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How To Increase YouTube Views By Yourself?

We will help you with advanced techniques to increase YouTube views by Yourself organically. Although it is a very tough task, this is the reason people rely on other sources to advertise their channel and grab more views naturally. These sources help you a lot, but you have to put your efforts into getting amazing results. YouTube works on an algorithm that ranks videos based on certain factors. It would help if you worked on your SEO techniques to come under top video results.


What Are The Top 10 Tips for Increase YouTube Views By Yourself?

☆ Create Quality Content

The key to YouTube’s success is to create valuable content that viewers want to watch. You will not gain success through content marketing if you don’t give your audience something informative. 

First, you must find out what your potential customers want to know. You have to create content that addresses those needs, which is one of the greatest strategies for gaining views. Besides, if you’re not including digital media in your content strategy in this digital age, you’re truly missing out. Your videos must have a clear tone and visual aesthetic. You should use images, colors, and lighting that are consistent throughout the video. You have to establish a personal connection with your audience if you want them to listen to you. It won’t matter how many hacks or advertisements you use if your videos aren’t good.

☆ Make Playlists of Your Videos 

YouTube creators frequently use playlists to arrange their content. Don’t know how YouTube playlists work? Let us explain to you. When you play a video part of a playlist, the following video will begin automatically after the current one. The viewer can thus passively watch a number of linked videos as a consequence. As a result, YouTube is understandably happy because it generates more ad revenue.

Creating a massive playlist of different types of videos results in a poor user experience. Consider your YouTube videos a series rather than a collection of separate videos. In this way, you can produce more content on a single topic. Your audience will benefit from a smooth, engaging experience. Engaging your audience will help you to generate more views for your channel. Playlists can help improve search rankings, as their names provide another opportunity to target keywords; according to YouTube’s data, “top-performing companies on YouTube develop and promote double as many playlists as the bottom 25%.”

☆ Implement YouTube SEO

YouTube organizes its search results using ranking signals like any other search engine. Gaining more views on YouTube requires understanding YouTube SEO, one of the key ranking factors. You must use the keywords for your video title and description. In the absence of the target keywords, you will not get the targeted audience. Make a list of those subjects you wish to cover, and then start typing them one at a time into the search bar on YouTube. YouTube will provide a list of related search terms, as you have probably seen before. These keywords may be one of the ranking criteria used by YouTube to determine where your video will appear in search results.

Before continuing, be aware of why you want to create a YouTube video and who the target audience is. A strong, optimized video description is one of the essential ranking elements for YouTube SEO. To make it easier for viewers to find your video when they search for a particular hashtag, you can add hashtags to the descriptions and titles of your YouTube videos.

☆ Link With Other Content Creators

Your relationships with other content creators don’t need to be hostile because you serve the same clients. We advise establishing a mutually beneficial or symbiotic relationship with your competitor. Remember that the two main objectives of YouTube content marketing are increasing your prospects and adding value to viewers. A competitor does not affect your ability to achieve that goal. Together, you can create content.

If you appear as a visitor in a video created by one of your opponents, you will be introduced to a group of viewers who might not have been familiar with your channel before. The additional engagement brought about by your marketing of that video would also help your rival. In this way, YouTube users gain access to fantastic pieces of content. In such a way, everyone can get more views on your content.

☆ Use Cards And End Screen In The Video

A great measure of viewer involvement is watch time. Generally speaking, viewers become more engaged in what you’re saying as more people watch your YouTube video. In order to increase views, there is a strategy to make use of cards and YouTube end screens. Cards are a quick and efficient approach to advertising another video while taking advantage of strong user involvement without sacrificing the viewer’s experience. Even though you are promoting yourself, you also point your audience toward useful content.

Like a card, the end screen is intended to guide your most enthusiastic users onto relevant content. An “end screen” implies that it shows your video is coming to a close. We advise using the end screen to promote subscribers in addition to promoting one or two videos. When you submit a new video, YouTube will alert more people and the more subscribers you amass.

☆ Write a Blog Post

It’s a simple approach to enhance viewing by introducing your YouTube channel to website visitors. A video is also guaranteed to enhance the user experience for potential customers who prefer to watch than read. Additionally, since you’re typically seated at a desk writing a script, it takes very little extra work to produce a related blog piece. Adding a video to the end of a blog article is a good way to let Google know that you’re going above and beyond to help users. As a result, your ranking may improve as a reward.

☆ Add Timestamp In Your Video Description

Users can find relevant content using other sources besides the YouTube search bar. People commonly locate YouTube videos in this way through Google. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, considering how frequently videos appear in search results. Google stated that in September of 2019, they would link to significant clips of YouTube videos appearing immediately on the search engine results page (SERP), making it easier for visitors to discover the information they’re looking for. Google will use the timestamp data in the description of your video to highlight significant moments and point viewers in the right direction.

Include timestamp information in your YouTube video descriptions if you want to avoid losing regular, especially time-pressed viewers. A fantastic user experience is unmatched in its power, and this function is quite a simple way to impress potential customers.

☆ Utilize Social Media 

Sometimes, the fundamentals produce the finest outcomes. Promoting new content on social media is an important step in increasing YouTube views for free. Whenever you add a new YouTube video, inform your followers on other social media platforms if you have any. A one-minute teaser for a new YouTube video can be made and posted on your Facebook page, along with a link to the full video on your YouTube channel. Almost everyone promotes YouTube videos through social media. Let’s discuss three main actions that will help you to increase views.

You can take steps to make sure you are prominent across social media. Use a social media scheduling app like Hootsuite or Buffer to simplify things. However, don’t limit yourself to social media. You can embed your YouTube videos into pertinent blog posts and websites. Additionally, remember to use email marketing. Email marketing is a force for converting sales, with an average open rate of 18 percent and a buy rate of 66 percent.

☆ Work on Your Thumbnails

With the help of video thumbnails, your audience can see a little preview of your video. If your account is verified, you can upload your thumbnails and the ones YouTube automatically generates for you. Use the YouTube Studio app to add thumbnails from your smartphone. Thumbnails increase the attention of viewers. More than 90 percent of successful YouTubers use this in their videos. Do a YouTube search for your target term before shooting your next video to discover what other creators have chosen for their thumbnails. It’s smart to research your competition before clicking record if you want to stand out. Try to incorporate close-ups of faces, vivid backgrounds, and text overlay branding inconspicuously, such as a little logo or watermark in thumbnails.

☆ Video Editing And Titles

The final stretch of editing makes your video a success or failure. The best thing about editing is that the fundamental procedures stay the same no matter what software you use. The editor is user-friendly and intuitive, has infinite stock footage, and includes free tools like music, stickers, and animations that can improve your video and move you closer to YouTube success. You may add cards or an end screen to link to other videos, channels, playlists, and other content. 

Similar to the thumbnail, the title of your YouTube video demands a great deal of thought. You must write something alluring, even if it is immoral to use your video title to deceive visitors into clicking. A tried-and-true method to increase your video’s views on YouTube is to use its title to pique viewers’ curiosity.

How To Increase YouTube Views By Yourself

how to increase YouTube views by yourself free


How Does YouTube Count The Views On Your Video?

Each time a person clicks on the video and watches for more than 30 seconds, it is counted as a view. Also, if you play your video, it is counted as a view. However, if a person, bot, or any website refreshes or plays the same video repeatedly to increase the YouTube views count. Then, YouTube’s algorithm does not count it as a view. Another factor that affects your YouTube ranking apart from subscribers and views is the watch time. To check the content quality of your video, YouTube checks the watch time of your video.

The watch time should be higher to come under the top results of the YouTube search. If most people who watched your video have seen 90% of the video, then your watch time remains high.


Does re-watching increase YouTube views?

Yes. If you play a YouTube video for at least 30 seconds or more, it will count your view. So, you can watch your video 50 times, and 50 views can be added to the count. Thus, re-watching your video can increase your view count. But YouTube keeps the 30 seconds of playtime counted as a view. Besides, if someone constantly plays a video, YouTube can stop counting those views. So, it is better to follow effective strategies to increase your YouTube views.


Do YouTube views increase without an account?

Every YouTuber wants to increase their views. Especially when you are a newcomer to this platform. Besides, YouTube provides you with an analytics section to check the performance of your videos. So, if anyone watches your video even without an account, it will be counted as a view since the YouTube algorithm computes the view count from the IP address. However, you can grow your view count by watching videos using the same IP address. But you can use it a couple of times with some time limitations. And you can use it at a time interval of 10-12 hours. Also, make sure to refresh the IP address before using it again.


Does YouTube count views if a video is muted?

Muting videos will not affect the viewer count. So, YouTube will surely count the views even if the video is muted. And it doesn’t have any method to tell whether you are watching a video on mute or not. Hence, playing videos on mute will not disturb the view count.


Does refreshing increase YouTube views?

YouTube follows a minimum video playtime rule. So, when you watch 20% of the video and then refresh, it counts as a view. But, once you gain somewhere around 300 views, the Google algorithm will detect whether the views are from the same IP address. Also, it may not count any other views after refreshing the video. Moreover, if they notice that views are not genuine or from bogus sources, your video may get deleted, or your account can get banned.


Does clicking a loop increase YouTube views?

No. YouTube does not count views for the same video you play on a loop. Also, as per YouTube norms, view count doesn’t involve video loops. People use many ways to increase their number of views. But, it is essential to follow the rules and proper ways to do so. YouTube will not count views coming from the same device again and again. However, it may count views on famous songs or playlists. But, it can determine whether it is genuine traffic or any scam like looping scam view.


Does embedded video increase YouTube views?

Yes. Any embedded video can increase the view count when you play that video. Besides, some embedded views may not count. Such as-

  • The videos that are set to autoplay
  • Repeated views from the same user
  • Views from spam IPs
  • Bot views
  • The video doesn’t load cleanly, i.e., there is some break in the embed code.


Is it legal to increase YouTube views through VPN/ software?

YouTube follows an algorithm where it can detect the nature or source of views. So, you should not use VPN/software to increase your YouTube views. Also, YouTube has an IP blocklist, and it won’t consider views as legit from a VPN. Usually, it will not block VPN connections. Instead, it might block the IP address of your VPN server. And detect any malicious activity coming from it.


Does watching a video at 2x speed will increase YouTube views?

No. It just delays the watch time and doesn’t affect the views count. So, if you watch a 10-minute video at 2X speed, your watch time will decrease. And you will only get 5 minutes. Hence, if you want to upturn your YouTube views, you can buy views for your video. Get non-dropping and real opinions and increase your views count instantly.