Youtube Subscribers

Youtube Subscribers: Just Viewers or more?

Youtube Subscribers

The skyrocketing success of social media and the online culture brought along with it a new race of fans: Youtube Subscribers. Subscribers are the group of people who subscribe to Youtube channels by selecting the ‘Subscribe’ button which allows them to receive the content produced thereon. Additionally, the user can sign up to receive notifications as and when the channel releases new content by clicking on the bell button. A user’s subscription feed is usually a heterogeneous mix of content from the various channels that the user has subscribed to. 

In the last 5 years, the world has seen massive growth in YouTube subscribers. This has been a result of the growth of online media and with it, the staggering increase in the number of online content creators and in this case, Youtubers. Not only this, but subscriber’s loyalty to their beloved channels has also seen an unprecedented rise. Their loyalty and love for their favourite content creators have been challenged in the most peculiar ways. From making their favourite channel’s videos reach maximum likes to helping increase its subscriber count, subscribers have become a force to be reckoned with. To increase youtube subscribers you can buy youtube subscribers from buyyoutubesubscribers.

We’ve recently been audience to quite a many online ‘clashes’ between fans of different Youtubers. From the Pewdiepie vs T-series fiasco to the recent Youtube vs Tik Tok, we see people coming together in defence of their favourite YouTubers. During the Pewdiepie vs T-series clash, Felix’s (the man who runs the channel) fans went as far as to putting up posters around their streets, asking strangers to subscribe to him, and so on. One of their main argument to support Pewdiepie was to ‘save youtube’ as Felix Kjellberg is an independent creator and according to them, the throne should belong to such a creator who is self-made and does not represent a whole company. 

Currently, we’re amidst the ongoing feud between Youtube vs. Tik Tok. Tik Tok has emerged as the leading competitor of Youtube as it’s taking over a major chunk of the viewership to its platform where people scroll and watch 15-second clips of content creators doing a bunch of random stuff like dancing, mimicking dialogues, singing, etc. The app is highly addictive as it has seen a drastic increase in installs and users. The fiasco heated up when the rivalry between the major content creators on both the platforms took the internet by storm. Carryminati released his video titled ‘Tik Tok vs Youtube: the End Game’ which amassed massive numbers in likes and new subscribers in under 24 hours, a new record by an individual Indian Youtuber. The video soon became the talk of the country and even internationally, with people across the world coming in favour of Carryminati’s arguments. However, the video was soon taken down, owing to reasons still unclear. 

These clashes among fans of different Youtubers just go on to prove a point, that their subscription to these channels is more than just for viewership. In these tough times when most of us are confined to our homes and especially, our beds and couches, Youtube comes in very handy, with so many creators doing live streams and releasing new content that we watch and pass our time by, as we wait for things to get better and back to normal. 

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