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How To Hide Views On YouTube?

When you tell people you have a YouTube channel, One of the most common questions asks how many subscribers you have, and the answer is what you sometimes really dont want to give. Moreover, views are the most important things that decide the credibility of your videos; the more views your videos will have, the more chances of it as it creates a kind of trust among the rest of the viewers. They think your videos to being genuine and worth watching.

But what happens when your channel is new and your YouTube videos have minimal views might cause less audience on your channel, but that’s not always true. Let’s learn how.


Can YouTube views be hidden?

 You all looked into YouTube and then have to see your channel logo in the top right-hand corner of your YouTube screens. If you click on that, you can go to it. YouTube is currently in beta but will become a standard as 2019 progresses. Your homepage or dashboard on the new creates a studio to hide that subscriber count from the public. You click on the setting button in the bottom left-hand corner of that popup, click on channel followed by advanced, and you should see a checkbox there. Remember that hiding your subscribed account will also affect your channel page and search results, where the subscriber account will no longer be shown it’s over publicly. So this is how you can hide your subscriber count. The burning question is why you would do this. The common opinion is that having a visible subscriber count can add or remove value from your channel.

But sadly, it’s not possible when talking about hiding YouTube views.

Hidden Views On YouTube

Hide Views On YouTube


Do hiding views are suitable for your channel?

Many video creators with smaller channels with less than 100 subscribers worry that viewers will be immediately switched off from their content because they don’t have a perceived audience watching it already. We open up this question.

When you watch a video, your viewer sees a channel with lots of subscribers that convince you more to subscribe to their channel. The content from several views is just as good but has a tiny number of subscribers. Everybody from an ego point of view could understand why to begin with, and you might want to hide your subscribed account; however, by default, subscribed accounts are displayed publicly on YouTube.

So when that is hidden, that is a conscious decision from the video created to hide those stats from the public, which always raises suspicious questions.


Getting increased views

It starts with a zero for every content creator and ends somewhere after a few years of making videos. When you build up your channel, you realize what an immaterial number was when you first started it; it’s all part of the YouTube journey.

The difference in creating YouTube videos is that it will allow you to make better content to get more subscribers and ultimately become a full-time youtube creator or get more sales for your business or more brand awareness, whatever. You’re trying to do this video as a small creator on YouTube starters. If you want to grow up on YouTube right now, you need to be creating YouTube shorts.YouTube shorts have more placements and any other type of content on the platform; they show open search results now, they show up on their mobile fee they show up after videos, they show up on recommendations, they show up on the homepage shorts are showing up everywhere in YouTube is pushing them like crazy.


Focusing on your content 

 Content creators that create short-form content will get their content in addition to that. If you create shorts content, it’s going to help you get more views on your long front content, which ultimately means you’re going to make more money from YouTube, you’re going to get more exposure on YouTube, and the subscribers have a subscribing to your channel from shorts are also going to watch your long-form content, and this is a great advantage that you can have over your competitors or if you’re trying to break into a competitive new just kind of break into YouTube.In general, this will make all the difference in your content.


Increasing your Audience

 How to increase your audience or attention and that other secret to helping smaller YouTube channels blow up on YouTube. Make sure you spend that subscribe button if you want to grow quicker on YouTube text after Instagram; you can also upload a video about how to grow your platforms every single day and create a free YouTube growth course.

 Now when it comes to the titles of your videos, you need to understand that the title is the essential part of a YouTube video. It will provide the YouTube algorithm with whether or not they should push out the piece of content. It’s going to signal YouTube about the audience. What is the piece of content about? In addition, if nobody clicks on your video, nobody will watch it, and if it’s a short video.


Understanding keywords

 One, you need to have a keyword in your title. For example, if your video is about Elon Musk, it better be that title; if your video is about fashion, something fast or related, it better be in that title. If your videos are about affiliate marketing crypto, whatever the critical video is about, it better to be the title; it makes it easy for YouTube to know who to push the content if YouTube doesn’t know who to push the account to do they not going to push the content out.

Suppose you don’t know how the YouTube algorithm works if we’re going to put it in a nutshell. One YouTube does not push your content out to people. Instead, YouTube has an audience. The instant sense people interested in crypto interest in CNN are interested in whatever you are posting about. So if you’re not creating content about that, they don’t know who would push that content too.


Wrapping up

 A lot of creators think about this the other way around. They want to make content all about them shouldn’t be all about you; be all about the consumer; it should be all about your audience; it should be all about what they’re interested in because the only thing YouTube is interested in doing is keeping people in the platform and they don’t do that by pushing out egotistical people that create content all about them Instead they push out content that solves people’s problems that allows people to escape. That makes people outraged, and this is why YouTube is pushing on content like that. So please consider that when you’re coming up with your titles.