How to Prank Someone on Instagram?

With millions of users uploading images, videos, and stories on Instagram every day, it has emerged as one of the most widely used social media platforms in recent years. Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that pranking on Instagram has gained popularity and become a famous viral pastime. So, How to Prank Someone on Instagram? Let’s check!


Introduction to Instagram Pranks

From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone is getting in on the fun and finding unique ways to prank their friends, family, and followers on Instagram.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular pranks on Instagram and how you can pull them off successfully.


What is a prank?

In simple terms, a prank is a practical joke or mischievous act done to someone for the purpose of amusing oneself. While it may seem harmless and entertaining, there are some important things to consider when pulling off a prank.

Firstly, let’s define the meaning of the word “prank”. It comes from the Middle Dutch word “prance,” which means “trick.” It can also be traced back to the Old French word “petanque,” meaning “to deceive.”

Nowadays, pranks are usually associated with light-hearted and playful acts that are meant to evoke laughter from others. However, it’s important to consider the intentions behind a prank and whether it may potentially harm or offend someone.


The Emergence of Prank Culture

Prank culture, while seemingly a modern phenomenon, has roots that extend far into history. Practical jokes and pranks were prevalent in ancient times, manifesting in different forms across various cultures. However, the advent of the internet and social media has given this culture a significant boost. The ability to share content instantly across the globe has made pranks an integral part of our digital lives. With the rise of platforms like YouTube, Vine, and now Instagram, pranking culture has found a new, vibrant, and highly interactive platform.

Today, pranks are not only about real-time laughs and surprises but are crafted more elaborately for digital consumption, aiming to go viral and gather likes, shares, and comments from the online community.

In this scenario, Instagram, with its visually driven interface and widespread reach, has become a hotbed for unique, trending, and viral pranks.


What Makes a Good Prank?

Before we dive into specific pranks, let’s first understand what makes a prank successful. A good prank should be harmless, funny, and creative. It shouldn’t cause any harm or hurt anyone’s feelings. And most importantly, it should be in good spirits and not meant to deceive or manipulate someone.


Subject Matter of Pranks
When it comes to pranks on Instagram, the subject matter is an essential element. It is what sets your prank apart and makes it unique, intriguing, and viral-worthy.

Some trending topics for pranks include food (like fake spills or edible items in inedible form), technology (like faux software updates or malfunctioning devices), and even daily routine scenarios (like misplacing someone’s belongings).

However, it’s always important to ensure your prank is in good taste and won’t cause any distress. The idea is to evoke laughter, surprise, and engagement among your followers.

Remember, a successful Instagram prank is taken in stride by both the prankster and the pranked, leading to a shared moment of fun and hilarity.


Top Pranks on Instagram

Here are some of the top pranks that have taken over Instagram and gone viral:

  • Fake Giveaways
    One of the most popular pranks on Instagram is fake giveaways. The prankster creates an attractive post with a catchy caption promoting a seemingly enticing giveaway, asking followers to like, comment, and repost the post to participate. However, the giveaway never truly existed, and the prankster enjoys watching their followers frantically trying to win a non-existent prize.
  • Photobombs
    This prank involves editing yourself into someone else’s photo and uploading it on your feed or story. It creates an amusing effect and is a great way to surprise your friends or followers.
  • Fake News
    With the rise of fake news on social media, this prank has become increasingly popular. The prankster creates a fake news article or headline and shares it on their feed, fooling followers into believing it’s real.
  • Face Swap
    This classic prank involves swapping faces with someone else in a photo or video and sharing it on Instagram. With the help of face swap apps, it’s easy to create hilarious and bizarre results.
  • The Invisible Challenge
    The invisible challenge is a recent prank that has taken over Instagram. It involves using clever editing techniques or props to make yourself look invisible in photos or videos. This one requires some creativity and can lead to some truly mind-boggling results.


How to Pull Off Pranks Successfully on Instagram?

  • Plan Ahead:
    Make sure you have all the necessary props, costumes, editing tools, and ideas before pulling off a prank. Always think about the potential consequences of your prank before posting it on Instagram.
  • Involve Others:
    Pranks are more fun when you involve other people. So, get your friends and family to participate in your pranks, or even better, collaborate with other Instagram users for some epic pranking.
  • Be Creative:
    The key to a successful prank is creativity. Think outside the box and come up with unique ideas that will make your followers laugh and keep them guessing.
  • Use Humour:
    Pranks are meant to be funny, so make sure you tastefully use humor. Avoid pranking someone who may not have a good sense of humor or could get offended easily.

Here are a few additional pointers for an upcoming prank

  • Be creative:
    Creativity is key when it comes to successful pranks. Think outside the box and come up with unique and original ideas that will catch your victim off guard.
  • Timing is everything:
    Choose the right time to execute your prank. Avoid busy or stressful moments, as your victim may not appreciate the joke if they are already overwhelmed.
  • Know your audience:
    Take into consideration the personality and sense of humor of your victim. What may be funny to one person may not be amusing to another.
  • Keep it safe:
    While pranks can be fun, it is important to ensure that no one gets hurt physically or emotionally. Avoid any harmful or offensive jokes.
  • Involve others:
    Get a group of friends or accomplices to help you with the prank. This not only makes it more fun but also helps in executing the prank smoothly.
  • Think about potential consequences:
    Before pulling a prank, think about the possible consequences. Will your victim laugh it off, or will they get angry? Make sure the result is worth it.
  • Keep it simple:
    Some of the best pranks are simple and require minimal effort. Refrain from overcomplicating things and focusing on the element of surprise.


Prank politely!

Pranking on Instagram is a fun way to connect with your followers and add some humor to their daily feeds. However, always remember to be respectful and use your best judgment when pulling off pranks. With these ideas and tips, you’re ready to become the ultimate prankster on Instagram.