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How To Increase YouTube Views For Free?

Whether you have a brand new channel and are looking to start getting paid with it, or you have a more established YouTube channel and are looking to grow with it with some traffic and start getting more subscribers, you know you can make more money by increasing views.

If you are already monetized, you will want to use this method. Now, with this method, we know you can get traffic without relying on YouTube’s algorithm to rank your videos. By doing this, traffic on your videos will eventually increase.

There are also a few sites that offer you increased views on your YouTube videos for free. Later it depends on how often you use these sites, so this will help you get more subscribers and views to your YouTube channel and ultimately help you rank your videos.


Getting Increased Views 

Know how it works for every site. For that, you need to visit those sites, and then you will receive one visitor back to your link, and there are no limits for free visits that you could receive a day. It could be 1000 or more. So it depends on how much time you want to invest out of your time by using the site, and the first thing you will get to do is to go and create this flash page that is going to be rotated in this traffic exchange that is going to be linked to your YouTube channel.

Getting YT Views For Free

Increase YouTube Views For Free


Increasing traffic on your videos 

So now, how to create a splash page. Why do you want to create a splash page? It is so because you want to ensure your site is getting seen. You don’t want to, and nothing like inhibiting it from getting seen on YouTube. So by making a splash page in the easy splash builder section, you are making sure that your site is seen and you will stand out from branding.

Now under the two sections, which are on the left-hand side, you are going to click easy splash builder, and then you are going to click the splash page; now you can use the visa, which is like a bunch of templates that you can select whatever one you prefer. It will allow you to get it done quickly. If you don’t want to use a template, you can start from scratch, and you can use their editor, and you know, do whatever you want and add your photo and everything. So it is a little more tricky than another elementary way to navigate. So this one there is very simple, but who needs to grab an image of yourself? Because you need to make sure that you are utilizing the branding because you are getting random people from all over the world seeing this page. If they see a picture of you, it will help build trust, and there’s more of a chance they will want to click on your link.


Being precise about minor things

Now you want something that will be catchy and that will be interesting; if they want to click on it, it should be bold enough to click it, and then to go over and click the heading that should be bigger too.

Now you need to click on the highlight tool and go there and make it till like that. So when your viewers see this, they are surfing, they will say, who is this person? What are they doing? So this is how they are connected to you on a larger scale.

So YouTube highlight can help you in such cases. Now you have to copy the browser link to your YouTube channel videos, insert the link, paste it, and then open it in a new window; it will open it outside of their surfing. Please ensure they view your YouTube channel before your highlight distracts them. So be very precise about writing it and the way you keep its size and also add the link in a window that is entirely new and save it.


Earning free views

Every view on YouTube gives you three more opportunities to earn another view. Therefore it is imperative that what you make next is what your audience wants to watch next, especially when you have recently been making successful content. You want to double down on that video topic. That video style, story, that representation, and this is a reason why from a YouTube algorithm, YouTube recommendation perspective for whatever video works for that ideal viewer on your channel.

Next time you release something, YouTube will tap that viewer on the shoulder and say we noticed you like that creator. So do you want to drive to watch this next? It is a golden opportunity to grab that viewer.

Instead of viewers just watching one of your videos and then moving on, they are watching a second video while YouTube shares it. Someone at least seven more people may watch the video by consistently hitting that same audience. YouTube will, and it wants to go out and find similar viewers to those already watching your content.


Tracking your channel’s growth

Now YouTube kind of tracks these free views already through return viewers on a YouTube studio.

If that number is going up consistently, more and more people are returning to your content simultaneously.YouTube is going to continue to find new viewers for your content. You can also technically track this as well through YouTube impressions. If your impression count is going up, then YouTube is trying to test your content with more and more viewers. Still, viewers or new viewers are another type of freebie impression that is essentially free advertising, and the more advertising you get from YouTube, the more free viewers you will earn.


Wrapping up

Words, static images, moving GIFs, and voting polls provide something different, something fresh that distracts your audience and may get them to engage with it. So all of these things together can help you earn free views on YouTube, which are highly genuine.