Youtube Views

Can I See Who Viewed My YouTube Channel?

The technique to watch who viewed your uploaded video depends on some situations, as-.

The fundamental factor is the number of views.

1)You get a unique view. In that case, that is your view.

2)You get numerous views –

  a)If the number of views is less than or equal to your subscribers. In such a case, you could think of it as that of your members whose identity can be known if their subscription list is public.

b)If the number of views is more than that of your subscribers, then the possible way is to go to the advanced stats section of your video in the inventive studio tab. It will show the people visiting your video’s geographical area.

You may earn more subscribers from that area to shortlist your stupid chances.

If you have been reading till here, the last thing you could do to know your audience accurately is asking them to comment on some funny shit on your video, helping you to shortlist further.

Over five hundred 500 recordings are transferred to YouTube consistently, and watchers consume less than 10 billion recordings each week — that is in excess of a billion hours of content daily. In that pile of constantly evolving content, it tends to be trying to stick out. For that reason, it is vital to know how every one of your recordings performs so you can rehash your victories and limit your flubs.

YouTube Studio makes it appropriate for getting your examination information. There, a feed can perceive the unique perspectives their recordings have and acquire different experiences about their YouTube watchers, for example, who buys into their channel, their age, and where they’re from.


How do you check your views on YouTube?

Anyone can watch how many viewers watched a showed YouTube video by checking the number on the lower left-hand corner of the frame. But accessing the analytics tool in YouTube Studio can provide more profound information about the people who watch your content. This data is easy to approach, too.

Know Your YT Viewers

See Who Viewed My YouTube Channel


Here’s how:

1)Sign into your YouTube account. Go to and utilize your login certifications to move toward your profile.

2)View your dashboard. Once signed into your record, you’ll see your Channel Dashboard, where you can transfer recordings, look at stage news, or visit the most recent remarks on your recordings. The page also summarises your channel’s stats, including views, recent subscribers, videos your audience watched most, and the average watch time.

3)Take a deeper look. While the dashboard gives you a general list of your current performance, clicking Analytics in the left-side panel will let you come deeper into your data. Here, you will find the overview tab displays similar information as your dashboard — but you also get a visual representation of your account performance over a given period. Click “See More” on the line chart to disclose additional in-depth data about the videos on your channel, involving a list of your most recent videos and how good they’re performing, as well as where your traffic is coming from (e.g., YouTube searches, playlists, etc.), viewer age range, gender, and geographic region.


What doesn’t count as a view on a YouTube channel?

YouTube’s algorithm is designed to disregard many plays that might look like they were automated. It just wants to count the number of times an actual human watched your video on purpose.

So when a single user or bot refreshes a video repeatedly, or if a website auto-plays a video, these views are not calculated towards your total view numbers.