How To Add A YouTube Link In Instagram Story?

The two most used sites for sharing visual content are YouTube and Instagram. On the network, YouTube subscribers watch about one billion hours of video. It is a substantial sum. One billion hours is equivalent to 1,000 millennia, to give you a better idea of how enormous this is!

Have you found a YouTube video you enjoy? You can promote one of your videos on your YouTube channel. You may post the YouTube video link on your Instagram story either way. It is well-known that to use the swipe-up link on Instagram, you must have 10,000 followers. Yet Instagram just introduced a new function that lets anyone share links. 

If you have a Creator or Business account, you can now publish links to any website directly from your Instagram Stories, regardless of how many followers you have. You may add URLs to your stories using Instagram’s new clickable link sticker. The new link sticker can be inserted anywhere on a story and is more noticeable. To increase transparency, it also displays to viewers the domain, which is the initial portion of the destination link.


YouTube link included in an Instagram story

You must first copy the link to share the YouTube video on your Instagram story. Second, tap on the sticker symbol after adding a story, then tap on the “Link” sticker. Last but not least, post the story after posting the YouTube video URL!

Instagram users can use the “Link” sticker. You can use the sticker to add a hyperlink to your stories. An e-commerce site, a TikTok profile, a YouTube video, and more can all be linked. Moreover, the swipe-up link will be removed (even if you have 10,000 followers).

In just six easy steps, you can post a YouTube video to your Instagram story:


     1. Copy the YouTube video link

  • Copying the YouTube video’s link is the first step.
  • To do this, launch YouTube and find the video you want to post to your Instagram story.
  • With a desktop computer or a mobile device, you can use YouTube.
  • A “Share” icon will be shown after you have reached the video.
  • While using the YouTube app, select “Share” from the menu.
  • Many sharing options will appear after you hit the “Share” icon.
  • The services “Facebook Messenger,” “Copy link,” “Twitter,” and others are included in this.
  • To copy the URL for the video, select “Copy link.”


     2. Launch Instagram and include a story.

  • After copying the link to the YouTube video, please share it on Instagram.
  • First, launch the Instagram app.
  • After logging into Instagram, click on your profile photo in the left navigation bar.
  • Your Instagram profile will be opened.
  • You must now include a new Instagram story.
  • To do this, tap on your profile’s header image.
  • To create a new narrative, click the “+” button in your profile’s top navigation bar and select “Story.”


     3. Click the sticker symbol.

  • The Instagram camera will launch when you’ve clicked on your profile image.
  • To add a new Instagram story after tapping the “+” button, you must tap “Story.”
  • On the left side of the Instagram camera, there are many options.
  • These options comprise “Create,” “Boomerang,” “Layout,” and others.
  • Click the “Create” button to create a story.
  • The sticker symbol may be found at the top of the camera.
  • To view the list of stickers, tap the sticker symbol.


      4. Use the “Link” sticker

  • A list of stickers will appear when you tap on the sticker icon.
  • These terms encompass “Location,” “@Mention,” “#Hashtag,” and others.
  • Also visible is the “Link” sticker.
  • Add the following link to your Instagram story, and tap the “Link” sticker.
  • You need to refresh Instagram if you can’t see the link sticker.
  • Open the App Store and touch on the profile symbol to upgrade Instagram on an iOS device.
  • Lastly, locate Instagram and click “Update” after scrolling down.
  • Less than 10,000 followers can be used to add a YouTube video link to an Instagram story. To update Instagram on an Android phone, open the Google Play Store and touch on the profile icon.
  • Lastly, select “Manage applications & device,” then “Update” after selecting Instagram.
  • You’ll have access to the “Link” sticker once you’ve updated Instagram.


      5. Paste the YouTube video’s hyperlink.

  • After tapping the “Link” sticker, you will be sent to the “Add link” page.
  • A URL box can be found on the page.
  • At this point, you must paste the YouTube video URL into the URL section.
  • To accomplish this, tap the URL area and hit “Paste.”
  • By selecting “See preview,” you can also view a link preview.
  • To attach the YouTube video to your Instagram story, tap “Done” one last time.


     6. Share the story

  • A sticker containing the URL to the YouTube video will appear when you have selected “Done”.
  • You can change your story by including the thumbnail for the video as an image.
  • You may include a caption to entice your followers to view the video.
  • To share your Instagram story after finishing editing it, hit “Your story”!
  • Your supporters can tap the sticker to see the YouTube video.
  • Your Instagram story now features a YouTube video that you posted successfully!



In the past, it was impossible to share or add a YouTube video to your Instagram story. Before introducing the “Link” sticker on Instagram, you required 10,000 followers to include a link in your Instagram story. Previously, you could only use the swipe-up link feature if you had 10,000 or more followers. You may now post a YouTube video on your Instagram story using the “Link” sticker, which was introduced recently.

Ensure to provide context when uploading a YouTube video to your Instagram story. You can accomplish this by including the thumbnail from the video in your article as an image. A caption that describes the topic of the video may also be added.