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Watch Time YouTube Monetization

Are you eligible for monetization?

To get qualified by the YouTube partner program (YPP), you need to make good content and stand well with YouTube; you must have 4,000 valid, organic public watch hours in the previous 12 months with at least 1,000 subscribers.

You also must follow the YouTube monetization policies; you must live in the region/country where the YouTube partner program is available and have a linked AdSense account.

Watch Time Needed For YouTube Monetization

Watch Time YouTube Monetization


So how much watch time is required for YouTube monetization?

If you post your videos on YouTube for the first time, you will notice that just posting your videos will not automatically be set up for monetization. And even if your videos get onto ads and everything else still not able to monetize your channel needs: –

YouTube requires users to reach a certain watch time threshold before monetizing their channel. But what’s the exact number for YouTube watch time? And how to create content videos to reach this watch time and maximize the revenue potential.

4000 hours of watch time is a good goal for any new creator or content on this platform; 4000 hours of watch time can easily be achieved by simply creating good content, engagement, and watchable content so that you can work your way into the YouTube partner program.

You should make one entire video strategy in such a way that you are trying to get full audience support or gets viral so that your channel comes into the audience’s eye and everyone talks about it for the next few weeks.

According to recent research, you can make $0.01 to $0.03 per view on your channel videos through YouTube. It might sound less initially, but some YouTube videos can quickly get hundreds and thousands of watch hours if the content is targeted well to audiences.


What’s the deal with YouTube shorts and watch time?

If you make your videos small as possible, you should be creating Shorts content instead of long content from videos. Any subscribers you gain from your YouTube shorts will count towards reaching 1000 subscribers, but you need to qualify to join the YouTube partner program (YPP) and become eligible for monetization.

But the watch time will be generated by YouTube shorts, but 4000 hours will not increase watch time. You can keep making YouTube shorts if you love them, but do remember it will not help in watch time.


What’s the best strategy to get your videos 4000 hours of watch time?

Imagine you have created a brand-new YouTube channel with zero days, zero subscribers, and zero videos and just posted a video of 1 minute; so how many times do people have to watch your video to gain 4000 hours of watch time?

The answer is that we have to convert 4000 hours into minutes. 4000*60=240,000 Its means your one-minute video has to be watched 240,000 times.

Creating good content ideas takes time and energy, and if you want to put videos every day, then 365 unique videos and ideas will be needed. What can be a more realistic option? Here’s what I recommend: –

1. Create two or three videos per week. Each is around 10 to 15 minutes long.

2. Go live for your audience or whoever has a gaming channel. Go live stream for 1 hour.

3. Focus on new and quality content promotions.



To start a YouTube channel, you must create a video strategy that works for you. Publishing 2 to 3 videos weekly for 10 to 15 minutes and a one-hour live stream per month. 

Use various SEO (search engine optimization) to generate organic traffic on your YouTube videos. SEO is an incredible tool for growing a channel from zero to 1000 subscribers.

Always have five video cards on each video to promote related videos of your channel to viewers to watch more content. Always organize all your videos into specific topic playlists. It allows the viewers to watch related topics to watch all your content in bulk.

Instead of sharing the direct link, add all of your videos to playlists and then share this playlist with your video of choice as the currently selected video. It will boost your watch time tremendously! 

And if these are not working, send your videos to your friends and families and ask them to watch them on their devices.

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