Youtube Views

How Does YouTube Detect Fake Views?

YouTube usually uses the method of tracking the IP addresses from which the videos are played again and again to identify fake views. If the views are constantly coming from the same IP address or an identical series of IP addresses, then that view is considered fake. So you’re not getting the views you want in your videos and are looking for a way to get them faster. But then you discover that you can buy views, and it all becomes clear. Like any other person, you might think if people see many views, their videos are popular and will push them to more people. Those who see it have a lot of views watch it because it must be good that the video keeps getting more views and takes off quickly.

Well, the reality, in truth, is that it is a flawed strategy that is not going to work, and yes, going to be upfront with you and tell you that many YouTubers bought views on every one of their YouTube videos for about the first year of their channel mostly—so telling you straight up that this is a bad idea. It will eventually hurt your channel’s growth. In the beginning, when you see popular YouTubers with many views on their videos, it makes sense that more thoughts equal more subscribers and development, which is accurate but only with genuine views and engagement with your content.


YouTube’s Algorithm

You might think that buying views would make people feel that the video must be good when they came across it because it already had thousands of views. YouTube’s algorithm is a bit different because it cares much more about watch time than views. So, say you buy YouTube views for your video. It is that expensive and what happens is all those views pop up within a day or two. And as you can see here, there’s a spike and views. Then it goes back down to hardly anything because it’s not helping your video by boosting the pictures like that, And many YouTubers have done it on some of the videos that did well from that first year. Still, the video idea was good, rather than the paid views helped the video.

Fake/Bot Views Spotted by YouTube

YouTube Detects Fake Views


Retention rate

Suppose your video has a reasonable retention rate, leading to more watch time. In that case, that results in your video getting more views because YouTube thinks people like what the person is saying, so let’s show more people’s experience, which typically happens when you buy views is that your watch time is never more than a minute at the most for the views that are coming through. When you have a video that’s five minutes or longer, like most of the case scenarios, that’s a 20% retention rate on your videos. And when YouTube sees this, the algorithm assumes that your video sucks because people only watch a short amount of it and then click off, which leads to the algorithm not promoting your video.


Impact of purchased views

If you’ve ever bought views for your channel and what kind of results you had that matters, and whether it kills your attention rate and watch time or not. When you see a video with many views, two things typically go along with that. Those videos usually have a lot of comments and either a lot of likes or dislikes, so when YouTube sees your video with lots of views. Still, no likes or comments tell the algorithm that people are watching but not engaging with your video, having a terrible retention rate. Now, your video has no engagement, which confirms for the algorithm that your video is awful, but you can also buy likes for your video, which makes it seem like a good idea to go along with the views. You purchased it for your video, but you have to think about what it takes to hit that like button on a video, and speaking of a whisk, go ahead and hit the like button on this one. Hence, the algorithm knows this is a good video, but to hit the like button, you have to open the video. So that it plays, and do you think the bots giving your video those likes are watching it through the rotation right from your video opening, getting the light button clicked, and then closing? It’ll probably be worse than when you bought views and you’re watching our attention.


Engagement rate on your videos

Even further along, with no comments on your videos that are getting thousands of views, it shows the hour and shows one’s engaging with your content, which leads to no real views, even if you aren’t buying views. If you see that you’re hardly getting any views and engagement on your videos, then chances are you’re either new or just making the wrong videos. YouTubers start with zero views and zero subscribers, and chances are that you didn’t know until they started gaining a lot of attraction after years of consistent work.

When you look at popular channels, you can see that most of them have been around for a long time, even though you may have just discovered them. And if you look back at their old videos, they probably have fewer reviews in their most recent ones. And that’s because they learned what type of content works best and made more of it.


Summing up

So remember that YouTube is a long game, and it’s pretty rare to get many views and subscribers fast without having either a video that blows up or a popular one. YouTuber shout-out for YouTubers channel; you make an excellent video and have a reason to mention it, and sure, but otherwise, it’s a no. So be sure to stay consistent with making the suitable types of videos that will get you discovered. And build a community the right way. Once people know how much value you can provide them, the snowball effect will kick in. The growth of your channel will start to accelerate.