How To View Community Posts On YouTube Mobile?

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Community posts serve as a dynamic feature on various platforms to empower creators, businesses, and individuals to engage with their audience more conversationally and informally. Essential for fostering a sense of community, these posts help in facilitating discussions, receiving feedback, sharing updates, and keeping the audience informed and involved. The purpose extends to building a loyal following by creating content that resonates with the interests and needs of the community members.

For creators and businesses, community posts provide an opportunity to showcase their personalities, share behind-the-scenes moments, and create a more personal connection with the audience. This helps establish a strong brand image and gain the trust of potential customers. Moreover, these posts can also serve as a platform for promotional activities or product launches within the community.

On the other hand, for individuals, community posts can serve as a way to connect with like-minded people and be a part of a larger conversation. It allows for diverse perspectives and opinions to be shared in a safe and inclusive space.

Community posts also encourage interaction within the community by providing options for comments, likes, and shares. This not only helps in creating a sense of belonging but also boosts engagement on the platform. Additionally, the comments and discussions on community posts can provide valuable insights and feedback for creators and businesses to improve their content or products.

Overall, community posts are a powerful tool for building and nurturing an online community. They provide a more personal and interactive approach to communication, allowing for stronger connections to be formed between creators/businesses and their audiences. So whether you’re a creator, a business or an individual, community posts can be a valuable asset in your online presence and engagement strategy.


How To View Community Posts On YouTube Mobile

To access community posts on the YouTube mobile app, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Open the YouTube App: Tap the YouTube icon on your smartphone to launch the application.
  2. Navigate to a Channel: Use the search function to find a channel or select one from your subscription list.
  3. Go to the Channel’s Page: Tap on the channel’s name or icon to open their page.
  4. Find the ‘Community’ Tab: Across the top of the channel’s page, swipe left until you find the ‘Community’ tab and tap on it.
  5. Browse Posts: Here, you can scroll through and interact with the various types of community posts, such as images, polls, videos, and text updates made by the channel.

It’s worth noting that the ‘Community’ tab is only available on YouTube channels that have surpassed a certain number of subscribers and have opted to turn on this feature. If you don’t see the ‘Community’ tab, the channel may not have this feature enabled or may not meet the subscriber threshold.

Community posts are a great way for creators to engage with their audience and provide updates, behind-the-scenes content, and polls to gather feedback. As a viewer, you can also interact with these posts by liking, commenting, or sharing them with others. This feature helps to foster a sense of community among subscribers and allows for more direct communication between creators and their audience.

Some creators may also choose to pin certain community posts to the top of their page for easy access and increased visibility. Additionally, you can turn on notifications for a particular channel’s community posts so that you never miss an update.

In conclusion, accessing community posts on the YouTube mobile app is quick and simple, allowing viewers to stay connected with their favorite channels and engage with other subscribers. So, next time you’re browsing through your YouTube app, remember to check out the ‘Community’ tab on your favorite channels for even more content and interaction.  So, it is a great way for both creators and viewers to stay connected and build a strong community within the platform. 


Benefits of Community Posts on YouTube

Enhanced Engagement

Community posts enable creators to engage with their audience more dynamically. By posting polls, images, gifs, and text updates, creators can maintain a constant presence, keeping their audience involved even between video uploads.

Audience Insights

Creators can use community posts to gain insights into their viewers’ preferences and interests. Polls and questions can serve as informal surveys that guide future content creation, tailoring videos to audience demands.

Content Variety

Community posts allow creators to diversify the type of content they share. This variety keeps the audience interested and can attract new viewers who may discover the channel through different types of shared content.

Platform’s Algorithm Advantage

Regular interaction through community posts can positively influence YouTube’s algorithm, potentially increasing the visibility of a channel’s content on the platform and leading to more views and engagement.

Community Building

By engaging with their audience through community posts, creators can foster a sense of community among their viewers. This enhances the overall experience for both the creator and their audience.


Community posts provide an opportunity for cross-promotion within the channel itself. Creators can share links to other videos, playlists, or merchandise within their community posts, increasing the chances of their audience discovering and consuming more of their content.

Mobile Accessibility

Community posts can be easily viewed and interacted with on the YouTube mobile app. This allows creators to reach and engage with their audience even when they are on the go, increasing overall engagement and maintaining a consistent presence on the platform.

Feedback Loop

Lastly, community posts serve as a feedback loop for creators. By actively listening to their audience’s comments and suggestions, creators can improve their content and better cater to their viewers’ interests and preferences.



Overall, community posts on YouTube provide numerous benefits for both creators and their audiences. From increased engagement to platform algorithm advantages, these posts serve as a valuable tool for maintaining a strong presence on the platform and fostering a thriving community. Creators should take advantage of this feature to enhance their channel’s growth and success on YouTube.  So, content creators need to learn how to view community posts on YouTube mobile in order to utilize this powerful tool fully.