How Much Earning From YouTube In India?

In 2020, YouTube produced $19.7 billion in income, a 30.4 per cent annual growth, and had more than 2.3 billion subscribers globally. However, the question you are really interested in is how much money YouTubers earn in India or anywhere else globally. To assist you in figuring out your expected revenue from YouTube as a creator, we have also developed a YouTube Money Calculator to aid you with the topic.

Over the last three years, YouTube has given approximately $30 billion to media companies, innovators, and artists. The T Series YouTube channel surpassed 100 million subscribers for the first time in 2019. Few YouTube users have subsequently surpassed the threshold that many creators believed to be invincible.

YouTube’s expansion in India has only been boosted by the outbreak.

Before we discuss how much money one can make via YouTube and exactly how the YouTube Money Analyzer may be able to reveal your earning potential, let’s first cover some foundational information for those who are new to the topic.


How can an Indian make money using YouTube?

Applying for the YouTube Partners Program allows you to make money on YouTube. With the aid of advertising money, channel subscriptions, super chats and super stickers, channel memberships, product racks, and YouTube Premium Revenue, YouTube assists creators in generating income from their channels. If you’re eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund, you can also be eligible for incentives for short films.

The $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund was established to reward creators for their commitment to producing imaginative, unique Shorts that thrill the YouTube community. Currently, the fund only accepts applications from artists in a few countries, but we anticipate that it will eventually include more nations.

You must have a channel on YouTube with more than 10,000 subscribers and 4,000 legitimate public view hours in the previous 12 months to be eligible for the YouTube partner program. Let’s look more closely at the ways in which YouTube producers make money.

When someone views a display, popup, or video ad on a YouTuber’s channel, they will pay them for the privilege of doing so. YouTubers earn INR 248 to INR 400 for every thousand video views.

  1. Channel Memberships: You provide exclusive benefits in exchange for a recurring monthly fee from your members.
  2. Super Chats and Super Stickers: You may charge your subscribers to have their messages shown in conversation streams.
  3. Merch Shelf: Your viewers may browse and buy genuine branded goods that are shown on your watch pages.
  4. YouTube Premium Revenue: When a YouTube Premium user views your video, you will get a percentage of their subscription money.

Depending on where you obtain the views for your videos, YouTube makes different amounts of money from advertising. For example, if the bulk of views on your movie originates from India, you may earn between INR 124 and INR 248 for every thousand views. However, if your audience is American, your video might earn between INR 165.80 and INR 331.60 per thousand views.

Again, a variety of variables, such as the kind of material you produce, the target market you are aiming for, how often you post new content, etc., affect this number. Therefore, estimating your potential earnings on YouTube based just on CPM estimations is challenging. The YouTube Money Analyzer we’ve developed can only, at most, give you an educated guess as to how much money your channel could be able to make.

The pandemic and other global events also had an influence on YouTube revenue last year, with the majority of YouTubers reporting profit declines of about 30%. That’s why the majority of YouTubers hedge their bets by generating income from other sources, including paid advertising, affiliate marketing, channel sponsorships, fan donations, and more.

Earning From YouTube In India

YT Earnings In India


How much money are Indian YouTubers making?

Nearly $20 million is what some of the highest-paid YouTubers earn annually. This topic, however, is challenging to address since YouTubers may generate money from sources other than the YouTube Partners Program. For instance, Ryan Kanji has reportedly made $200 million from the Ryan’s World line of toys and apparel, which also includes Marks & Spencer pyjamas.

Additionally, he signed an unknown deal with Nickelodeon for his own television series, which will likely be worth significant money. In its fourth season, the television show is now receiving a lot of backlashes. In a similar vein, Indian YouTubers are already producing their own original online shows under the YouTube Originals label. Bhuvan Bham is handling production on “Dhindora” for YouTube Originals. The platform’s original shows, movies, and events are referred to as YouTube Originals.

Depending on how many views your video receives, the accompanying chart guides how much money it may generate. The research also contrasts the earnings of US and Indian inventors. As previously said, several elements affect a creator’s success, including the speciality of the video, its duration (larger films sometimes include at least two adverts), and the audience’s origin.


Estimated Revenue for Videos Viewed (in Rupees)

Video Views and estimated amount are as follows:

S.No. Video Views Estimates earnings(INR)
1 10K Rs. 200 to Rs. 500
2 100K Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000
3 1 Million Rs. 7000 to Rs. 30,000
4 150 Million Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 6,00,000

Earnings, however, also include a degree of irrationality, and the actual figures sometimes may deviate significantly from the previous projections. Thus, your creative experience is contextualized by the industry you work in, the nation you work in, and the kind of content you make.


Financial calculator on YouTube

With the average number of views you provide below, the YouTube Money Calculator determines a commonly accepted CPM range, which provides an idea of how much money a person may make on YouTube. When determining the CPM, keep in mind that the range may change depending on the kind of traffic, the region of origin, the niche of the video, the cost of certain advertising, the prevalence of AdBlock, the real clickthrough rate, etc.



Even the addition of Instagram reels hasn’t significantly reduced the popularity of YouTube in India, where it still has a monopoly. Through programs like the newly unveiled $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund, the platform is wooing all TikTok producers who lost their following when the app was outlawed in the nation.

It will achieve saturation in terms of author revenue and discovery once the platform’s user population gets close to 500 million. However, if Google’s sales numbers ($1 billion in India last year) are any indication, the platform appears to be unstoppable.

Whether you are an active YouTuber or are thinking about creating your own YouTube channel, it is the best platform to start earning in your chosen niche. On YouTube, though, strong content and consistency are at the heart of what we do.