YouTube Monetization Calculator

YouTube monetization means the ability to earn money through your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel should fulfill all the requirements to get monetized. For monetization, the requirements are that your channel should have 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time; if your channel fulfills this requirement, then only you can apply for YouTube monetization.



How to calculate YouTube Monetization?

YouTube monetization policies allow you to monetize on YouTube. If you are a YouTube partner, your agreement includes that you are compliant with things like copyright, YouTube terms, and policy, that you live in a country where the YouTube partner program is available (YPP) is available, You need to have more than 4,000 public watch hours, That’s hours consumed of your content across your whole channel within 12 months and 1000 subscriber count, and then you need to link an AdSense account.

Once you have accepted the program terms and set up your Google account, you must set up a YouTube Channel and Google AdSense account. Once your channel gets monetization preferences set up, your channel goes into a review after hitting the targets of 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time, and then you apply to get reviewed. You also need to set up an AdSense account for your payments, and then later, you will connect that account to your YouTube channel.

It would help if you thought that after fulfilling all the YouTube monetization requirements, you would get paid by YouTube, So all payments are issued through your AdSense account. To receive payment through your AdSense account, you need to clarify all things related to payments, like updating your social security number, you need to update your tax info, and you need to make sure your address is verified and all other personal details like bank details, Adhaar number, and email. You should keep in mind that after even getting monetized, you need to maintain that 4k hours of watch time of your content.


How can you collect money from YouTube? 

So after reaching and completing all the requirements, you may be eligible for checks and electronic funds transfer, and the money gets transferred into your business bank account. The amount YouTube will pay you depends upon your ad views. When you look at your analytics, there is a difference between a view and an ad view. Ads don’t always play, so you get paid when someone views an ad. YouTube splits the revenue with creators. Google’s revenue share percentage is 45-55 split, so Google takes 45% of YouTube advertising, and you get 55%.

CPM and RPM are the most important terms when talking about YouTube Monetization. CPM is the Cost Per 1000 ad impressions before YouTube shares revenue, and RPM is the total revenue after YouTube revenue share. So the CPM is like the Cost of advertising on a particular channel. For instance, if you have a channel that is all about finances, savings, stocks, and investing, advertisers advertising on that channel may pay a lot more money because of the audience that watches, and if its just cat videos, it’s a random audience, and it’s not super focused, they may get a million views. Still, it’s a ton of people that do not focus. It’s a whole different audience, so CPM can be less than a dollar on one channel than on education, finances, and knowledgeable content. CPM is a more advertiser-focused number; it includes only monetized video views and earnings before the revenue share, whereas RPM is a number that they start putting in your backend and that is focused on you. It just simplifies things to tell you how much money you made.

Calculating Monetization On YouTube


Tips for growing more on YouTube

  • Create quality and compelling content. Good quality content can alone attract a lot of audience to your channel. Know your potential target audience and create the content they want most.
  • Promote your YouTube channel on your other social media handles. It is one of the easiest ways to get more people on board. Almost every other person uses social media. You can get more people’s attention by attaching links to your videos on your other social media handles.
  • Use custom and eye-catching thumbnails. Use your graphic skills and create an excellent, attentive thumbnail that will make the audience curious to at least view the video once. If they like your content, you get a new subscriber.
  • Getting more views also depends on your video title, so a good way to get ranked and will allow people to see your video when searching for random popular things. So just put a random search phrase that is popular and has something to do with the type of videos that you make within your title. What you need to do Is add a second portion of your title, which will make your video stand out and give you a higher chance of getting more and more views.
  • One needs to put much effort into getting genuine views and platforms. It requires consistency and a lot of hard work to gain views on YouTube. Consistency is very important. You need to be consistent on YouTube to gain more views and subscribers; Consistency is critical to a channel’s success. Make your schedule of uploading videos on specific days of the week. It creates a sense of expectation and anticipation.