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Why Can’t I Comment On YouTube?

Comments are great for showing support and giving input to a YouTube video. Commenting on YouTube videos lets us put our viewpoints on the web and become a piece of something, in any case, difficult to do. Numerous video makers flourish with their recordings’ remarks and criticism to make their channel a superior review insight. Furthermore, if you do not have the option to do that of late and have been pondering “for what reason might I at any point could not comment on YouTube,” this article will settle that for you.


What are the reasons you can’t leave a comment on a video?

Can't Comment On YouTube

Unable To Comment On YT Videos


If appropriate, a portion of the reasons is recorded underneath.

1. The creator of the video has blocked your account

If you can’t post remarks on YouTube for all recordings of one YouTuber, you can consider whether the proprietor has hindered your record.

This should not be the initial occasion when you remark on YouTube recordings from that video maker. The person in question can impede your record if you have posted a few rude or ill-advised remarks, or the video maker could do without your remarks. Assuming this is the case, you will not be able to remark on any recordings from that maker.

The maker might block your account unintentionally. You can contact the maker to make sense of the circumstance if necessary.

2. Creators on YouTube have disabled comments

The creator can decide whether to respond to comments from viewers. On YouTube, a video’s producer can choose whether or not to allow comments on that particular video. YouTube creators widely use this function to suppress comments.

When a video discusses a contentious subject, this function is helpful. The comments feature actual fights between users. To avoid hate speech and altercations, comments are occasionally disabled.

3. A VPN keeps you away from commenting.

On the off chance that you make a mistake, for example,  “Comment failed to post,” it may be because of the obstruction of a VPN administration. If you’re utilizing a server external to your locale, YouTube could distinguish this and keep you from leaving remarks. Look at handicapping your VPN administration and endeavoring to leave another remark.

4. Expired cookies

When you sign in to your YouTube account, your gadget makes a cookie. After some time, these cookies lapse. Moreover, once they do, you could have to sign in. If not, you wouldn’t have the option to utilize your record’s capacities, including the one to comment. Thus, re-logging or clearing the store and history of your program could take care of this issue.

5. YouTube limited mode is initiated

If Limited Mode is empowered on your PC or gadget, you can likewise experience can’t comment on YouTube issues. To dispose of the issue, you can handicap YouTube Confined Mode. If you can’t do it without anyone else, you want to contact the director for help.