Youtube Subscribers

Which YouTuber Has The Most Subscribers?

YouTuber Has The Most Subscribers
YouTuber Subscribers
T-Series 204 Million
Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 127 Million
SET India 124 Million
PewDiePie 111 Million
MrBeast 88.2 Million
Kids Diana Show 88.3 Million
Like Nastya  85.8 Million
WWE 84.9 Million
Zee Music Company 80.7 Million
Vlad and Niki 77.2 Million


Below is the list of the top 10 YouTube channels which has the most subscribers:-

  • T-Series

T-Series is an Indian company. It is known for its record label and film production. Currently, it has 204 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022. This channel has a huge content base. It has a huge collection of YouTube shorts, chartbusters, audio songs, T-Series mixtape, non-stop full albums, birthday special songs, best of artist songs, movie clip compilations, music videos, trailers, films, best scenes, lyrical songs, and the list is a never-ending one. On 29th May 2019 it became the first channel to cross the 100 million subscribers count mark. Earlier attaining so many subscribers was not an easy task at all. It is India’s largest music label and movie studio company. It believes in bringing the world close together through its music. It is associated with the music industry for the past three decades, having an ample catalogue of music comprising plenty of languages that covers the length and breadth of India. They believe in the saying that “Music can change the world”. They have a strong belief that after silence, the nearest to expressing the inexpressible is Music. It started its journey on 13th March 2006 on YouTube. So far it has uploaded more than 16 thousand videos.


  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

As the name of this channel suggests, it is highly dedicated to young children. With the huge number of subscribers, one can easily see the fact that young children are watching these children’s related content. This channel has eased the work burden of parents to keep their children engaged and at the same time also entertain them. It has a large variety of nursery rhymes regarding various subjects. It also features CGI characters and locations. These are featured in a cartoon design. It has 127 million subscribers and till now has uploaded 725 videos as of 16th January 2022. Their primary goal has always been to engage families with entertaining and educational content that makes universally relatable preschool moments fun. Their beautiful 3D animation and toe-tapping songs help in creating a world that centres on the everyday experience of young children. It aids preschoolers in learning letters, numbers, animal sounds, colours, and many more. Their videos help in imparting prosocial life lessons. It provides an opportunity for the parents to teach and play with their children as they watch together. It has its origin in the United States and joined YouTube on 2nd September 2006.


  • SET India

SET India was also known by the name of Sony Entertainment Television. This is also an Indian company. It is a Hindi language TV channel. It is a group company of Sony. It includes TV shows, teasers, trailers, episode clips, and promos. It has more than 124 million subscribers and till now it has uploaded more than 75 thousand videos as of 16th January 2022. It is a 24 hour Hindi general entertainment channel that provides complete family entertainment. It is a dynamic channel that responds to the diverse needs of its viewers. It offers a complete spectrum of genres from thrillers to dramas, events to comedies, game shows to dance shows and much more. Its brand belief is “When relationships turn into partnership, life looks up and leaps forward, our differences dissolve and we appreciate each other more, laugh together more and hence it’s a win-win for all.” With their prudent storytelling, they continue to rule the roost with stories that are relevant, engaging and entertaining. It joined YouTube on 21st September 2006.


  • PewDiePie

This is the first individual YouTuber who has topped the list. PewDiePie is owned by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Before mid-2018, he was ranked first for having the most subscribers. He focuses mainly on creating gaming videos. Along with that, he is also involved in vlogging, collaboration with other fellow youtubers, and meme review series of his own. He is from the United States and started making videos on 29th April 2010. Till now he has uploaded more than 4 thousand videos and has more than 111 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022.


  • MrBeast

MrBeast is also known by the name of Jimmy Donaldson. He is a YouTuber, who hails from the United Stated and started his journey on YouTube on 20th February 2012. He has more than 88.2 million subscribers and so far has uploaded 718 videos as of 16th January 2022. He mostly creates YouTube content on expensive stunts. He is also a businessman, philanthropist, and popular internet personality. He has a lot of accomplishments which include, raising $ 20 million to plant 20 million trees, donating over 100 cars, giving away a private island, giving millions to charity, and much more. 


  • Kids Diana Show

It started its journey on YouTube on 12th May 2015. It has its origin in the United States. So far it has uploaded 958 videos and has 88.3 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022. It is the top-rated kids’ YouTube channel starring Diana and Roma. Both the kids constantly engage themselves in fun and crazy adventures. Its videos are translated into 20 different languages which are uploaded on 20 different channels. They create each episode with a creative mix of live performances, animation and music to create comedy videos for preschoolers.


  • Like Nastya

 It has its origin in the United States. So far it has uploaded 652 videos and has 85.8 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022.


  • WWE

 So far it has uploaded more than 59 thousand videos and has 84.9 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022.


  • Zee Music Company

It has its origin in India. So far it has uploaded more than 6 thousand music videos and has 80.7 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022.


  • Vlad and Niki

 So far it has uploaded 417 videos and has 77.2 million subscribers as of 16th January 2022.