How Long Do Instagram Ads Take to Approve?

Instagram has become a powerful tool for companies trying to market their goods and services to a large audience. It presents a lucrative possibility for advertisers thanks to its visually appealing platform and sizable user base. The approval delay is a frequent issue, though, when it comes to selling ads on Instagram. Businesses are interested in learning how long it takes for Instagram advertisements to be authorised and go live.

To make sure the material complies with Instagram’s advertising policies and guidelines, there are numerous steps in the approval process for Instagram ads. These guidelines have been put in place to preserve a good user experience and stop the spread of harmful or inappropriate content. Ads that don’t adhere to these rules are likely to be rejected or have their approval delayed.


Ad Content Review

Examining your advertisement’s content is the first step in the approval procedure. Each ad is personally reviewed by Instagram’s team to make sure it conforms with their rules. The text, images, targeting possibilities, and overall message of the advertisement are all evaluated as part of the content review. The length of time it takes for the review process can vary depending on how complicated and distinctive your ad content.

Instagram receives a lot of entries for ads every day. The volume of ad submissions may be much larger during peak times, such as holidays or noteworthy events. Due to the reviewing team’s increased workload as a result of the volume increase, delays in the approval procedure may occur.

Instagram adjusts its advertising guidelines on a regular basis to reflect evolving situations and user expectations. Your advertising may go through a more thorough evaluation if you have changed your ad strategy or if Instagram adopted new policies. Longer approval times may be the outcome of this increased scrutiny.


Ad Account History

When evaluating new ad submissions, Instagram takes into account the history of your ad account. Your advertising can go through a more thorough review procedure if your account has a history of breaking Instagram’s rules. This is carried out to make sure that marketers that have a history of breaking policy are rigorously inspected.

A few minutes to 24 hours is the typical wait time for Instagram advertising to be authorised when these considerations are taken into account. Ads are frequently accepted within a few hours. It might take longer, though, if there are busy times or if the ad material needs to be reviewed more thoroughly.

Make sure your content complies with Instagram’s advertising guidelines as you wait for your ads to be authorised. Learn about these rules so you can improve your chances of receiving speedy approval. The policies are listed under “Help Centre” on Instagram’s website. You can reduce the likelihood that your ads will be rejected or have lengthy delays by adhering to these rules.
The length of time it takes for Instagram ads to get authorised can change. Depending on a number of variables, some advertising might be accepted in just a few minutes, while others might take up to 24 hours or longer.

Instagram has a manual screening process for advertising content to make sure it complies with their advertising guidelines. This entails human reviewers looking through the ad’s language, images, targeting possibilities, and overall messaging.


Factors Affecting Approval Time

The approval time is influenced by a number of factors. These factors include the ad’s intricacy and originality, the volume of submissions made during peak times, any recent policy updates, and the advertiser’s account history.


Content Compliance:
For prompt approval, adherence to Instagram’s advertising regulations is essential. Familiarize By following these suggestions, you can reduce the likelihood that your ads will be rejected or face lengthy delays.


Impact of Account past:
When approving an ad account, Instagram takes into account its past. Ads from an account may be scrutinised more closely and take longer to be approved if they have previously broken rules.


Patience is Key:
It’s crucial to exercise patience while awaiting ad clearance. Resubmitting the advertisement or making needless modifications should be avoided as they may cause the approval process to take longer.


Timely Planning:
When making your ad calendar, take into account the approval time to ensure a flawless advertising campaign. To minimise any last-minute issues or missed chances, plan for unexpected delays.


Communication Channels:
Advertisers can get help from Instagram’s support staff in the event of significant delays or problems. But be aware that responses could take some time as they receive many questions.

Advertisers can better control their expectations and optimise their plans for running Instagram ads by being aware of these crucial concepts. To run a successful advertising campaign on Instagram, it is critical to plan ahead, generate compliant ad content, and leave enough time for the approval process.



In conclusion, a number of variables, including content review, ad volume, policy revisions, and ad account history, can affect how quickly Instagram ads are authorised. Even though the typical approval time is between a few minutes and 24 hours, it is important to have patience, especially during busy times or when the ad content needs more thorough review. You can maximise your Instagram advertising success and the likelihood that your advertisements will be approved quickly by making sure they adhere to Instagram’s regulations.

Instagram ad approval times can change depending on a number of variables, such as content review, ad volume, policy revisions, and ad account history. Ads are normally accepted within a few minutes and 24 hours on average. It might take longer, though, if there are busy times or if the ad material needs to be reviewed more thoroughly. To make sure their material meets with Instagram’s standards, advertisers must become familiar with the platform’s advertising policies and guidelines. By adhering to these rules, businesses can maximise their Instagram advertising success and their chances of receiving timely approval. In the end, being aware of the clearance deadline enables companies to efficiently plan their campaigns and enhance their platform marketing tactics.