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How To View Private YouTube Videos?

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform where a plethora of videos is watched by the viewers. Also, it is the most admired platform watched by billions of people. You can create your own identity by making and uploading videos to share with more people. One can easily share the videos by sending the link to another person. It’s necessary to have a Google account to open a YouTube account. With the help of YouTube’s privacy option, you can also control who watches your videos.

A private YouTube video is a type of video that the holder or the owner of the video doesn’t want the world to watch it. The owner may want to view it for himself or share it with his family, friends, or some group of people. So, you cannot view private YouTube videos without access to the uploader. Therefore, the purpose of private videos is to share them with some group of known individuals. You can’t search videos on the YouTube search options or even on google. There may exist some cases where YouTube public videos change into Private videos. Despite this fact, you can watch a private video if someone shares the video link with you, but to get a private video, you need to connect with its owner to get Permission to watch it.


What are the different ways to watch Private YouTube videos?

  1. Ask for Permission = It’s simple to watch Private YouTube after obtaining Permission from the content creator. Uploaders make private YouTube videos only for themselves or some group. If you need to join that group, you must ask for Permission from the owner and request them to get you the link. You can only watch YouTube videos if the link is provided to you. You must have an authentic and accurate YouTube account to get a link. Verily, the owner will add you to the watcher’s list and grant you access to the videos.
  2. Without Permission = Getting Permission from the owner is the ideal and authentic approach. Sometimes you may get access to the video without Permission by:
  • Search for the Private YouTube video you need to watch
  • Eliminate the watch from the URL.
  • Press enters to view the video.

In this way, you can watch the YouTube Private video. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. But it was helpful for many people.

  1. Video catch view = Usually, whenever you watch a YouTube video, video catch views save all the videos you have seen. So, if you have watched the videos and the uploader turns the setting to Private, you may download the video with the help of a video catch. Video catch view is a handy feature for the earlier watched videos.

You may be able to watch the YouTube videos if the owner or people in the group may share your link via email address. You will also get a confirmation mail to let you know about the shared link.


Access Private Videos on YouTube

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What is the difference between Private videos and Unlisted videos?

Private videos and Unlisted shares only have one similarity, i.e., they never appear in the search result. Unlisted videos will neither appear in the search result nor on the channel. To watch an Unlisted YouTube video, you need to get the link to watch the YouTube videos. The video link can be shared with anyone, even with unregistered users. So, viewers who know the URL can watch and share the YouTube videos. While Private videos will also not visible in the search result. You can access the video by getting Permission from the owner, but you can’t share the URL link. When it comes to sharing the link, you can share the link of Unlisted videos with anyone, as no prior permission is required. But when it comes to Private videos, you can’t easily share the link with anyone as the video owner can only do it.


Why can’t you watch the Private videos?

At times, video owners may want to permit only some people. Therefore, YouTube videos don’t show up in the YouTube search box. To access YouTube videos, you must take Permission from the uploader through email. The owner has a full right to change the public video into a private one even after it’s been posted and permanently delete the videos. Channel subscribers may also not be well informed about the uploaded private videos. For business purposes, it may be a good strategy for the owner to turn the video public during peak times.


How to identify that you are given Permission to YouTube Private videos?

If the owner accepts your request to watch a private YouTube video, you will be informed via your email. So, enter the same email while opening your account to view the private YouTube videos.