How To Add Subscribe Button To YouTube Video?

Tutorial on adding a subscribe button to a YouTube video

Adding a subscribe button to your YouTube videos is a strategic move to boost your channel’s growth by converting viewers into subscribers. To achieve this, YouTube offers a “Branding” feature available in the Channel Dashboard under the “Customization” settings. Here’s how you can add a subscribe button:

  1. Log into Your YouTube Studio: Navigate to and sign in with your account details.
  2. Access Channel Customization: On the left panel, click “Customization” to access the various customization options for your channel.
  3. Select the ‘Branding’ Tab: Within the ‘Customization’ section, switch to the ‘Branding’ tab to find options for enhancing your channel’s visual identity.
  4. Add Your Subscribe Button: Click ‘Upload’ under the “Video Watermark” section. You can upload an image you wish to serve as a subscribe button here. This image could be a logo or any subscribed image that adheres to YouTube’s image guidelines — ideally, it should be a 150×150 pixels transparent PNG.
  5. Choose Display Time: You can select when you want the subscribe button to appear on your videos – throughout the entire video, at the end, or at a custom time range.

By following these steps, you ensure the subscribe button is prominently displayed, making it easier for viewers to subscribe to your channel. This small but crucial addition can significantly increase your channel’s subscriber base by reminding viewers to subscribe when engaging with your content.

Moreover, there are a few other strategies you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your subscribe button:

  • Make it Visually Appealing: A visually appealing subscribe button is more likely to catch viewers’ attention and encourage them to click. Use an eye-catching design or animation that stands out from the rest of your video’s visuals.
  • Incorporate a Call-to-Action: Include a call-to-action with the subscribe button that urges viewers to click. This can be a simple “Subscribe now” or “Join our community” message.
  • Include in Your Video’s Script: Mentioning the subscribe button in your script can be an additional reminder for viewers to subscribe. You could also use this opportunity to explain the benefits of subscribing to your channel.
  • Utilise End Screens: End screens are a powerful tool that you can use to promote your subscribe button. After your video ends, an end screen appears with suggested videos, links, and other elements, including a subscribe button.

Adding a subscribe button to your YouTube videos is an effective way to grow your channel’s audience. The right design and implementation can significantly increase your subscriber count and ultimately lead to a more prosperous and engaged community. So take advantage of this opportunity to boost your channel’s growth – start adding subscribe buttons to your videos today.


Additional Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

Aside from adding a subscribe button, you can use several other strategies to grow your YouTube channel and increase your subscriber count. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Consistently Upload Quality Content: It’s crucial to regularly upload high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. This will keep viewers returning for more and increase their chances of subscribing.
  • Collaborate with Other YouTubers: Collaborating with YouTubers in your niche can expose your channel to their audience and potentially gain new subscribers. Make sure to collaborate with creators with a similar target audience.
  • Engage with Your Community: Engaging with your viewers through comments, live streams, and social media can help foster a sense of community and loyalty. This leads to more subscribers as people feel connected to your channel.
  • Optimize Your Video Titles and Descriptions: Ensure that your video titles and descriptions are optimized with relevant keywords to increase the chances of your videos appearing in search results.

By implementing these tips and adding a subscribe button, you can grow your YouTube channel and create a dedicated and engaged subscriber base. 


How to Use YouTube’s Built-in Features for Subscription

YouTube offers a variety of built-in features designed to enhance your subscription management and viewing experience. One invaluable tool is the “Customize Channel” option, accessible via your channel’s dashboard. This feature lets you personalize your channel’s appearance, ensuring it reflects your brand or personality effectively. You can also utilize the “Playlist” function to curate sets of videos, guiding your subscribers through your content in a structured manner. Engaging with viewers through the “Community” tab can significantly boost interaction rates for those aiming to grow their audience. This platform enables you to post updates, share polls, and directly communicate with your audience, fostering a strong community around your channel. Remember, regular interaction and content customization based on viewer feedback can increase viewer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Additionally, YouTube’s “Analytics” tool provides valuable insights into your channel’s performance, including video engagement and subscriber demographics. These metrics can assist you in making informed decisions about future content creation and marketing strategies. Utilizing these built-in features effectively can enhance your subscription management and grow a thriving community around your channel. 

Besides these built-in features, YouTube offers various external tools to manage subscriptions. For instance, you can use third-party services like Patreon or Ko-fi to offer exclusive content or perks to your subscribers for a monthly fee. This approach helps you monetize your channel and provides a sense of exclusivity for your loyal subscribers. 

Lastly, remember that consistency is critical in building a loyal subscriber base. Regularly uploading new content and maintaining a schedule for posting can keep your audience engaged and eagerly awaiting your next video. With these tips in mind, you can effectively use both YouTube’s built-in and external features to enhance your subscription management and grow a successful channel. 


Analyzing the Impact of Subscribe Button Placement

In today’s digital age, having a solid online presence has become crucial for businesses to succeed. This is especially true for subscription-based services and products, where the placement of the subscribe button can significantly impact conversion rates.

Regarding website design, every element plays a vital role in creating a seamless user experience. The placement of the subscribe button is no exception. It can be the deciding factor for a user to become a paying customer or simply leave the website.


Why is Subscribe Button Placement Important?

The placement of the subscribe button can directly impact conversion rates, which refers to the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website. This desired action could be anything from subscribing to a service, purchasing a product, or filling out a contact form.

If the subscribe button is not easily accessible or visible to users, it can lower conversion rates. This means that even if your website has high traffic, you may need better subscribe button placement to convert those visitors into paying customers. On the other hand, a well-placed subscribe button can lead to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, increased revenue for your business.


Best Practices for Subscribe Button Placement

Now that we understand the importance of subscribe button placement let’s take a look at some best practices to keep in mind when designing your website:

  • Keep It Above the Fold: The term “above the fold” refers to the section of a webpage that is visible without scrolling down. The subscribe button placed within this section is crucial as it ensures that users can see and access it easily.
  • Make It Stand Out: The subscribe button should be visually striking and stand out from the rest of the webpage. This can be achieved using bold colors, contrasting font, or adding an eye-catching animation.
  • Consider Mobile Responsiveness: With more and more people accessing websites through their mobile devices, it is essential to ensure that the subscribe button is easily accessible and functional on all screen sizes.
  • Test and Analyze: It’s always a good idea to test different variations of subscribe button placement and analyze the results. A/B testing can help determine the most effective placement for your website and target audience.



In conclusion, placing the subscribe button is a crucial aspect of website design that should be noticed. By following these best practices, businesses can improve their conversion rates and, ultimately, achieve success in the competitive online marketplace.  So, it’s essential to carefully consider the placement of your subscribe button and continuously evaluate its effectiveness to ensure maximum conversions and growth for your business. Remember, every click on that subscribe button is a potential customer, so make it easily accessible and visually appealing to drive conversions.  With the correct placement and strategy, your subscribe button can be a powerful tool for driving growth and revenue for your business.