How To View Unlisted YouTube Video?

If you have a YouTube channel and you are active there while publishing the video on YouTube, you see four options that may be viewed as:-

  • Public posting
  • Private
  • Scheduled
  • Unlisted

Generally, public posting is mainly done after making the video, and those who are sure about the video clips prefer doing direct posting; that is called public posting, and all those viewers who have subscribed to a particular channel will be notified about the video.

Public posting

As the words suggest, public posting means anyone can watch, comment, or share videos whenever a creator uploads them. Now generally, creators who have confidence in their creativity prefer this option to post the video on YouTube directly. Now, this is the simplest term among all four.

Now it has some advantages that could be kept in mind

  1. It may increase the views as it has been directly published in your channel, and at the time of more traffic, it may thus increase your views.
  2. Indirect stardom – When the views peak in a public posting, it may automatically increase your stardom, thus making you a famous personality.


The basic meaning of scheduling a YouTube video is when a video is scheduled on YouTube, it is placed In private mode and made public at a specific date and time. However, it would only be viewed by the public once and if it is scheduled to publish. Now, this is also easy as this is helpful for those who travel much and thus end up making four five videos per day and fixing the time to post them accordingly; now if you are a person who posts the video daily, so for them, schedule posting is best because it all you posted you video in certain fix time and built a proportionate time among you and your follower, now for example if you want to go out and would not be able to post your videos schedule posting could be helpful as you had prepared the content, now you need to post that in a scheduled time. Now there are various advantages of posting a video in scheduled form.

Maintain consistency – The first and foremost feature of schedule posting is that it allows your video to flow regularly.

Fix time may increase views– The best part could be increased engagement and views as your video would be available in a fixed time, and the audience will be available at your time of videos.


As the word suggests, private is different from public.

For a private or confidential video you don’t want others to see, opting for a privacy change is thus best. Best suited in a place or company with lots of confidential or sensitive company data.

However, choosing this privacy option is best if you want to store your makings and save space on your device.


What are Unlisted videos on YouTube?

The role of unlisting a video is simple. For example, if you have been given sponsorship and have been told to showcase your video first and then publish it, all you can do is make a video, and then you can share the videos or playlists with the help of the video link. And unlisted videos won’t appear in the ‘videos tab’ of the channel’s homepage or even in the YouTube search results. So, you will have to share the URL of the video.

If you want to showcase your video but only with the ones you have shared a link here, the best option could be an unlisted category.

Also, if you want to avoid your videos being shown in search results, suggestions for unlisted videos will be the best option for you.

Find Out Unlisted Videos On YouTube

See Unlisted YT Videos


Advantages of creating unlisted videos

Organized channel: With the unlisted feature’s help, you can organize your channel well.

For example, if you have created a video and you don’t want everyone to visit that video, this is the best option.

Deny embedded: now, this could be a little obvious thing that, in this case, the normal viewers would not be able to embed Or share your video or other sites or apps.

A small response could be the motive: If you want to test or want results Which you may have conducted thus to check the response on a specific field unlisted feature could be extremely beneficial.


A notify difference between private and unlisted categories

If your video is private only, The person you have sent the video to in the email would be able to see your video on YouTube. This YouTube will recommend in your google or email that you have shared a private video. Thus sharing the video with the one whom you have made this video is beneficiary as before.


How can you see the unlisted videos on YouTube?

  • The only way to see your unlisted video is by providing the URL.
  • Now in the case of the unlisted category, once you have copied the URL and allowed the viewer to see your content, they can see it.
  • Also, if they have your following link, the one you have sent the link to has access to forward it to many and thus could be shown to others. But on the other hand, if you have shared a private video with a candidate, they may not have access to share it with others.


Viewing unlisted videos without URLs:

  1. Go to ‘YouTube Studio’ and select ‘Content.’
  2. You will see all your uploaded videos, including the unlisted ones.
  3. To see the unlisted videos, click on the video. Besides, to let other people watch your unlisted videos, you will need to share the video’s link.

However, if you are unable to find the unlisted videos, follow the given steps-

  • Sign in to YT Studio and select ‘Content.’
  • You will see ‘Channel Content’ on the right and select the ‘filter’ option.
  • A pop-up menu will appear, click on the ‘visibility’ menu and check (tick) the Unlisted option.



As you can see, people make some of their YouTube videos unlisted for a reason. And it could be challenging to find them if you don’t know where to look. While creators upload new videos daily, it can be hard to find the ones you want without a link. Also, unlisted videos are not easy to find on YouTube or Google. However, there are still ways to view them if you have the link.

There are a few ways that you can go about finding unlisted YouTube videos without a link. You can use the YouTube search engine, look through user channels, or use a third-party website.

Now, it’s up to the viewer whichever best way they choose so they can find unlisted YouTube videos.