YouTube Shorts

How To Remove Shorts From YouTube?

Unquestionably, one of the most popular features is YouTube Shorts, much like Tik-Tok, which has been a close competitor for many years and built a sizable user base. Making a video with such a brief runtime is simple, attracts attention, and spreads like wildfire.

But did you know that the option to explore within the application to make the necessary adjustments for YouTube Shorts has been replaced by including YouTube Shorts? In addition, many users resent being interrupted by a brief video when looking for useful, instructive, or in-depth information.

If you encounter any of these situations, ask how to disable or delete YouTube Shorts from the platform. Thus, this is the appropriate location.

You can discover how to delete YouTube Shorts or disable them in this article permanently. Follow the instructions, and you can soon replicate the process in simple steps.


Simple steps to remove YouTube Shorts

Method 1: Three dots option

If you are not especially interested in seeing anything, one of the most important things you can do with any short videos is to click on the three dots next to each. By doing this, a pop-up box will appear, giving you the option to select “Not interested.” Turn this option on. You won’t see a video like that while browsing YouTube videos the next time.

Even though this procedure is straightforward, repetition is necessary. You must click the three dots whenever you watch a short video to eliminate them.


Method 2: YouTube’s settings menu

You can find the profile icon at the top of your YouTube homepage. If you click on it, it will direct you to YouTube’s settings page. It would be best to choose “General” so that a menu of options appears. To disable it, select the Shorts option here.

As a result, removing YouTube shorts from the platform is made simple by changing a few settings and following the guidelines.

Restart your device now to implement the remove of YouTube shorts from it fully. The YouTube Shorts video won’t be there the next time you open the application because this option disables YouTube Shorts.


Method 3: Utilizes the YouTube browser

Launch the YouTube website from your mobile or Computer browser window whenever you wish to visit YouTube rather than using the app. You may be wondering why this is the case and what impact it will have. The Shorts option still needs to be added to YouTube’s browser edition.

Try this to stop watching YouTube Shorts videos on your phone or desktop. Not only is this simple but there are no gadgets required. Also, you can use this approach to address your issue even if you do not have the YouTube app.


Method 4: Factory reset

Suppose you completely leave the short video because you don’t agree with it. This tactic might prove useful. Visit the YouTube app on your phone and hold on to it for a while to do this. Doing this will take you to the settings’ info area.

When you select the Uninstall option, the YouTube version will be restored to its factory state. The gadget comes with this version of YouTube already installed.

Don’t use it if you haven’t upgraded your YouTube app. You will nevertheless frequently get alerts telling you to update your application. Ignore it, especially if you want to avoid giving your YouTube application a Shorts video option.


Method 5: Link to YouTube’s older version

There is a solution to every issue. Moreover, you can download a less advanced version of YouTube if you need help factory resetting your device. The YouTube Shorts functionality is not present in this version. Do as follows:

  1. Download the upgraded version first.
  2. Install while also permitting unidentified resources.
  3. Next, turn off YouTube’s auto-update feature as well.


Method 6: Deleting every update

There is one more straightforward method to learn how to disable YouTube Shorts. To do that, eliminate all update options. Follow the steps listed below to learn how to do that.

Open the Settings > Apps or Manage Apps tab on your smartphone, choose the YouTube app, and then hit the three horizontal dots in the top right corner to select Uninstall Updates. By doing that, the YouTube app from the previous version of YouTube will take its place.

This technique makes it simple to delete shorts from YouTube. Also, it will take a little time. Take action by doing as instructed.


Method 7: Test out YouTube Vanced.

The list still needs to be completed; hold on. Try YouTube Vanced, the more sophisticated and paid version of YouTube, if none of the earlier strategies is successful. In addition, YouTube Vanced offers several additional services that you may use, such as the ability to disable YouTube Shorts and block advertisements, stories, or any sponsored content.

If you need help with how to proceed, look at the steps below that will help you become YouTube Vanced.

Step 1: Download YouTube Vanced first.

Get YouTube Vanced first by downloading it from the website.

Step 2: Install everything and complete the setup.

Following that, finish the installation procedure and correctly follow the on-screen instructions to make it function for you.

Step 3: Launch the application and go to settings

Once the application has been launched, go to the settings menu and select “Vanced options.” From there, select “Ad settings,” and at the bottom of the page, turn on the Shorts shelf.

By doing this, the YouTube Shorts option will be removed from the Home screen.

Instead, delete the screen’s YouTube Shorts button as well. Turn on the Comments location setting under “Vanced options” > “Layout settings.” As a result, the Shorts button will be removed from the YouTube page’s Home screen.

You can now claim that you removed those short videos from YouTube utilizing the YouTube Vanced option.



For those devoted users who frequently search YouTube for in-depth videos or information, there are better options than YouTube Shorts. This post included simple procedures for disabling and removing YouTube shorts to assist with both scenarios.

So let’s stop waiting and get started. Get a clear understanding of the procedure by reading the article’s full step-by-step guide as you scroll up. You will soon be allowed to access the platform with a final look, your worry will be addressed, and you will be happy that you did.