is a platform that helps both types of audiences in real time. There are thus many advantages of being active on YouTube and getting fame as per your content.


What is Monetization on YouTube? 

Simply put, YouTube monetization is the potential of your video to talk in monetary terms. It means the ability to make money from your YouTube videos because, at a certain time, a creator must time expanding their videos to get paid by YouTube.

But there are certain terms, conditions, and certain algorithms that YouTube follows; everyone needs to work and understand that algorithms. In short, this is a partner program run by YouTube to benefit both the party, that is, the creator and YouTube.

The YouTube monetization policy is a collection of policies that allows you to monetize on YouTube. To earn money from YouTube and legally join YouTube partner policy, a set of conditions should be followed by YouTube to join YPP.

Here in this article, you will learn about how a channel is monetized and its requirements.

Conditions For YT Channel Monetization

Provision For Monetizing Your YouTube Channel


How to join? 

Minimum 1000 followers – Now you should be very careful in this aspect that you have 1000 followers or more than that. Then only the very first condition would be fulfilled.

More than 4000 watch hours – Many times, we have talked about watch hours, and our following conditions include that your channel should have more than 4000 hours of official watch time in the last 12 months.


What is watch time? 

Watch time is the total amount that your audience watches your videos. Watch time estates the valuable insights that a creator can evaluate after analyzing the viewers watching and thus can find their audience’s area of interest.


Why is watch time an important aspect? 

YouTube shifted its Algorithms which they found relevant to judge the quality of the content back in 2013. YouTube finalized that watch time would be considered the number One factor because they thought that counting the number of views and considering the primary measure of success could not be fair enough. This could be a possible reason why watch time has been given more importance than any other tools of YouTube.

YouTube Algorithms for watching time 

For YouTube Monetization, your channel watch time should be 4000 watch hours and a specific number of counts and subscribers.

The third requirement has a linked AdSense account – now, this may also be created once you are done with the above two requirements.

The last should be followed by you, following the YouTube community guideline that YouTube has stated.

Thus these were terms being put by YouTube to get your channel monetized.

Now on the left side of the menu bar in YouTube, you can see the tab, which is monetization. While clicking on that tab, you will be able to see your estimated subscribers and watch time compared to your subscribers and watch time and how much more you require to reach the level of monetization finally.


What does YouTube see when they review your channel? 

The main theme – the very first thing YouTube observe is your consistency on the main theme; suppose you considered making videos on cooking, and that is what differentiates your channel from other. So after a year or maybe sometimes, YouTube compares the category as follows before.

Most watch the video – now this is the second thing checked manually by YouTube is your most watched video and whether it is going in the right direction.

Newest video – your recently uploaded video would also be under supervision.

Most viewed part of watch time – they also watch your genuine traffic from which area of your channel generates more traffic.

Video metadata includes all your titles, thumbnails, description, and all the necessary information you post below your video.

So this was some basic information that is looked forward to by YouTube to monetize your channel.

Now, if you think you have some inappropriate videos or you may find yourself bad, that may result badly, you can directly delete that video and make your content as rich as the title of the video.


Requirements after monetization of the YouTube channel 

Verify your pin or address – only after you have mentioned your address or pin will YouTube release your payment, or YouTube will access your payment through bank details. But here also, YouTube will send you a link to your address only when your Adsense account has access to a total dollar 10.

Your AdSense account should earn the amount of $100. More than 100 are needed.

Now, this was some most important information released by YouTube if you want your channel to go for monetization.

Once your channel hits the applicability for monetization, there are other ways you can look to earn other than monetization.

These are:-

Video advertisement – where you are paid to run a video

Merchandise – you promote your stock of cloth like t-shirts and hoodies.

Membership – if a subscriber converts himself as a membership subscriber and pays you monthly, that could be an extra benefit and an additional source of income.

Supers include payment by a subscriber in super chat and super stickers, an earning prospector of gamers while live streaming.

YouTube is a wide and great platform, and best if your interest is in creating creative content once you start your journey and understand the YouTube algorithm. So wait for the right time because you never know if your video can get viral at any new time.



One can opt for many other options regarding the method and procedure for monetization. Thus if you think your channel can run video and can earn through it, you can follow the above procedure and seek whether your channel is enabled to monetize or not.