How To Add Chapters To YouTube Video Mobile?

Illustration of a smartphone with the YouTube app open, displaying chapter markers on a video playback screen.

Adding chapters to a YouTube video involves segmenting the video into distinct sections, each denoted by a specific timestamp and title that viewers can easily navigate. This functionality enriches the viewing experience by allowing users to skip to topics or sections of interest without scrubbing through the entire video. YouTube can automatically generate chapters if the video is longer than 10 minutes and the uploader has included timestamped sections in the video’s description.

Alternatively, creators can manually add these chapters by editing the video description with a list of timestamps and corresponding titles starting from 0:00, followed by the chapter titles and their start times. This organisational feature is immensely beneficial for educational content, tutorials, or lengthy videos where viewers might seek information on specific segments without watching the entire video. By providing a structured breakdown, chapters enhance video accessibility, improve viewer retention by making it easier to find relevant content quickly, and ultimately contribute to a more engaging and user-friendly viewing experience.

Furthermore, chapters help creators to better understand audience engagement by providing insight into which sections of the video are most viewed and interacted with, allowing for optimisation and improvements in future videos. This feature is available on desktop and mobile versions of YouTube, making it a convenient tool for viewers across different devices. Adding chapters to YouTube videos can significantly benefit content creators and viewers alike, making it a valuable addition to the platform.  


How to Add Chapters to YouTube Video Mobile

Adding chapters to a YouTube video on mobile devices enhances the viewing experience by allowing viewers to navigate to specific video sections quickly. Unfortunately, you cannot add chapters directly through the YouTube mobile app. However, you can achieve this by using the YouTube Studio in a web browser on your mobile device. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open your web browser: Launch your preferred web browser on your mobile device and go to the YouTube Studio website. Log in with your Google account if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to your videos: Once in YouTube Studio, tap on the menu icon to reveal additional options, then select ‘Content.’ This will show you a list of your uploaded videos.
  3. Edit video details: Find the video to which you want to add chapters and tap on it. Then, select the ‘Details’ option to edit the video information.
  4. Add chapters in the description: Scroll down to the description box. To add chapters, you must start by typing the start time of each chapter in ascending order, followed by a space, and then the chapter title. Ensure the first chapter begins at 00:00. Each timestamp must be in the format of hours:minutes: seconds (e.g., 00:00, 02:34, 05:12). You must have at least three chapters for this feature to work.
  5. Save your changes: After adding all the chapters in the description, tap ‘Save’ to update your video details.

Following these steps creates a more navigable and user-friendly video that allows viewers to skip to the most exciting information. This can lead to increased viewer engagement and satisfaction. Remember, YouTube will automatically recognise the chapters and show them in the video progress bar for easy navigation. So, next time you upload a video on YouTube, add chapters for an enhanced viewing experience. 

In addition to adding chapters, you can use the YouTube Studio in a web browser on your mobile device to customise other aspects of your video, such as adding subtitles, editing end screens, and managing comments. This tool gives you more control and flexibility in managing your videos on the go. So, explore all of its features to make your YouTube channel stand out from the rest.

Adding chapters to your YouTube video is a simple way to improve the user experience and increase viewer engagement. It’s also another helpful feature that showcases the versatility and customisation options available on the YouTube platform. 

 Additional tip: You can also use timestamps in the description of your video to create clickable links that take viewers directly to specific points in your video. This is a helpful feature for longer videos with a lot of information. Add the timestamp to the description, and YouTube will automatically convert it into a clickable link. This can make it easier for viewers to quickly find and access the information they’re looking for.


Benefits of Utilizing Chapters in YouTube Videos

Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Adding chapters to YouTube videos significantly enhances viewer engagement. By structuring content into digestible sections, creators make it easier for viewers to navigate through the video. This feature is especially beneficial for longer videos, as it allows viewers to skip to sections that interest them the most, reducing the likelihood of them clicking away due to loss of interest. This targeted engagement improves the viewing experience and increases the total watch time, a key metric for YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.


Improved Content Accessibility

Chapters improve the accessibility of content on YouTube by providing a clear overview of the video’s content at a glance. This is particularly useful for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, as it gives them the ability to jump to specific segments of interest without having to sift through the entire video. Furthermore, chapters can be used with closed captions to enhance understanding, making content more accessible to a broader audience, including non-native language speakers.


SEO Benefits and Discoverability

Incorporating chapters into YouTube videos can also have significant SEO benefits. By using keyword-rich titles for each chapter, creators can improve the video’s visibility on YouTube and in Google searches. Each chapter title acts as an additional metadata point that the YouTube algorithm can use to understand and categorise the video’s content, increasing its chances of appearing in relevant searches. This improved discoverability leads to higher traffic and increased subscribers and view counts.


Future Possibilities

While the current benefits of using chapters in YouTube videos are already significant, there is still room for further improvement and innovation in this feature. For example, YouTube could offer the option to automatically generate chapters based on speech recognition technology, saving creators time and effort when creating videos. Moreover, the ability to add links within chapters or interactive elements such as polls or quizzes could allow for even more engaging and interactive viewing experiences. As YouTube continues to evolve, it would be interesting to see how the use of chapters goes along with it and what new possibilities may arise.  So, watch for potential updates and advancements in using chapters on YouTube!


Community Feedback and Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of YouTube is its vital community aspect. Creators often collaborate with other YouTubers, engage with their viewers through comments and live streams, and receive valuable feedback on their content. Adding chapters can further enhance this sense of community by allowing viewers to easily share specific video sections with others, sparking discussions and increasing engagement. Furthermore, creators can use the chapter feature to highlight collaborations or shoutouts, giving credit and exposure to other channels within their videos. This fosters a sense of cooperation and support within the YouTube community, ultimately benefitting all creators involved.


Continued Improvement of User Experience

With the continuous growth and evolution of YouTube, the platform needs to improve its user experience constantly. Adding chapters to videos is just one example of how YouTube has listened to user feedback and implemented a feature that enhances the viewing experience.

By continually seeking and implementing new ways to improve user engagement, accessibility, and discoverability, YouTube solidifies its position as one of the leading platforms for video content creation and consumption. Whether you are a creator or viewer on YouTube, adding chapters is undoubtedly a valuable tool that contributes to making the platform even more enjoyable and beneficial for all. So, let’s continue to embrace and utilise this feature in our YouTube experience!