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25 Actionable Tips to get YouTube Subscribers in 2019

Tips to get YouTube Subscribers in 2019

In India, there are more than thousands of people who are making YouTube as a full-time career but they do not have any idea about gaining more and more YouTube subscribers for their channel. Many people buy YouTube subscribers cheap from different websites but this has merits as well demerits as buying YouTube subscribers only increases the number of subscribers but not popularity. Following the given below steps, there are very useful tips to get good youtube subscribers in 2019 and fewer efforts will increase your popularity.

  1. Always make a playlist for your channel with proper titles.
  2. Use power playlists.
  3. Publish the video of more than 10 minutes with proper content.
  4. Promote your other videos especially the most viewed video at the end of your video.
  5. Use branding watermark like subscribe button or channel’s name in your video to attract the attention of the viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  6. Do not post the video of half an hour without any proper content and editing. The long video with boring content can decrease the watch time and interest. 
  7. Always reply to every comment of the viewers as it 
  8. The channel description should be compelling that is it should convince the viewer to subscribe to your channel for the content you post.
  9. Ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel and also urge them to share the video for gaining more views.
  10. Use a channel icon that is attractive and resembles either the channel name or the content you upload.
  11. Create an awesome channel tagline 
  12. Make an attention-seeking channel trailer to attract the people to subscribe to stay tuned for the updates.
  13. The watch time acts as an important factor that decides your ranking. Make sure that you organize your content properly and come to the conclusion part at the end of the video so that the viewers watch the whole video. The watch time promotes your channel on the YouTube homepage.
  14. Add links of your videos in blog posts because if a person is reading the text content then certainly he/she is interested in your stuff and is more likely to explore more.
  15. YouTube has launched creator hearts in which you can react with a heart for awesome comments. When you react heart that person gets a notification and is more likely to visit your channel again and subscribe.
  16. Promote your channel as much as you can. You can promote your channel in Ebooks, Webinars, Presentations, Lead magnets, etc.
  17. Share your videos on social media and ask people to share it as much as possible.
  18. Tell people what you are planning to publish in your next video so that they subscribe to your channel for getting updated.
  19. Share other videos link or the related videos link in the description box as well as at the end of every video.
  20.  Use original content and add some facts and tips that are not uploaded by others.
  21.  The sound and video quality should be good so that the content is visible and properly audible.
  22. Edit the video if it is too long and have clips that are not required.
  23.  Make a playlist that starts with the most viewed video as it acts as a subscriber magnet.
  24. Publish more and more videos. Upload the video with proper content at least once a week.
  25. Use attractive thumbnails for your videos to attract viewers and hence subscribers.

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