How to Post a 60-Second Reel on an Instagram Story?

Instagram Reels is a feature on the Instagram platform that allows users to create, edit, and share short, engaging video content. It offers a range of creative tools and effects and integrates with Instagram’s music library, enabling users to add soundtracks to their videos.

Reels can be shared across multiple areas of Instagram, increasing their visibility and potential reach. The feature also provides valuable insights and analytics, helping users track and optimize the performance of their content. Additionally, Reels can be used as a cross-promotion tool to drive traffic to other parts of a user’s profile. So, it provides an opportunity for businesses and creators to showcase their brands and engage with their audiences in a fun and dynamic way.


Key Feature Of Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to create and share short, entertaining videos set to music. Here’s an overview of its key aspects:

  • Short Videos:
    Reels are short, typically 15 to 60 seconds in length, making them perfect for quick, engaging content.
  • Creative Tools:
    They offer a variety of creative tools, including audio, AR effects, timer, align (for seamless transitions between clips), and speed adjustments, allowing users to create fun and dynamic videos.
  • Music Integration:
    Users can add music from Instagram’s music library or use their original audio, making Reels ideal for lip-syncing, dancing, or showcasing talents.
  • Visibility:
    Reels can be shared in various ways – on the Reels tab, the Explore page, your profile grid, or the Feed – increasing their visibility to a wider audience beyond your followers.
  • Engagement:
    Similar to Stories, Reels enable viewers to like, comment, share, and interact with the content, fostering engagement and community building.
  • Trends and Challenges:
    Reels often feature trending challenges or hashtags, encouraging users to participate and create content around popular themes.
  • Discoverability:
    Through the Explore page, Reels can reach a broader audience based on their interests, potentially increasing your content’s discoverability.
  • Business Opportunities:
    For businesses and influencers, Reels offer a creative way to showcase products or services, engage with the audience, and increase brand visibility.
  • Analytics:
    Insights on Reels provide data on views, likes, comments, and shares, allowing users to track the performance of their content.
  • Cross-Promotion:
    Reels can be shared with your Stories, helping to drive traffic between different features on Instagram and maximizing visibility.


How To Post a 60-second Reel On An Instagram Story?

Posting a 60-second Reel on your Instagram story is a simple and efficient process. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Open Instagram:
    Start by launching the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to Reels:
    Tap on the camera icon located in the top left corner, then navigate to the Reels option.
  • Record or Upload Video:
    Press and hold the capture button to record a new video or swipe up on your screen to upload a pre-recorded video from your gallery. Make sure the video’s length is at most 60 seconds.
  • Edit the Video:
    After recording or uploading, use the editing tools to add music, effects, or text if you wish.
  • Share the Reel:
    Once you’re happy with your Reel, tap the”>” arrow to proceed to the next screen. Here, you can add a caption, choose a cover image, and select where you’d like your Reel to be shared.
  • Post to Your Story:
    To post your Reel to your Story, under the “Also Share To” section, toggle on the switch next to “Story”. Then, tap on “Share” to post your Reel to your Instagram Story.

Remember, any Reel shared to your Story will only be visible for 24 hours and will not appear in the Reels tab on your profile or the Explore feed. So, make sure to save your Reel to your camera roll if you want to share it beyond the 24-hour limit.


How Often Should You Post Reels on Instagram?

There is no set rule for how often you should post on Instagram Reels, as it ultimately depends on your audience and the type of content you are creating. However, here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • Consistency is Key:
    It’s important to maintain a consistent posting schedule for your Reels to keep your audience engaged and interested.
  • Quality over Quantity:
    While it’s good to post regularly, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Make sure your Reels are well-executed and align with your brand or content niche.
  • Experiment with Timing:
    Use Instagram Insights to determine when your audience is most active and engage with your Reels during those peak times.
  • Be Strategic:
    Consider the type of content you are posting and how it aligns with your overall marketing strategy. Tailor your Reels to showcase your brand or products creatively and engagingly.
  • Monitor Performance:
    Keep track of the performance of your Reels using Instagram insights, and adjust your posting frequency accordingly to see what works best for your audience. So, play around with different posting schedules and see what resonates with your followers.
    Remember, quality and relevance are key to success on Instagram Reels.


Is It Necessary To Post a 60-second reel?

Posting 60-second Reels isn’t a necessity, but the duration does offer certain advantages.

  • Engagement and Variety:
    Longer Reels allow for more content and storytelling within a single video. This can engage viewers for a longer duration, giving you more time to convey your message or showcase your creativity.
  • Completeness:
    Some concepts or content require a longer duration to be fully expressed or understood. A 60-second Reel might be ideal for maintaining the integrity of your content.
  • Creativity and Versatility:
    Longer Reels provide more room for creativity, allowing you to incorporate different transitions, effects, or storytelling elements within a single video.

However, shorter Reels can also be effective

  • Attention Span:
    In today’s fast-paced world, shorter content often captures attention more effectively. 15- to 30-second Reels can be concise, impactful, and more likely to retain viewers’ attention.
  • Ease of Consumption:
    Shorter Reels are quick to consume and share. They might be more suitable for certain types of content or for those viewers who prefer quick, bite-sized videos.


Points to Remember Before Posting a Reel

Before you hit that post button on your Instagram Reel, there are a few key points to remember to ensure it shines! Here’s a checklist to guide you:


Content and Planning

  • Know your audience:
    Tailor your content to what your followers or target audience would enjoy and find engaging. Consider their interests, humor, and preferred video styles.
  • Pick a catchy concept:
    What Story are you trying to tell? Will it be informative, funny, entertaining, or inspiring? Having a clear concept will guide your video direction and editing.
  • Keep it concise:
    Reels are meant to be short and sweet, maxing out at 90 seconds. Plan your shots efficiently and avoid dragging things out.

Trending sounds and hashtags: Hop on trending audio or challenges to increase discoverability. Relevant hashtags can also help people find your Reel.