Which Is the Best YouTube Channel for Class 10?

Discover the top YouTube channel for Class 10 students, offering comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, engaging content, and expert guidance.

Understanding the syllabus and keeping up with academic progress can be a daunting task for Class 10 students. This is where YouTube channels come into play, providing invaluable resources to supplement traditional classroom learning. This article aims to highlight the top YouTube channel for Class 10 students, offering a blend of comprehensive syllabus coverage, engaging teaching methods, and expert advice to enhance learning and academic performance.


Which Is the Best YouTube Channel for Class 10?

Several types of YouTube channels can be good for class 10, each with its strengths and benefits:


1) Interactive Channels

  • Live Q&A:
    These channels offer live sessions where students can ask questions and get real-time answers from teachers or experts. Examples include Dear Sir and BYJU’s Classes 9 & 10.
  • Interactive Quizzes and Games:
    These channels use quizzes and games to test your understanding of the material and make learning more enjoyable. Examples include Edumantra and Padhle.


2) Motivational Channels

  • Inspirational Stories:
    These channels share stories of successful individuals to motivate you and help you stay on track with your studies. Examples include Quote Wale Bhaiya and Motivation Quote Shala.
  • Study Tips and Hacks:
    These channels offer practical advice on how to study effectively, manage your time, and overcome challenges. Examples include Unacademy Class 9 & 10 and Padhle.


3) Educational Channels

  • Subject-specific:
    These channels focus on one specific subject, like Maths, Science, English, or Social Science. They offer detailed explanations, practice questions, and exam preparation tips. Examples include Physics Wallah, Edumantra, and Padhle.
  • General Education:
    These channels cover a wider range of subjects and skills, like study tips, time management, and memory techniques. Examples include Unacademy Class 9 & 10 and KahaaniWale Bhaiya.
  • Animated Education:
    These channels use animation and visuals to explain complex concepts in a fun and engaging way. Examples include Magnet Brains and Learn and Fun Channel.


What factors determine the “best” YouTube channel for class 10?

There’s no single “best” YouTube channel for every class 10 student because the ideal channel depends on a variety of factors, including:


1) Learning Style

  • Visual Learners:
    Channels with animations, diagrams, and whiteboard explanations are a good fit. (e.g., Physics Wallah, Learn and Fun Channel)
  • Auditory Learners:
    Channels with engaging narration and clear explanations are preferred. (e.g., Padhle, Dear Sir)
  • Kinesthetic Learners:
    Channels with interactive elements like quizzes, games, and practical experiments resonate well. (e.g., Edumantra, Magnet Brains)


2) Subjects

  • Specific Subjects:
    Look for channels specializing in subjects you need help with, like Maths, Science, or English. (e.g., Unacademy Class 9 & 10, BYJU’S Class 9 & 10)
  • General Education:
    If you need help across multiple subjects, choose channels offering broader coverage. (e.g., Padhle, Magnet Brains)


3) Language
Choose channels in a language you understand comfortably. This will ensure efficient learning and comprehension.


4) Exam Board
Align your channel with your exam board’s curriculum for tailored guidance and preparation. (e.g., NCERT Class 10, CBSE Class 10)


Other Factors

  • Read reviews and watch sample videos before committing to a channel.
  • Look for channels with interactive elements like quizzes and practice questions.
  • Choose channels that are in a language you understand comfortably.
  • Use YouTube as a supplement to your schoolwork and textbooks. Please don’t rely solely on it for your studies.
  • Prefer live Q&A sessions, animated videos, or documentaries? Choose channels that resonate with your preferred learning format.
  • Do you enjoy the teacher’s style and presentation? A likable and engaging personality can make learning more enjoyable.


Characteristics a good YouTube channel should have for Class 10 students

  • Clear Explanation:
    The channel should provide clear and concise explanations of concepts to help students understand the topics easily.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    The channel should cover the entire syllabus for Class 10, ensuring that students have access to all the necessary information for exams.
  • Engaging Content:
    Engaging and interactive content can make learning more enjoyable and help students retain information better.
  • Visual Aids:
    Effective use of visuals, diagrams, and animations can enhance understanding and make complex topics more accessible.
  • Practice Exercises:
    The inclusion of practice problems or exercises with solutions can help students apply what they’ve learned and reinforce their understanding.
  • Regular Updates:
    The channel should be regularly updated to ensure that the content is aligned with the latest curriculum and exam patterns.
  • Positive Reviews:
    Check for positive reviews and feedback from other students, teachers, or parents to ensure that the channel is reputable and reliable.
  • Interactivity:
    Channels that encourage student engagement through quizzes, live sessions, or Q&A sessions can be more effective in supporting learning.
  • Alignment with Board Syllabus:
    Ensure that the content is aligned with the curriculum of the educational board you are following (e.g., CBSE, ICSE).
  • Subject Specialization:
    Some channels specialize in specific subjects (e.g., mathematics, science, English). Depending on your needs, you may prefer a channel that excels in the subjects you find challenging.

To help you narrow down your search, here are some highly-rated YouTube channels for class 10, categorized by subject:



  • Padhle:
    Animated summaries, practice sheets, and tips for boards.
  • Unacademy Class 9 & 10:
    Diverse range of learning styles, including animation and whiteboard explanations.
  • English with Aishwarya:
    Focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.



  • Dear Sir:
    Clear and engaging explanations, perfect for visual learners.
  • Math with Sal:
    Wide range of video topics covering all levels of Maths.
  • Vedantu 9 & 10:
    Interactive whiteboard teaching, known for its clarity and pace.



  • Physics Wallah:
    Detailed explanations with real-world examples.
  • BYJU’S Class 9 & 10:
    Comprehensive coverage of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Edumantra:
    Animated videos and practice questions for all science subjects.



  • Magnet Brains:
    Engaging storytelling and mnemonics to make history and geography memorable.
  • Study IQ:
    Animated videos and mind maps for easier understanding of key concepts.
  • Padhle:
    Animated lectures with practice worksheets and past year question papers.



  • Bhai Ki Padhai:
    Lively whiteboard explanations for various subjects.
  • KahaaniWale Bhaiya:
    Motivational stories and tips for studying effectively.
  • Magnet Brains (Hindi):
    Engaging storytelling and mnemonics for history and geography.