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If you’ve ever searched for a video on YouTube, some videos that appear alongside the other search results have a yellow ad tag. These advertisements, sometimes called TrueView video discovery ads (or YouTube discovery ads), are an excellent approach for your company to put your name or goods in front of the correct customers.


What do YouTube discovery adverts consist of?

YouTube advertisements, known as “discovery ads” or “TrueView video discovery ads,” are displayed alongside other videos on YouTube as a thumbnail, title, and description. The top of the YouTube search results page, the suggested videos area on a YouTube video’s watch page, or the home screen of the YouTube mobile app are just a few examples of where they could be found.

Similar to how search advertisements behave in Google’s organic search results, TrueView discovery ads behave like the ordinary videos they are paired with. The advertisement links to a YouTube video, so when a user clicks it, it behaves like they have clicked on an organic video result and takes them to a video view page.

The little ad tag with each paid result is the most obvious visual distinction between TrueView discovery advertisements and organic results.


Comparing in-stream and video discovery
TrueView in-stream and TrueView video discovery advertising have similar titles yet are significantly distinct. TrueView in-stream advertisements run alongside a video. Others may start playing in the middle of a video, while some may start playing earlier. Before having the option to skip the video, a viewer must only watch the first five seconds of the in-stream advertisement. Ads for video discovery on the TrueView platform don’t interfere with video playback.

They appear as a suggestion or search result, and a person must click on them to view the video. Viewers can click on the advertisement in both instances of TrueView advertisements or watch the video in the case of YouTube discovery ads. It increases the likelihood that someone who clicks or watches the ad for a longer period will be interested in what you’re selling and will convert.


The specifications for a YouTube discovery ad
First off, since YouTube is the intended platform for video discovery advertisements, your film must be hosted there. You must set up a YouTube channel for your company if you still need to get one to upload your video. You should also link your Google Ads account to your YouTube channel. Thanks to this relationship, your Google Ads account will access organic view totals, remarketing data based on viewers who engaged with your linked YouTube channel, and engagement metrics from video ads. You should check that the visibility of the video you’re uploading for your YouTube discovery ad is either public or unlisted.

When you upload your video, you can modify the privacy settings. Public videos will appear on your channel page, be suggested to users, and be included under similar videos. They may also appear in search results for several keywords.

Unlisted videos can only be viewed if a viewer can access the video link or if they are posted to a part of your channel or a public playlist. If your video is intended for your advertisement’s target market, keep it unlisted. But it’s completely up to you which option you want.

Like other digital ad kinds, video discovery advertisements must include a headline of at most 25 characters and a two-line description of at most 35 characters per line.


What are the prices of YouTube discovery ads?

The fact that TrueView video discovery advertising operates on a bidding structure is fantastic. You can establish a budget that works for you if you have the choice of your bids.

You choose your campaign’s budget when you put it up and how much you want to bid for each ad. You can set your budget for the entire campaign or each day.

A further benefit of employing video discovery advertisements is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, thanks to the cost-per-view bidding process. Therefore, you receive a free brand impression for your company even if someone views your advertisement without clicking.


How can YouTube discovery ads be set up?

The process of setting up YouTube discovery advertising is simple. Coming up with a concept for your video commercial is the hardest part. Starting a new campaign in your Google Ads account would be best. You will then decide on your campaign goal from there.

When creating a campaign for TrueView video discovery advertisements, two options are available: “Product and brand consideration” and “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.” The type of campaign you’ll run is the next choice after your objective.

The campaign type you are using in this instance is “Video.”

The next step is to select a campaign subtype. If “Product and brand consideration” was your target, your campaign subtype is “Influence consideration.”

Your campaign subtype is “Custom video campaign” if you selected “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.” Afterward, Google Ads will ask you for further details about your campaign.


How do YouTube discovery advertisements work?

A wonderful approach to connect with customers who want to engage with your business is through TrueView discovery advertisements. With this style, you are not forcing your advertisement in front of viewers watching a video.
People must voluntarily approach you. These commercials are a great option to expand your brand because YouTube reports gains in consideration, favorability, and buying intent.

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