Youtube Subscribers

How to Hide Subscribers on YouTube?

How to Hide Subscribers on YouTube

Table of Contents:

  • What’s The Reason Behind Hiding The Sub Count?
  • What Is The People’s View On The Hide Of Sub Count?
  • How Reliable Is This Strategy?
  • Final Words


YouTube is one of the most prominent video viewings, sharing, and creating platforms worldwide with millions of daily users and content creators. Many YouTubers are just beginners or have fewer numbers of subscribers to their channel so they prefer to keep their number of subscribers private which means no other viewers except the channel owner can know how many subscribers are there for that particular channel.

The absence of sub count of the subscribers enables the viewers to have trust in that particular channel and watch their video. This exercise also helps in growing a channel with more increasing subscribers. In order not to be getting judged due to less number of subscribers many of the video creators opt for keeping their subscribers’ sub count private.


What’s The Reason Behind Hiding The Sub Count?

Many people usually have a mindset of watching videos from that particular channel that has already been popular and subscribed to many people as it is more credible. So the beginners with a fewer number of subscribers usually tend to hide the sub count of subscribers to prevent their channel from unnecessarily judging by false stereotypes that channels with the fewer number of subscribers are not trustworthy and their content is not satisfactory. It erases people’s idea of getting to know how small any particular channel is and this trick helps increase subscribers for a channel. Hiding sub count would keep people away from getting known to how many subscribers are there for a particular channel so that viewers can watch the videos of a particular channel regardless of their subscribers. So till the time the content creator reaches the desired amount of sub count then they usually publicly share their count of subscribers to the audience and gain their trust.¬† This is usually done for the growth of the channel so that the videos can’t be neglected over the fact of fewer viewers and subscribers.

Hiding the Sub Count 

  • To hide your subscribers from the viewers you have to very first visit youtube studio in your web browser. And then have to sign in to your desired account with your credentials.
  • Afterwards, you have to go through the settings icon provided on the home screen of your channel.
  • A menu will appear on your screen and then you have to click on the channel option which is located under the general settings icon.
  • You have to visit the advanced settings option which is provided just near the basic info title, then have to scroll down to the title mentioning ‘display the number of people subscribed to my channel’.
  • From there you can make your sub count private by saving the required option.
  • Within a short period, the modifications made will appear on your channel.

The subscriber count will be visible only to you so don’t worry about the fact that you have made the settings but still, the count is visible, it is visible to you only. For checking the modifications made, you can check from any other YouTube account. You will notice that users with other accounts will be unable to get access to your sub count.

One can also hide their subscriber count by using a direct link of advanced settings on their YouTube channel.


What Is The People’s View On The Hide Of Sub Count?

Hiding the sub counts is good only for a short time and does not work in the long run according to the majority of users. It is a kind of manipulation of viewers for getting unaccessible for knowing the popularity of a particular channel. This practice is found to be unhealthy by many of the users as they are not sure whether the video they are watching is reliable or not. Keeping the sub count public creates a sense of transparency between the content creator and the audience and also encourages people to subscribe to the channel for the channel being honest and not hiding anything from the community.

The Other flip of the coin says that many people are quite convenient with YouTubers hiding their sub count, they understand channel owners issue of concern and would appreciate if the channel owner made the sub count public once they attend a good number of subscribers it will also help in making their content more credible and prominent among the audience.


How Reliable Is This Strategy?

Making your sub count private through the advanced settings of your YouTube channel is one of the safest secure methods for growing your channel. Buying YouTube subscribers with real money is quite risky and often leads people to fulfil traps and face unnecessary spamming. Preventing yourself from frauds hiding your sub count through settings would be a perfect choice regarding our safety concerns. Also, you are privileged with changing the settings anytime you want by following just a few simple and easy steps.

Also, try to make modifications in the setting by making the sub count public as soon as you hit a good amount of subscribers this will maintain a sense of loyalty among the audience and will be appreciated. Don’t stress over achieving subscribers in the millions, once you’re raised the bar of subscribers above 500 or 1000 it will be quite good enough for getting Fame among the audience generally leading to the growth of your channel.


Final Words

There is no harm in hiding subscribers’ count if you are a beginner in this field. You will be prevented from getting ignored due to less number of subscribers as the majority of people prefer to watch videos from channels that have a pretty good amount of following and they are more likely to subscribe to those channels only. Make sure to make your sub count public whenever you feel appropriate, as it may create some kind of suspicious feeling among the viewers. The above-mentioned method will help you in hiding your sub count and you can also make it public whenever you want within a fraction of seconds.