History of Youtube


Its main aim was to make everyone accessed, search and upload videos easily anywhere anytime. 


▪ Founded in the year 2004, by three former employees of PayPal Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. 

▪ The idea came up as they were getting difficult to find the videos on the internet, which led a thought of introducing an easy and efficient site for every user. 

▪ The concept was inspired by Wardrobe malfunction and tsunami hit in the Indian ocean. 

What made it a global success? 

★ ‘Google’ played one of the major roles in the success of youtube, It saw a massive change in the thought of creation. By this Google bought Youtube in the year 2006 for $1.2 billion.

★ In the year 2005, the early version of Youtube was launched i.e on valentine’s day.

★ Officially, on December 2005 it had been launched in the globe.

★ The first video was launched by the founder Jawed Karim on May a 19-sec clip.

★ Most went viral video was of the Brazillian football player ‘Ronaldinho’ receiving a pair of 

Golden Boots. Company Nike played a major role. 

Some major dates which turned it rapidly. 

❖ July 2007 – Partnership with CNN to host a presidential debate.

❖ April 2009 – Wins ‘Peabody’ award and launches Vivendi Music Video Services VEVO.

❖ 2011- Shares footage of Arab spring move for Democracy.

❖ July 2012 – Olympics streamed for the first time.

❖ December 2012 – ‘Gangnam style’ becomes first to hit 1 billion views.

❖ March 2013 – Reached 1 billion monthly visitors. 

Important facts: 

➢ It started a deal with NBC in 2006, to enter into the digital world.

➢ Youtube launched a partner program to get people paid for viral content.

➢ Soon, A baby’s viral video made family $1,50,000 in 2007.

➢ In the year 2007, google started making money through advertisements.

➢ In 2009, it became mainstream, countries started official congressional channels.

➢ Started renting movies in 2010 and live broadcasting in 2011.

➢ Its revenue in 2019 was $15 billion.

➢ It is estimated to be worth $160 billion.

➢ Indian channel ‘T-Series’ gets in first with 133 million subscribers followed by ‘Pew Die Pie’.

➢ ‘Despacito’ is the most viewed video with 6.5 billion as of today. 

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