YouTube Overlay Ads


According to the percentage of American adults who use social media, YouTube has surpassed Facebook as the world’s most popular social media site. More than 1 billion hours of YouTube content are viewed daily, and more than 300 hours of new content are added every minute. Brands can use several ad kinds to reach a huge audience with that much information. Additionally, YouTube overlay ads are a favorite ad format for businesses.


YouTube in-video overlay ads: What are they?

On watch pages, YouTube in-video overlay advertisements are displayed across the bottom of a video. It is less invasive than other larger pop-ups since an advertisement overlay, whether text- or image-based, appears as a pop-up displayed across the bottom 20% of the video window. Users can close your advertisement anytime by clicking the “X” in the top-right corner while still viewing the video they initially clicked on. If they choose to click your advertisement, it directs them to your destination URL, which may be a landing page specifically designed to advertise the deal.


What distinguishes YouTube’s video overlay ads from other forms of advertising?

There are numerous different ad forms in addition to these in-display advertising on YouTube, with differences mainly in placement, platform suitability, and ad specifications:


Display Ads:
Appear above the list of suggested videos and to the right of the featured video. Accessibility: The desktop is the only platform for display advertising.

Skippable video advertising are those that begin playing in the video player either before, during, or after the main video and that viewers can choose to skip after 5 seconds. Desktop, mobile, TV, and game consoles are all accessible.

To see the main video, non-skippable video advertisements must first be watched in the video player. Depending on regional standards, they are either 15 or 20 seconds long. Both desktop and mobile accessibility.


Bumper advertisements:
Up to six-second videos that cannot be skipped and must be watched in the video player before the main video can be viewed. Both desktop and mobile accessibility.


Sponsored cards:
Cards of various sizes (with a maximum file size of 2 MB) that carry promotional material that may be pertinent to the featured video, such as lists of goods mentioned in the video.


How do they function in conjunction with side-by-side display adverts?

An excellent method to complement your overlay ad is to include an optional companion display ad to the right of the video player. Suppose you decide not to include a companion display ad. In that case, this is the only company’s advertisement that will appear next to your overlay because this area is road-blocked for the same advertiser and campaign.


Ad specifications

Specifications for overlay advertisements:

  • Size of the image: 480 by 70
  • Static.GIF,.PNG, and.JPG file types
  • 150 Kb in size

Related display ad specifications:

  • Image size: 300 by 250
  • File types:.JPG,.PNG, and.GIF
  • 150 KB size of the file
  • Served by the website or a third party

YouTube’s companion display advertising and overlays are only available on desktop computers; they do not work on mobile devices, TVs, or gaming consoles.


Two fundamental key practices for overlay ad campaigns


Put a strong CTA on the overlay
With a clear call-to-action, your ad’s click-through rate and ROI are useful if you’re just seeking to raise brand awareness. You need to be direct and explain to viewers what to do because little room is available.


Prospects are sent to a specific landing page
Prospects require a location to accomplish your conversion goal to guarantee that your advertising investment generates a profit. The logical next action is to link to a relevant landing page.


Utilize in-video overlay advertising to reach a larger audience

It makes sense to put advertisements on YouTube, the second-largest social media platform in the world because you can reach an audience much larger than what most other platforms provide.

For the most recent information on ad specifications, targeting possibilities, and other topics, consult the Insta page digital advertising specs reference. The landing page is much more crucial because it is where the conversion occurs. Thus optimizing your overlay advertising is only one side of the solution. Complete your ad campaign using Instapage, the most effective platform for optimizing landing pages, to optimize the stage of constructing landing pages for all your YouTube overlay advertisements.

Best Practices for YouTube Overlay Ads


Keep your overlay straightforward and easy to understand
To prevent the possibility of your campaign being terminated when utilizing Google Ads, you must adhere to the guidelines for picture quality. When using Google Ads, you must abide by the requirements for picture quality to avoid the potential that your campaign could be abruptly canceled. To prevent the possibility that your campaign could be abruptly canceled while utilizing Google Ads, you must adhere to the guidelines for picture quality.


Don’t overpromise in your overlay advertisement
The last thing you want to do is underdeliver or mislead your prospects once you have their attention and have directed them to your landing page because this will make your brand appear unreliable.


Make a strong call to action
A powerful call to action can determine whether or not a campaign’s budget was wisely spent. Because they “drive traffic to an off-YouTube web page, where they can collect signatures, email addresses, or even donations,” as blogger Ramya Raghavan noted, overlay ads have already been profitable for nonprofit organizations.


Send visitors to a certain landing page
A company’s digital marketing strategy should include landing pages because they are particularly effective. In exchange for anything of value, also known as an offer, it is an opportunity for your organization to request visitors’ contact information. As such, make sure it’s a page worth visiting. You want potential customers to feel as though they are receiving something of value that was specially created for them.


Try out several in-video overlay ad formats
On YouTube, multiple campaigns may be active at once. Feel free to utilize your creativity to build a variety of YouTube commercials using Google commercials. You can create other utilizing formats besides your overlay ad campaign.

Whether or whether there are skippable video adverts

  • Ad bumpers
  • card sponsors


Utilize Overlay Ads to Draw Attention from Your Audience
By targeting and piquing your prospects’ interest in YouTube, you can use YouTube overlay advertising to reach them where they are. We hope this essay was useful and you included some of these strategies in your marketing plan.