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Where To Share YouTube Videos To Get More Views?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where viewers can view, like, share and subscribe to videos. Users can even create and upload their videos. YouTube is widely used by the young generation for entertainment purposes, to learn new skills, and to watch their favorite artist music videos. You can be a self-made star with the help of YouTube by creating unique content with a mix of helpful information and entertainment, and therefore you can make money.


Where can you share your YouTube videos to get more views?

To increase your fanbase, it’s essential to know when and where to post your videos to increase your views. Here are some places to get a mass audience.

    1. Facebook – billions of people widely use Facebooknect with friends and create a group of people with similar interests. So, sharing YouTube videos on Facebook is vital to reach a mass audience and get your video to go viral.
    2. Twitter Twitter is the best platform to share your YouTube videos. It’s the best platform to share your thoughts with the audience and share YouTube videos with the audience. Twitter offers a mass audience to get engaged in the discussion.
    3.  Reddit –  Reddit is the network of communities that share an interest. It’s used to share images, videos, and content ratings and is a platform for discussion. Reddit is the best platform to share YouTube videos and get more views.
    4. Instagram – Instagram is the trending social media platform that young people widely use. So, it’s a fantastic opportunity to share YouTube videos and get extensive views. You can post your YouTube video to your Instagram story or put your video link in your bio.
    5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. It is the best tool to reach your target audience. You can make your professional profile and post your YouTube videos and images to your B2B connections. You can also promote your content with the help of the LinkedIn group. You can do group discussions about your field and share your video appropriately.
    6. Pinterest –Pinterest is a fun-loving platform where people can pin images, videos, and DIY according to their interests. You can also put your video’s link or DIY to attract a large audience. You can also request followers to re-pin your video if they like it.
    7. Quora – Quora is a platform where you post your question and get the answer to every question from any subject. It’s the best platform where you can search questions related to your topic and post video solutions to those questions. This will help to increase your view count.
    8. Newsletter – A newsletter is essential for every YouTuber to keep the followers up to date with the new videos. This will ensure that viewers are interested in your video and Newsletter.
    9. TripAdvisor – TripAdvisor is the best place to post your video if you make content related to tourism. It will help you build your reputation online because of the rating system. Tourists will automatically get attracted if you make videos related to some tourist places.
    10. Websites – By creating your website, you can daily remind your viewers about the new and uploader videos and even tell them about your upcoming videos. The website also helps put all the videos in one place for better access.
    11. Daily motions – Dailymotion is a French-based video-sharing site. It allows users to view, share and upload videos for a particular group with the same interest. Posting your video on this platform will attract more viewers.
    12. Imgur – Imgur is the best site to upload YouTube videos or GIF content. It’s similar to Reddit. It enables you to post content in front of a group of people to increase the view count of people with similar interests.
    13. Medium – Medium is a professional site that makes you share your knowledge on a subject by adding a video. This platform is basically for dynamic thinkers. It increases your views by uploading videos related to that content.
Places to Share YT Videos for Increased Views Count

Post YT Videos For More Views


So, these are the vital platforms to use and promote videos. These are the websites where you can test yourself by uploading your videos and trying to reach a mass audience. Therefore, in any way, you can promote your videos with whatever budget you have available.