YouTube Ads Cost Per View in India

More than two billion people visit YouTube in total, and every single day they consume one trillion minutes of video content, resulting in several billions of visits. Many adults between the ages of 15 and 60 are reached by YouTube on smartphones than by any other telecommunications channel.

The growth of video advertisements is thus not surprising.

One may market the video elements on YouTube or via searches using Google advertisements, increasing the number of users who see them. That might be the case if your video opens earlier than someone else’s video or if it appears in full-screen mode in YouTube results when searching.


Different YouTube Ads

YouTube advertisements come in six different categories:

  • The True-View advertisements
  • Commercials that can’t be skipped
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsors for cards
  • Ad overlays
  • Displaying ads


Cost of YouTube Ads

Let’s first examine the methodology used to determine the price of YouTube advertisements. There are a total of several pricing strategies that YouTube uses for its advertisements: Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Day (CPD).


Cost per view:
CPV is typically acceptable for YouTube video advertisements. Therefore, the price of YouTube advertisements is considered whenever a user views a clip on the site, and marketers must contribute a sum equivalent to the cost per view (CPV).


Cost per Click (CPC):
Cost per click primarily pertains to displaying adverts on YouTube. The advertising company is responsible for covering the expenses of each flash advertisement clicked on YouTube.


Cost per Day (CPD):
YouTube masthead costs are assessed daily. Whereas CPV and CPC apply to YouTube marketing possibilities, see the YouTube masthead. It has a set price for YouTube advertising.

Except for the masthead, many marketing alternatives have variable costs. Similar to Google, the auction is used to determine where advertisements will appear. So, the ultimate price of YouTube advertisements for all these possibilities depends on factors like advertisement performance, pricing rivalry, and stock.

Apart from the YouTube masthead, most advertisement choices have no specified price. Similar to Google, the auction is used to determine where advertisements will appear. So, the ultimate price of YouTube advertisements for all of these possibilities depends on factors like advertisement value, pricing rivalry, and stock, among others.

The top video marketing firm in India could be hired, or marketers can display their advertisements on YouTube using the Google Advertising Network at quite a small premium over what YouTube advertising would normally price. The typical cost of an advertisement on YouTube for a video is Rs 0.03 per watch. A YouTube masthead ad costs Rs 25 lakh, and a YouTube banners ad costs approximately Rs 5 for each click.


Things that influence the price of YouTube advertisements

The area and nature of the advertisement affect the price of YouTube advertisements. These elements impact your cost:


Target Audience:
If you’d like to connect with certain demographics (for instance, those who live in a particular region), you must pay a higher rate than when you need to attract a vast audience (all individuals in the country).


Length of the video:
Since marketers are liable for additional space on display, longer videos are more costly. In broad terms, short clips are cheaper than more lengthy ones.


Ad placement:
Videos with advertisements playing before or alongside them typically cost extra to advertise on the ads that appear at the bottom of videos or along the right end of the caption.


Video caliber:
Since they provide additional value and can capture viewers’ interest, greater-quality videos typically draw more money from marketers.


Streaming niche:
Your YouTube ad pricing will depend on your channel’s specialty. You will pay less for visits if you promote an area with few competitors and a significant audience than if you advertise a specialty with low traffic and much competition.


Types for YouTube ads

As was already said, various variables influence the price of advertising on YouTube and the price of YouTube commercials. Your choice of advertisement is one of the crucial elements. The major categories were TrueView In-Stream, TrueView In-Search, and TrueView in pre-rolls. The titles could seem challenging. YouTube has since streamlined names as a result.

YouTube’s TrueView In-stream advertisements are trailers that start or stop a video. In-stream advertisements come in two primary categories: skippable and non-skippable. These video search advertisements assist viewers in discovering and viewing your content.
You may be curious about the TrueView ad payment process.

Typically, YouTube costs you when an individual views your advertisement for at least 30 seconds. If somebody views the thumbnail of your video discovering advertisement, YouTube will assess a fee to you. The best option for marketers is skippable video advertising because viewers can watch them without clicking their skip option. Since these advertisements can be skipped, as opposed to others that cannot, viewers consider them more irritating.



Like numerous major online marketing channels, YouTube bases its ad display costs on a pricing structure. Setting a daily budget is necessary for any YouTube advertising plan.
According to the start of experimenting and how much you’re willing to put aside, you may set a price range between INR 824 and above.

You are solely charged when someone interacts with your advertisement, defined as responding to a call-to-action within an online advertisement or viewing a skippable advertisement for 30 seconds.

Choose a location that you’re targeting when choosing the auction choices. As you vary your goal, YouTube makes different purchasing ideas. You usually bid based on CPV (cost per view). This indicates you’re prepared to spend as much as your bid for every option view.



Although YouTube advertisements can produce excellent outcomes, numerous businesses and content producers have a tight budget for advertising. They’re hesitant to invest cash in a film with advertisements since they believe the costs will be prohibitive.

With several factors, including the ad style, assignment, and business, the typical YouTube advertising cost for each view (CPV) ranges from INR 0.82 to 2.47. You will pay between 824 INR and 2500 for every 1000 views on your video.

It may cost you roughly 1.7L to get 100,000 users. If your advertisement targets the demographic you want to reach, it doesn’t matter sufficiently. If advertising uses targeted choices considering demographics and passions, they can reach their perfect viewers while investing too much cash on optional experiences.

You receive $1, or Rupees 73, for each one thousand sponsored views on your video (defined as when advertisements are present for a period exceeding thirty seconds and viewers interact on those).

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