YouTube and its Changing Interface

The story of the birth of YouTube a global video-sharing media is an interesting one. In 2005, Javed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen launched this site after realizing that there is the unavailability of many videos that couldn’t be found on the cassettes that were being sold around in the world. YouTube is the world’s third most visited site after Google and Facebook, and now is almost an industry that generates up to 16-25 billion dollars. 

YouTube has everything today (probably not your favourite porn though). Films, makeup tutorials, subject classes, music videos, funny and prankster videos, lifestyle and fashion tutorials, cartoons, cooking tutorials, well name it and you have it. Yu today have the ability to upload anything on that interface, for free, and well if you get famous, bingo! Someone might earn a good amount of money too. 

Unknown faces gain recognition over YouTube. Stars like Justin Bieber, Sherly Setia, Susan Boyle have made a name for themselves through this medium. The rappers and the rap culture gained momentum in the same way. Soulja Boy is a perfect example of this who earned 7 million dollars for his video of ‘Crank That’. Besides the obvious celebrities, there are instances where videos of natural humour and video gaming makes the publisher of that video get millions of views and earn money, without even having the intention to do so. Currently, Youtube’s most popular channel is PewDiePie-aka Fex Kjellberg, who played horror games while providing profane but humorous commentary. He has 33 million subscribers which are increasing day by day. Besides this, be it petting The Grumpy Cat, the nuisance of The Granny Show, or family fights of the Kardashians, stand up comedies of Brooke Brodack, YouTube has got our back. 

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while YouTube does carry the potential to give you name and fame, it is also a weapon of self- destruction. Innumerable controversies have happened over the rumours or leaks done on YouTube that changed the equations of known people in the world. We cannot deny the fact that how it is used by everyone, including politicians and terrorists. Politicians have used YouTube to influence views and opinions through posting their videos (Obama’s reference), and terrorists have used them to upload public threats and probably have options available to see videos on how to make bombs too. YouTube’s irreplaceable quality remains that it makes anything and everything available. Now determining whether it’s good or bad to provide anything online on a click remains questionable. No doubt there are options to restrict and report a video if the YouTube community finds it offensive or inappropriate, it is taken down. But still, we can’t agree that everything visible our screen here is appealing or acceptable. Neither can we ignore the fact that it is not important for every video to just be bad. A wardrobe malfunction or a recent breakup of your favourite celeb might be an invasion of their privacy but juicy gossip for you. We cannot eradicate the necessary evil. YouTube metaphorically, is a lifeboat with small holes in it. You do have a potential to drown in it, but also have relatively higher chances to reach the shore of the Island of Recognition on the other side.    

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