My Instagram Ads Were Approved but Are Not Running. Why?


Instagram has become a prominent advertising medium for companies to reach their target market. Being frustrated by authorized advertisements that need to be running might hurt your marketing efforts. We will look at a few probable explanations for why your Instagram advertisements could not run even if they were authorized in this post. By being aware of these potential issues, you can take the necessary steps to fix them and have your advertising working properly. So, My Instagram Ads Were Approved but Are Not Running. Why?


Ad Scheduling and Duration
Inappropriate ad scheduling or duration settings are a frequent cause of Instagram advertisements that have been authorized but aren’t running. It’s critical to carefully consider the scheduling choices when developing your ad campaign to ensure they correspond to the period you have in mind. Verify again that the start and finish dates and the daily budget are set properly. A scheduling problem can occasionally prevent advertising from airing as planned.


Limited Budget or Low Bid
Instagram uses an auction-based structure for its advertising, with businesses bidding for ad positions. It could be hard for your advertising to obtain enough attention and impressions if they have a small budget or a low bid. As a result, your authorized advertising does not run well. Make sure your budget and bid strategy are competitive enough to achieve the targeted reach and engagement by analyzing them.


Audience targeting
Your audience targeting choices may be the source of another reason why your authorized Instagram advertisements aren’t running. The reach and potential impressions of the advertisement may be constrained if the targeting settings are relaxed or specialized. On the other hand, if the targeting is narrow enough, your ads can appear in front of people outside your target market. Review and adjust your target audience settings to balance reach and specificity, ensuring that the correct individuals see your advertising.


Ad Content Violations
Even though your advertisements were initially authorized, they can be recognized as being against Instagram’s advertising guidelines and prevented from appearing. Use of illegal materials, excessive writing on photographs, or improper language are examples of frequent infractions. By carefully reading their ad regulations, ensure your material conforms with Instagram’s content restrictions. Make the required changes to put your adverts by the platform’s rules if any infractions are found.

Instagram provides several ad forms, including pictures, videos, carousels, and story ads. It’s conceivable that your chosen format is incompatible with your chosen placement or your established ad objective if your official advertisement isn’t running. Double-check that your ad format and the selected placement are compatible to guarantee a seamless delivery.

Ad Creative Requirements: Instagram has certain rules for ad creation, including specifications for picture and video sizes, file types, and formats. Your authorized advertisement might only run if it meets these requirements. To avoid technological problems, ensure your ad creative conforms to the platform’s rules.

Connectivity problems with your ad account may occasionally prevent advertisements from appearing. Make sure your Facebook Page and the related ad account are correctly linked to your Instagram business account by checking your account settings. A disconnected or improperly set account may impede ad distribution.

Advertisers compete for ad positions in an auction mechanism that underpins Instagram’s ad delivery. Higher bid rates or fewer ad placement options may result from fierce competition for the audience you’re attempting to attract. As a result, there may be delays or a limitation on how frequently your advertising may appear.

Ad rules are updated regularly by Instagram to maintain user experience and security. Keeping up with these policy updates and modifying your advertising to comply is crucial. Ad distribution can be interrupted or delayed if the new rules are not followed.
Geographical limits: For legal or cultural reasons, some ad targeting alternatives, such as particular regions or nations, may be subject to limits or limitations. Your authorized advertising might not run as intended if targeted to a prohibited area. To prevent problems, ensure your targeting options comply with the platform’s limitations.


Technological Problems and Ad Review Delays

Occasionally, technological problems with the ad platform might prevent authorized ads from running as soon as they should. Sometimes Instagram has issues or delays that impede the distribution of ads. Additionally, ad review times may be longer than anticipated, particularly during busy periods or when your campaign undergoes adjustments. Watch your ad dashboard for any alerts or error messages that can point to a problem with the system. Contact Instagram’s customer service if you need help fixing the issue.


Restrictions on the Ad Account or an Inactive Ad Account
Your authorized advertisements might not appear if your ad account has been reported for policy violations or is deactivated for any other reason. Instagram abides by rigorous rules to preserve a courteous and safe advertising environment. Before your advertising may start appearing again if your account has been limited or disabled, you must address the problem and correct any violations. For assistance with reactivating your ad account, contact Instagram support.



It can be annoying and have an impact on your marketing objectives when Instagram advertisements that were previously authorized do not run. You may take the necessary steps to correct the situation by being aware of the possible causes, such as incorrect ad scheduling, budgetary limits, targeting problems, content violations, technical difficulties, or account restrictions. Review your advertising campaigns frequently, abide by Instagram’s rules, and pay attention to any technical alerts. You can maximize the impact of your Instagram advertising efforts and effectively connect with your target audience with the right care and tweaks.