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How To Buy YouTube Comments & Make Your Video Viral In 2023?

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Do you want to Buy YouTube Comments?

Now people of every age bracket watch YouTube videos daily. Around 2 billion active people use YouTube for learning, entertainment, or leisure time in India. So, starting a journey with a YouTube channel is a good decision. There are more than 40,000 channels in India with more than 100k subscribers who get thousands of comments on every single video. It defines a big competition.

But you are lucky to have found us to buy 100% real YouTube comments. Positive comments are a good sign of channel growth. Therefore, most established content creators are suffering a lack of views and subscribers because of genuine comments. So, BuyYouTubeSubscribers provide 100% YouTube comments at a low price to give your channel a push. 

Let’s get started.


How to Buy YouTube Comments?

You can buy instant YouTube comments on different indulgence services. You can choose a package from their website and get several subscribers quickly. But getting real and compatible comments with your videos is quite hard. 

Sometimes you may get fake comments that can negatively impact the channel. So, it can be risky if you fail to choose an existing YouTube comment-purchasing website. Since you are here, you don’t need to worry about the comments’ authenticity.

BuyYouTubeSubscribers is the number 1 trusted site to buy YouTube comments. Also, they offer high-quality, safe, legit YouTube subscribers at low prices. You can order anytime.

How Buy YouTube Comments & Make Your Video Viral

How to Buy YouTube Comments & Make Your Video Viral in 2023

Why do you need to buy YouTube comments?

YouTube content creators spend hours generating views and earning subscribers to their channels. They spend a lot of time improving the quality and the number of videos. Suppose they do something wrong in their videos or thumbnail, or titles. In that case, they need genuine suggestions from audiences because everyone wants to see love in their videos rather than hate. 

Real YouTube comments play an important role in getting honest feedback and impressions from viewers. For those who have fewer subscribers, it is a challenging task for them. That’s why people buy authentic YouTube comments. Combining all requirements will give you the reasons to buy YouTube comments below.

  • Make better impressions.
  • Generate more views and subscribers.
  • Get genuine feedback.
  • Rise social proof.
  • Better video engagement.
  • Update content quality.


Why Do You Choose the Best Site to Buy YouTube Comments?

Since there are many indulgence services online to buy YouTube comments, they also advertise themselves to sell real YouTube comments. BuyYouTubeSubscribers are also committed to providing real YouTube comments to clients. Then anybody can ask why they should choose to buy real YouTube comments. Because –

  • Use no bots and fake accounts.
  • Don’t provide automatic comments.
  • Help you to get high-maintenance comments in your videos.
  • Apply the safest technique to give comments.

The comments you buy have expensive advantages you cannot measure with money. 

  • Establish a strong presence.
  • Provide positive feedback.
  • Increase the engagement rate.
  • Compatible with YouTube algorithm.
  • Promising to the audience.


How can I get top comments on YouTube?

The highest-rated comments are pretty engaging, authentic, and impactful. It would be best if you made a relatable comment based on the video topic to get those top comments. If it is an educational video, you can write an important question that most people don’t know. BuyYouTubeSubscribers will provide you such genuine top-rated comments in your video.


Does my channel receive YouTube comments from different IPs?

Of course. It is all about safety. You may not know that the YouTube team checks the users’ IP addresses. They dismiss fake Gmail accounts and channels. You don’t need to worry about it because you will buy organic YouTube comments from us. BuyYouTubeSubscribers follow the safest technique ever.


What will the random comments say?

Random comments come with positive feedback, a funny approach that changes the mode of the comments section. Random comments related to the video.

If your video is related to music, then random comments like

  • Energizing listening to the song
  • Can’t get over this melody! Listening on loop
  • Wonderful soulful lyrics have come to life

If your video is related to a movie trailer, then random comments like

  • Finally, a movie comes with something new and different. I am excited about this movie
  • Only one word, ‘Goosebumps.’
  • The countdown Starts Now. Book Your Tickets Now


What information do you need from me to start the process?

BuyYouTubeSubscribers need your YouTube video link to start the commenting process.


If I buy YouTube comments, will I get views and likes on my video too?

Yes. Whatever you buy from us, subscribers or YouTube views, or comments, all these things help grow your channel. Altogether the engagement rate will increase. So, your video will reach more people and increase the chances of getting more views and likes.


Can I place multiple orders for the same YouTube video?

Yes, of course. You can order different packages for the same YouTube video as likes, comments, and views. You can also buy YouTube subscribers to get these views, but it will take time.


Can I buy YouTube comment likes?

You can buy positive YouTube comments and likes if those are provided from different IPs. If all the IP addresses are the same, that will be risky for your channel. BuyYouTubeSubscribers provide YouTube comments and likes from Different IPs, which are 100% real and safe.


Will I make money after buying YouTube comments?

Yes, why not? Real YouTube comments help you to gain more subscribers and generate more views for your videos. In the end, you will earn more money from more videos.


Will comments make me famous on YouTube?

Wait, comments have value but not that much like a video. So, it cannot make you famous on YouTube.


Will these comments help me in growing my channel?

Real comments provide genuine thoughts and feedback about your video. Also, you can reach real people through these comments. It helps you to grow your channel and improve quality.


Is it safe to run ads on my video while you deliver comments?

Comments have no connection with YouTube ads on the video. You can run YouTube ads on your video to increase video reach.


What is the minimum number of comments I can order for a video?

You can buy a minimum of 50 comments from the website. Check other YouTube comment packages.


Can I move my comments to any other video?

No, you can make the same comment in any other YouTube video. You cannot move them and must write that comment again.


Do the comments need to stay within YouTube’s guidelines?

Yes, they should. YouTube’s community guidelines help ensure that comments posted and approved are respectful and courteous. YouTube aims to keep the community fun and enjoyable for users, and offensive comments will not help achieve this. Hence the guidelines on what’s acceptable. 

Summarily, offensive and hateful comments violate YouTube’s community standards and, as a result, will be taken down. The best way to avoid this is to stick to YouTube’s guidelines.


Can I buy comments with Emojis?

Yes. Using emojis is the best way to communicate body language or tone in text-based communication. Hence, they play a massive role in the internet today. The comments you buy look organic and realistic and are composed of people, not bots. Therefore, they will bear all the characteristics of an everyday comment, including emojis. 

All you need to do is to use the preferred emojis when providing the comments.


Does content quality still matter when buying comments?

Yes. By buying comments, you are increasing your view-to-comment ratio and, consequently, the credibility of your brand. Exposing poor content to the possibility of an optimized placing and hence, greater visibility is ill-advised.

It will be contradictory if excellent comments appear on low-quality content. Therefore, it is imperative that as you plan to buy high-quality YouTube comments, you also create high-quality content that will complement it.


What are the acceptable payment methods?

Acceptable payment forms to buy paid YouTube comments to include PayuMoney debit cards and credit cards. 

Your privacy and security are of utmost importance, so use only the safest and most trusted payment methods to accept payments. Additionally, do not keep any sensitive financial information entered on the website. 

Additionally, there is a provision to pay via Paytm and UPI. 

It is the best place to buy YouTube comments and enjoy easy and seamless payment, as it makes several options available for your comfort and ease.


Do you need my YouTube channel password?

Certainly not! It would be best if you never shared your YouTube password with anyone and did not ask you to provide it before rendering services. 

At most, you would be asked to provide the link to the content or the account you wish to promote, and this will be done via placing an order. You will not be given a form where you’d need to fill in details. 

Again, please do not share your social media passwords with any organization or individual that claims they want to help you expand your reach. The odds are good that they’re fraudulent.


Can I buy YouTube comments for shorts? 

If your videos are fantastic and do not infringe copyright policies, you can buy relevant YouTube comments for your Shorts. It’s beneficial for your channel growth.


How long do the comments remain? 

The comments purchased are no different from organic comments. Hence, there’s no fear of the comment disappearing after some time. The comments will remain so long as the content remains. 

Additionally, you must take adequate care to ensure that the comments meet YouTube’s guidelines, or they may risk being taken down.


How long does it take to receive the comments?

Once your payment is made and confirmed, you should receive the first comments within 24-48 hours.

Depending on the size of your order, you can buy gradual YouTube comments spread over a week to a month. 

If you have any concerns, you may contact us via chat concerning your order.


Do all the comments need to go on the same video, or can I spread them out?

The comments will apply to the content whose URL was provided. Therefore all the comments will go on the same video.


Is there a chance my video could get taken down because I bought comments from you?

No. Buying YouTube comments is a legit way of obtaining and increasing engagement on your account. Moreover, utilize safe, effective, and acceptable forms of marketing to provide you with the desired results without risking your credibility or your account. 

YouTube will only take down your video if your content infringes on copyright laws or violates its community standards and guidelines.


What is the importance of YouTube comments?

Even with amazing content, if the engagement in the form of comments on your page is negligible or non-existent, it will be difficult for you to gain traction. 

It is because, in YouTube’s algorithm, optimization for your content is prioritized when the engine finds it engaging. Videos with plenty of likes and comments show higher up on the search results and get pushed to the right audience faster than videos with little engagement. 

Additionally, videos with higher engagement offer a psychological effect that videos with lesser engagement don’t. People tend to place a higher value on content with more comments and likes. When people see that your content is popular, they are more likely to join in. So, this is where buying comments come to the rescue, especially for beginner content creators.


Will my comments look realistic, or will they appear like spammy ones?

You can rest assured that your comments will appear organic and no different from any other comment. It is because the comments are written by actual people (not bots). Moreover, you can edit, modify or submit your personalized comment list. 

Therefore, there will be no way for anyone to tell the difference between the comments you bought and the comments visitors place on your page. The only person that will tell the difference is you.


Can you buy YouTube comments?

Yes, you can buy custom YouTube comments. Buying YouTube comments and other stats is legal and completely safe for your channel. BuyYouTubeSubscribers offer safe and legal custom comments for YouTubers and vloggers.


Where to buy YouTube comments?

BuyYouTubeSubscribers is the best site to work with is one that offers a range of options so that you can choose what works for your specific needs.

The service should offer you a boost in popularity while giving you full control over how many comments you want and the number of views or likes.


How to buy Custom YouTube comments?

Follow the steps below to buy comments for YouTube:

✓ Choose your preferred package

Choose the package you would like to purchase. Different services offer YouTube Comments packages at different prices, but you can find them for as low as INR 600 for about 100 custom Comments! So, it’s easy to buy cheap YouTube comments.

✓ Provide a username

Supply your channel’s username. You will not be asked for a password.

✓ Add your package to your cart and checkout.

Click the ‘Pay now’ button and choose from various payment options. We accept Debit cards, Credit cards, Paytm, PayU, And UPI.


What happens after buying YouTube comments?

After you purchase YouTube comments for your video, new potential viewers coming to your video think it is getting a ton of feedback. That makes them feel more comfortable and eager to comment too. It’s also important to ensure you buy negative YouTube comments to look like you are getting organic traffic.

When you have a video that receives a lot of comments, it will be more visible on social media. The more people comment on this video, the better your chances of ranking higher in search results and getting even more views!


Is it safe to buy YouTube comments?

Absolutely! Our social media services and YouTube comments packages are all completely in line with YouTube’s policies. We do this through constant monitoring of the latest updates on their site.

We’ve been around for over five years and never complained about people losing accounts or getting penalized. We only offer the best quality, legitimate, and above-board services.

Any company that asks for your password is trying to scam you. You can always trust us and our policies.


Why should I buy YouTube comments?

Buying comments will give you the boost in popularity you need on YouTube.

Buying comments and engagement helps you appear more popular and is essential to see your content. Comments are an important metric that YouTube uses to determine what videos are relevant, visible, and ranking.

The more comments our service provides, the more organic comments you can expect to receive in return. The more people join in on the conversation and see that others are happily chatting in their comment section, the more likely they will be to comment.


What are the benefits of buying YouTube comments?

Buying comments allows you to provide social proof to help you grow your business, brand, or reputation on the world’s second-biggest search engine.

Buying comments and engagement helps you appear more popular and is essential to see your content. Comments are an important metric that YouTube uses to determine what videos are relevant, visible, and ranking.

The more comments our service provides, the more organic comments you can expect to receive in return. The more people join in on the conversation and see that others are happily chatting in their comment section, the more likely they will be to comment.

Another benefit of buying comments is it adds authenticity to your likes, views, and followership. Purchasing likes, views, and comments as a package are recommended because this creates a more eye-catching environment.


Can someone tell I bought YouTube comments?

Comments are a great way to generate interest and loyalty from your customers. Nobody will find out about it unless you decide to let them know yourself, which is why we never break our client’s privacy by exposing the buying of comments.


Can I choose the region of the profiles?

Yes, we currently support different regions when you buy YouTube comments from us, which means that the profile commenting also matches your target region in some sense, but it’s not always a guarantee.

You can buy Indian YouTube comments or those from other regions. You specify the desired region during the order process. Delivery speed will vary depending on your specific needs.


Can I be banned for buying YouTube comments?

No. As long as you buy YouTube engagement from an experienced and reliable website like ours, you never have to worry about this. Think of it like this: We do not need your YouTube account password to provide our services – at all

If YouTube banned accounts for gaining engagement, people would buy promotions from our competitors. It would be easy for them to do because we have a lot of competitors.

Our company has been in business for a long time and, over the years, has worked hard to provide results for its loyal customer base.


Do you have a free trial before I buy YouTube comments?

We don’t provide a free trial for YouTube comments. You can try small packages and check our service. Try 50 comments for just ₹300.  

We have friendly, affordable prices and also offer solid customer support.


Do you offer discounts on bigger orders?

Yes! We offer discounts to our loyal customers to build their businesses while they’re here. As you can see, we already have a discount applied to our packages, which is a great deal!

If you need to place a large order, but our packaging options do not meet your requirements, please get in touch with us, and we will find the best solution for your channel.



Buy original, 100% real YouTube comments with more engagement rate to get positive growth in your channel. Avoid bots and duplicate IP accounts to get YouTube comments because that can harm your channel. Purchase packages that are not only safe but also acceptable worldwide. Ensure every little security of your channel through services.