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5 Strategies for Growing your YouTube Subscribers

Strategies for Growing your YouTube Subscribers

Starting a career on YouTube is a bit struggling as you require gaining attention on this platform. The more views and subscribers you get more is your ranking on YouTube. So, it all depends upon subscribers. If you are a fresher and you do not have any idea about how to buy YouTube subscribers then stick to this article. Being a fresher, it becomes quite difficult to gain subscribers as no one knows your channel until you become popular. It is necessary to gain subscribers to your channel because YouTube keeps a record of how many subscribers you get after every view on your video. This provides you with ranking on the YouTube platform. It is also likely that subscribers will visit your channel often and view every video as compared to non-subscribers.

You can also find many websites that offer various packages to buy YouTube subscribers depending upon the number of subscribers.


In this article, you will find the strategies you can use to buy YouTube subscribers and increase your number of subscribers.

  1. Engaging Content: The first strategy that will help you buy YouTube subscribers is providing content that engages the audience for a long duration of your video. YouTube’s algorithm works on calculating the average view duration, watch time and audience retention. So the content you provide in your video should solely focus on how much it can engage the audience to keep watching.
  2. Sort your Playlist: Always organize your playlist in a manner such that your highest viewed video that has got you subscribers and its related video is kept in one playlist. Similarly, the least visited video should be kept at last. It is recommended to place your highest viewed videos in one playlist.
  3. Ask to subscribe: Always ask viewers to subscribe. Also, add a subscription call in the description box. You can also add pinned comments to subscribe to your video. This will attract viewers’ attention and if they will like your video then they will surely subscribe to your channel.
  4. Use the right keywords: To gain subscribers you need the viewers. You have to ensure that people find your channel so that they can at least visit your channel. The use of the right keywords helps you a lot to improve the ranking and also help to optimize your video and channel. Find the keywords people search for and then use it in the title of your video.  
  5. Thumbnails: Another strategy that will help you to gain subscribers is using the vibrant thumbnail in your video and channel. The thumbnail used in the video should be persuaded to watch the video. Use of proper and suitable thumbnail help in improving the ranking on YouTube as well as gather more views. Also, provide a link of your other videos; especially the most viewed one, at the end of your every video. 

For seeking the attention of the audience share the video as much as you can and also others to share. I hope it helps!!