How to Hide Your Phone Number on Instagram?

With millions of active users posting images and videos on the network every day, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites. However, significant privacy issues have also been raised by its popularity, particularly with regard to sensitive information like phone numbers. So, How to Hide Your Phone Number on Instagram?

Thankfully, you can safeguard your privacy on Instagram by simply hiding your phone number. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step in this guide.


Instagram Phone Number Hide: How to Keep It Hidden?

The only motive of this article is to make you aware of your surroundings and acknowledge this feature on Instagram.

  • Launch the Instagram app:
    Launching the Instagram app on your smartphone is the first step.
  • Access your profile here:
    After launching the application, tap the profile icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Access the settings:
    To access the settings menu, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen when viewing your profile page.
  • Navigate to Privacy:
    From the settings menu, choose “Account” · “Privacy” by scrolling down.
  • Select “Personal Information”:
    Under the privacy settings, tap on “Personal Information.
  • Edit your phone number:
    On this page, you will see your current phone number listed. Tap on it to edit or remove it.
  • Choose an option:
    You will be given the option to either “Remove Phone Number” or “Hide My Phone Number.” Select whichever option suits you best.
  • Confirm your choice:
    After selecting your preferred option, confirm it by entering your Instagram password and tapping on “Done”.

Congratulations! You have successfully hidden your phone number on Instagram.


Some Additional Tips

If you want to keep your phone number on Instagram for verification purposes or personal use, you can select the “Remove Phone Number” option instead of “Hide My Phone Number.” This will remove your phone number from being visible on your profile but still allow you to receive security codes via text message.

Keep in mind that hiding your phone number on Instagram won’t affect your ability to make and receive calls or messages. It only hides your number from being visible on your profile.

If you have a business account, hiding your phone number can help maintain a professional image and avoid spam calls or messages.

Now, after successfully hiding your phone number, I will let you know why it is so necessary to maintain privacy out of social stuff.


Why You Should Hide Your Phone Number on Instagram?

Concealing your phone number on Instagram is a prudent measure for several compelling reasons. Let’s explore why this is important before delving into the steps to achieve this.

  • Safeguard Personal Information:
    By hiding your phone number, you shield a critical piece of personal information from public view. This ensures that strangers or unfamiliar followers cannot access your contact details through your Instagram profile.
  • Prevent Unwanted Messages and Calls:
    The moment your phone number becomes accessible, you may find yourself inundated with unwarranted and potentially fraudulent messages and calls from unknown individuals. Concealing it helps you sidestep this nuisance.
  • Mitigate Stalking Risks:
    Some individuals might exploit your phone number to track your location or gather additional details about you. Keeping it hidden acts as a safeguard against potential stalkers.

In today’s digital landscape, social media has seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, enabling global connectivity and information sharing. However, exercising caution when revealing personal information online is crucial, and one such sensitive detail to protect is our contact number.

Here are some reasons emphasizing the importance of keeping your phone number private:

  • Privacy Concerns:
    Sharing your contact number on social platforms exposes you to privacy risks, making it easier for people to uncover personal details like your address. This vulnerability can lead to identity theft or cyberstalking. Additionally, scammers may exploit your number for fraudulent activities.
  • Unwanted Communication:
    Disclosing your contact number opens the door to unsolicited communication from strangers, resulting in bothersome and intrusive calls and messages. Maintaining boundaries, especially regarding work-related contacts, becomes challenging when your number is readily available.
  • Lack of Control:
    Once your contact number is shared on social media, control over its visibility diminishes. Even if you delete posts or adjust privacy settings, the information might already be saved or shared by others, potentially reaching individuals with malicious intent.
  • Protecting Personal Information:
    Your contact number is a vital piece of personal information that should remain private. Sharing it online puts you at risk, and it’s wiser to use more secure means of communication, such as email or private messaging apps.
  • Precaution is Better Than Cure
    While sharing your contact number on social sites may seem harmless, the repercussions can be severe. It’s crucial to exercise caution, prioritize privacy, and recognize the value of personal information. By refraining from disclosing contact numbers on social media, you can mitigate potential risks and retain control over your private details. Remember, precautions are more effective than cures.

Follow these steps to secure your personal information on Instagram and enjoy the platform without concerns about your phone number being visible to strangers. Always prioritize safety and privacy when using social media.