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What Do YouTube Shorts Pay?

Explore the earning potential of YouTube Shorts! Discover how creators can earn revenue through this short-form video platform.
YouTube Shorts, a relatively new addition to the YouTube platform, offers a unique avenue for creators to generate income. These bite-sized videos, similar to TikTok, have taken the internet by storm due to their brevity and engaging content. However, the question remains: how much can one really earn from these YouTube Shorts? As a creator, it’s important to understand the financial potential of this avenue. While the platform itself does not directly pay creators for shorts, there are other ways to earn revenue, such as being a part of the YouTube Partner Program, receiving Super Chat payments, or via brand partnerships. Let’s dive into the specifics.


Understanding the YouTube Shorts Fund


What is it?
The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million initiative launched by YouTube, specifically designated to reward creators of top-performing and engaging YouTube Shorts. This fund aims to support and incentivize the creation of short-form content on the platform, contributing to the vibrant creator ecosystem.


Who can benefit from it?
This fund is not limited to creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program. It is accessible to any creator who creates original and engaging content on YouTube Shorts, regardless of their subscriber count or location. This inclusive approach enables a diverse range of creators to have the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their talent and creativity.


How does it work?
Every month, YouTube reaches out to thousands of creators whose Shorts have received the most engagement and views to reward them for their contributions. The criteria go beyond simple view count; YouTube also considers factors like audience engagement, creativity, and originality. By taking these additional factors into account, YouTube aims to promote a fair and balanced evaluation process that encourages creators to push the boundaries of their creativity.


How much can one earn?
The rewards can range from $100 to $10,000, depending on the performance of the Short. However, the exact metrics YouTube uses to calculate this amount remain undisclosed. This variability in earning potential provides creators with an incentive to consistently create high-quality and engaging Shorts, as it presents an opportunity to earn a significant reward for their efforts.


How is it different?
Unlike other monetization options, such as ad revenue or brand collaborations, the Shorts Fund directly rewards creators for their content without the need for additional partnerships or collaborations. This not only offers a new avenue for income but also encourages creators to continue creating original and engaging shorts. Ultimately, the YouTube Shorts Fund empowers creators to focus on their craft and unleash their creativity without being solely reliant on external partnerships for financial support.


YouTube Shorts Monetization Policies

Understanding the monetization policies for YouTube Shorts is crucial for creators to utilize the platform and avoid any potential pitfalls effectively. These policies guide the operations and ensure the integrity of the platform.


Usage of Music
Creators can use music from the YouTube audio library without any licensing concerns. However, if they opt to use third-party music, they are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions. This is a significant policy that protects the rights of musicians and composers.


Eligibility for Monetization
To be eligible for monetization, a creator’s content must adhere to the YouTube Partner Program policies, Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Google AdSense Program Policies. These policies ensure that the content is appropriate and does not infringe on the rights of others.


Shorts Shelf
Creators should note that the Shorts Shelf, a special row on the YouTube mobile app where Shorts are showcased, is not monetized. As such, viewing Shorts on this platform will not generate any ad revenue. However, Shorts can still provide valuable exposure and audience engagement for creators.


Revenue Share
Finally, YouTube pays out a proportion of the revenue generated from Premium subscribers’ views on Shorts. This offering applies to all channels, regardless of their involvement in the YouTube Partner Program, and is designed to cover the costs of music licensing. This allows creators to potentially earn even if their Shorts do not include any ads, providing an additional revenue stream for their content.


Monetization Options for YouTube Shorts


YouTube Partner Program:
If your channel meets the eligibility criteria, you can apply to be part of the YouTube Partner Program. Revenue is generated through ad revenue, membership fees, and Super Chat payments.


Super Chat Payments:
During live chats on a premiere or live stream, fans can choose to pay to have their comments highlighted. This not only fosters a unique level of interaction with viewers but it also provides an opportunity for additional revenue.


Brand Partnerships:
Teaming up with brands relevant to your content can be a lucrative option. In these partnerships, you create Shorts that integrate the brand’s product or message, and the brand pays you for this promotion.


Merchandise Shelf:
For eligible channels, this feature allows you to showcase your official branded merchandise right on YouTube. Your fans can browse and buy directly from your video pages.


Channel Memberships:
Enable your fans to join your channel through monthly payments. Members get badges, new emojis, and access to exclusive perks you offer.


Earnings per view:
As of October 2023, the reported earnings per 1,000 views range from 8.50 INR to 2000 INR.

However, this is highly variable and depends on various factors like your location, audience demographics, and the overall Shorts Fund pool.


Tips for potentially earning more


Create high-quality, engaging Shorts:
This will attract more views and increase your chances of being selected for monetization programs.


Diversify your monetization options:
Explore multiple avenues for revenue, such as brand partnerships and merchandise sales, to create a stable source of income.


Continue growing your channel:
As your audience and engagement increase, so does the potential for earning through various monetization programs.


Stay up-to-date with policy changes:
YouTube’s policies are continually evolving, so make sure to stay informed to avoid any issues with monetization.


Engage with your audience:
Interacting and building a strong relationship with your viewers can lead to more views and potentially increase engagement, both of which can positively impact your earnings.


Build a strong community:
Interact with your viewers, respond to comments, and participate in discussions.


Collaborate with other creators:
This can help you reach a wider audience and boost your visibility.


Stay updated:
Keep yourself informed about the latest updates and changes in the YouTube Shorts monetization program.

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