Which YouTube Category Makes the Most Money in India?

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What sector of YouTube earns the most in India?

Online visual material is quickly taking over the world, and to meet the demands of this age, captivating video content is continually growing. Although there are several outlets for video content, YouTube undoubtedly takes the top spot.

With a few simple pieces of equipment, anyone from all walks of life may begin their YouTube journey. To become a Youtuber, no prerequisite education or professional experience is needed. This increases the opportunity for Indians from all around the country to use this platform.

Youtube has 46.7 billion active users as of January 2023. A clever niche choice and the use of a few video blogging tips may help artists draw in millions of views. One has a greater chance of receiving more views if one posts an inventive and high-quality video.
The main determinant of how much money you might potentially make on YouTube is the number of views. Per 1000 views on their videos, YouTube rewards the content producers. However, the money made from each video is not precisely a YouTuber’s income in India. YouTube gives creators 55% of their revenues while keeping 45% of the money that is made.



The Top 10 YouTube Niche Markets for 2024

One of the most important choices you must make when beginning your YouTube channel is choosing your specialty. It will affect everything, including your target market and the kinds of brand partnerships you may pursue.

Of course, it has a significant impact on the amount of money you can make on YouTube. Although making money on YouTube is theoretically conceivable in every subject, from history to sewing, it’s considerably tougher in some than in others.
It is challenging to identify the most lucrative niches. In the end, it is down to each YouTuber’s personal monetization plan, how engaged their viewers are, and the caliber of the video they provide. Additionally, this explains why the amount that YouTube pays you for a million views might vary greatly.

But CPM, or Cost Per Mille, may be used as a benchmark. This is the compensation that YouTube’s Partner Program offers creators for every 1,000 ad views. CPM demonstrates how eager marketers are to fund content in a certain area and gain access to YouTubers’ viewers. The greater the interest, the simpler it will be to monetize your channel through advertising and other methods like brand partnerships.

Based on their CPM rates, these are the top 10 YouTube niches.


1. Getting paid online
The most lucrative YouTube specialty, to begin with, is ways to generate money online. Numerous individuals visit YouTube in droves to learn how to make money online. The CPM for creators in this market is typically INR 1148. It’s hardly surprising that many of these channels are plainly profiting, given both that and the theme.

Some specialized areas are even more lucrative. The CPM for content about earning money through affiliate marketing may go as high as INR 1804.


2. Online marketing
The second-highest revenue potential on YouTube is in digital marketing. For instance, the average CPM charges for social media marketing platforms are INR 1026.64.


3. Financial planning and investments
Personal finance and investments are ranked third among money-related niches. Channels in this specialized industry offer guidance on anything from stock market jargon to earning money with cryptocurrencies. CPM rates for creators might reach INR 984.


4. Educational materials
The following category is instructional content, which is rather wide. For youngsters, education-related video is the main emphasis of some of the most popular YouTube channels. Adult topics, including history and how to use Microsoft Office, are also in high demand. CPM prices for YouTubers in this market are typically INR 820.


5. Tech, automobiles, and gadgets
Anything related to technology, notably vehicles and electronics, is another lucrative market. Advertisers adore material in this sector, whether it’s a review of the new MacBook Air, a comparison of Nikon and Fuji cameras, or a test drive in a new Ferrari.

There is a variety of CPM rates inside it. For example, prices for YouTubers who specialize in photography can reach INR 204.68, while INR 354.24 is the standard CPM rate for auto channels. Pier 1,000 hits, general tech channels may anticipate earning INR 195.98.

However, if you’re considering entering this market, you must consider the expenditures involved. Even if your income is better, you frequently have to make investments in the technology you evaluate or contrast.


6. Lifestyle
The lifestyle niche is one of the most well-liked categories of YouTube content. Viewers like learning about other people’s lives through their trips, employment, residences, and relationships. Advertisers are aware of this. Lifestyle YouTubers may anticipate CPM rates of INR 284.54 on average.


7. Hauls of fashion and try-on
In the past, magazines like Vogue and Cosmo were responsible for setting trends and influencing public perception of fashion. Now, it’s TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube producers. One of the most well-known groups of influencers on YouTube is the fashion community, and try-on haul videos can bring in an average CPM of INR 256.66.


8. Cooking
In particular, during the pandemic, cookery channels had a phenomenal increase. More and more individuals are using YouTube to get recipe ideas, hone their cooking abilities, or just to see other people’s incredible creations. With average values of INR 205, cooking channels are comparatively profitable in terms of CPM rates.


9. Bodybuilding and fitness
The popularity of fitness and bodybuilding material has significantly increased, much like that of food channels. YouTuber audiences swarm to channels that assist people in achieving their physical objectives, from introductory yoga to weighted jump ropes for muscular gain.


10. Games on video
One of the most popular YouTube subgenres is video games. Gaming material may bring devoted YouTubers several million views, whether it be reviews, in-depth walkthroughs, streaming, or just gameplay with interesting comments.

Nowadays, a lot of gaming expos provide video content producers in their own area, making them some of the biggest YouTuber events as well. In reality, a number of the most popular YouTube channels and highest-paid YouTube stars, like PewDiePie, are in the gaming industry. CPM prices in this market segment typically hover around INR 114.8.