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How Much Do YouTubers Make Per View Without Ads?

YouTube is by affiliate marketing; what affiliate marketing if you are not familiar with that concept? Are you showing products you are already using or things you would recommend to the people watching your videos? And you don’t want to pick just anything; you want to find something that would be a good fit for the people watching your videos. There is a prevalent myth about YouTube that you can get rich and famous by starting a YouTube channel that most in the top 10th of a percentage of YouTube contributors are really at the level.

So the rest of the YouTubers need to figure out a way to make money on YouTube without getting ad revenue. So how much are YouTube contributor can expect to make on YouTube and Solely on YouTube? Now YouTube itself is very tight lift about the kind of income its contributors are making, so we have to rely on outside studies to figure out what you can make with YouTube; this study says that if you have millions of views per month which is a lot and you are reliance only on YouTube placing pay advertisement at the beginning on the middle of that paid advertising, then you are only living at the poverty level.


Money earned on YouTube videos per view without ads

On average, we can say that YouTube phase 0.19 dollars, approximately 14 Indian rupees per view on your YouTube videos without advertisements. If that is your business model, even what we have learned from this is that you have to be making money outside of YouTube in your real life. Still, you can use YouTube channels to promote your real business by enabling their videos and regularly posting your blogs to YouTube to increase your video views and on a good amount of money with real views generation in terms of social media. It is pretty impressive. The phone has non stopped ringing in the past few months, and everyone leads back directly to the videos.

No Ads YT Earnings On Each View

YouTubers Make Per View Without Ads


Earning without ads on YouTube videos

You can also make direct connections. For instance, you are doing a live video. Literally, by the time you get back to your desk, you have seen the email from someone who had seen your life video asking about some pricing for creating some videos for them, or let’s say, in another situation, someone said you by providing with a referral and introduction and mention of their blog that is also one of the ways to earn naturally if you are trying to make money and generate leads using other social media’s platform. You have to make your content genuine, attracting the public and filling the targeted audience’s needs. For example, suppose you are making product review videos. In that case, you need to provide every single aspect of that particular product in your video so that it can become more credible and help you build an audience base. It will also help people share your videos with their knowledge.


Making a client base

It is essential to make a potential client base not only on YouTube but on your social media platform so that you can on more money on YouTube videos without ad revenue. When you are making a video, you tell people like, let’s say that you are showing a specific product; for example, say you are trying to spread awareness about aperture light in that situation in terms of the affiliate side of things you need to let people know about whatever you are talking and stuff like this is the light I use for a specific something. Then I would like you to know and then describe your video so and then put the link so that people will click on that link that decides to buy that thing that you are bringing attention to. If they make a purchase, you get a Commission for the purchase they make, which is the wind for them for the company in the middle of the transaction. Still, the trick with this is that you have to make sure that whatever it is that you are bringing attention to is something that you will care about.


Importance of a relevant content 

It will help you if you think about how relevant the thing is to the people you are making, the content you are making, that channels would promote taking products cleaning, and Organisation channels promoting things on cleaning filmmakers can promote plugins and software. So you have to vary the size of the type of content you have decided to present in front of your audience so that you can quickly go through YouTube without ads. Another important thing is if you are already promoting things as an affiliate or if it is something that you want me to do. You are going to start this going in that situation; you want to make sure that you are putting in an affiliate disclaimer down in your description as well; soon, you can Google what that is specifically, but it is just telling people that are in your report that what it is that they are clicking on and at you will get a Commission if they click on the data link and purchase then it is the most considerable flex for you.


Wrapping up

So there are many additional ways through which you can create income from YouTube without adding as well, as most people think that ads are the only thing that can help monetisation on YouTube, which is somewhat correct, placing a considerable role in increasing your monetisation. Still, at the same time, the fact which cannot be denied is that you can earn money through YouTube without ads by the number of views you have on your YouTube videos.