Youtube Subscribers

How To Delete Subscribers On YouTube?

Introduction to Delete Subscribers on YouTube

Subscribers have opted to receive information, content, or services from an organization, typically via email or a web platform. Subscribers often receive exclusive offers and discounts and are the lifeblood of a successful online business.

YouTube allows users to manage their subscribers by allowing them to delete subscribers on the YouTube channel. It can be useful for removing spam accounts, blocking unwanted users, or simply decluttering your subscriber list. This guide will walk through the steps for deleting subscribers on YouTube.

  1. Logging into your YouTube account

The first step in deleting YouTube subscribers is logging in to your account. If you have not logged in, go to and enter your email address and password. Once successfully logged in, it will take you to your YouTube homepage.

Note: Verify that you are logged into the correct account because only the channel you own or manage allows for subscriber deletion

  1. Navigating to the Subscribers page

Once logged in, navigate to your channel page by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. On your channel page, click on the “Settings” button (it looks like a gear), then click on “Advanced” settings. In the advanced settings, scroll down to the “Subscribers” section. It will take you to the Subscribers page, where you can view a list of all the subscribers on your channel.

Note: You can also find the Subscriber page by visiting your channel and then clicking on the “subscribers” tab on the left side of the screen.

  1. Finding and selecting the subscriber to be deleted

On the Subscribers page, you will see a list of all the subscribers on your YouTube channel. To find the subscriber you wish to delete, scroll through the list. Once you have found the subscriber, click the “Remove” button next to their name. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion.

Note: Depending on the size of your subscriber list, you may need to use the search function to find the specific subscriber you want to delete quickly.

  1. Confirming the deletion

After clicking the “Remove” button, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion. Click on the “Delete” button to confirm the deletion of that subscriber. The subscriber will be removed from your list and can no longer access your channel.

Note: Once you delete subscribers on YouTube, they will not receive any notifications and will not be able to see your content anymore, but they can still re-subscribe to your channel if they wish to.


Additional options for managing subscribers

In addition to deleting subscribers, YouTube provides other options for managing your subscribers. Some of these options include:

  • Blocking subscribers: You can block subscribers from your channel, preventing them from commenting, sending messages, or re-subscribing to your channel.
  • Approving or rejecting comments: You can approve or reject comments from subscribers before they are posted on your channel.
  • Filtering comments: You can filter comments based on keywords, phrases, or other criteria to help manage your channel’s comments.
  • Managing fan funding: You can enable or disable fan funding for your channel, allowing subscribers to support your channel through donations or contributions financially.
  • Creating Customized Badges for Subscribers: You can create them for your subscribers, which will be displayed next to their usernames when they comment on your videos.

Note: These options are available under your channel settings page’s “Community” tab.

Delete Subscribers On YouTube


How to remove subscribers from comments?

Checking your comments section is the quickest way to find the subscriber you seek.

Just carry out these actions.

Step 1: First, log in to your YouTube account.

Step 2: Click on the symbol for your profile in the top right corner.

Step 3: Visit your YouTube channel in step three. Select “My Videos.”

Step 4: Visit a video in step four.

Step 5: Find the YouTube user.

Step 6: Click the three dots next to the user’s comment.

Step 7: Select Hide User from the channel from the pop-up menu.


Conclusion and tips for managing your subscribers actively.

Deleting subscribers is useful for managing your YouTube channel and creating a community of engaged and interested viewers. However, it should only be employed rarely, and with thoughts deleting, a subscriber may also delete their comments and interactions on your channel.

Here are some tips for managing your subscribers effectively:

  • Be selective when deleting subscribers: Only delete subscribers on YouTube who are spamming or engaging in inappropriate behavior.
  • Use other tools to manage your subscribers: Utilize other options like blocking, approving/rejecting comments, and filtering to manage your subscribers and keep your channel community safe.
  • Monitor your subscriber list regularly: Keep an eye on it and delete any unwanted or spam accounts as soon as you notice them.
  • Please communicate with your subscribers: Encourage them to leave comments and engage with your channel by responding to their comments and messages.

These pointers can help you manage your subscribers efficiently and build a welcoming community on your YouTube channel.