How to Add Text in YouTube Video Editor?

The text might be a magnificent method for raising the quality of your YouTube videos and giving your followers important content. Whether you’re adding explanations, titles, or subtitles to your videos, the YouTube Video Manager gives a straightforward and easy-to-use platform for doing as such. So let’s examine how to edit text for a YouTube video with the help of a youtube editor. So, How to Add Text in YouTube Video Editor?


What exactly is Youtube Text Editor?

The YouTube Text Editor is a platform presented by YouTube that permits makers to add message overlays to their videos. Text overlays can be utilized to add titles, inscriptions, captions, explanations, and different sorts of text to videos. The YouTube Text Editor is a basic and simple-to-utilize instrument that permits makers to add text to their videos without requiring extra video-altering programming.

The YouTube Text Editor offers different text styles, varieties, and text styles to browse, permitting makers to redo their text overlays to match their marking and video content. Text overlays can be added to any video point and resized, moved, and altered on a case-by-case basis.

One of the critical advantages of utilizing the YouTube Text Editor is that it allows makers to add text to their videos without requiring cutting-edge video-altering abilities. Makers can utilize the text editor to add clear text overlays, like titles and subtitles, to their videos rapidly and without any problem. This makes it an extraordinary tool for makers who might be new to video altering or need to approach further developed altering programming.

Another advantage of utilizing the YouTube Text Editor is that it permits makers to add captions and shut subtitles to their videos. Captions and shut inscriptions make videos more open to watchers who are hard of hearing or nearly deaf and to watchers who communicate in various dialects. Creators can expand their audience and diversify their material by adding closed captions and subtitles to their films.

Annotations can be added to videos by makers using the YouTube Text Editor. Annotations are clickable text overlays to include interactive video components, such as links to other videos or external websites. Annotations can point viewers to relevant content, advertise products, or persuade them to subscribe to a channel.


Adding text in Youtube Video Editor


Step 1: Access the YouTube Video Editor
Log into your YouTube account and click on your profile symbol in the top right corner of the screen to enter the YouTube Video Editor. Go to the dropdown menu and select “YouTube Studio.” Click on the video you wish to edit after choosing “Content” from the menu on the left. Click “Editor” in the left-hand menu once you’re on the video’s information page.


Step 2: Add a text overlay in
Select “Text” from the top toolbar to add text to your movie. A selection of text overlays, such as titles, captions, and annotations, are then available for you to choose from. Drag the overlay onto the video timeline after selecting the one that best suits your requirements.


Step 3: Make your text unique
You can modify the text overlay after you’ve added it to your movie to suit your needs. To access the text editor, click the overlay in the timeline. Your text’s font, color, size, and alignment can then be modified. Additional text boxes can be added, and you can move them on the video’s timeline.


Step 4: View your modifications
Previewing your changes after making text updates is crucial to ensure they turn out as you intended. To do this, select “Preview” from the menu in the screen’s top right corner. Doing so lets you view how your text overlay appears alongside your video.


Step 5: Save and release your video in step five
The time has come to save and upload your video once you are satisfied with the text overlay. Click the “Save” button in the top-right corner of the screen to save your changes. The next step is to publish your video immediately or to plan it for later.

You can easily and effectively improve your content and engage your audience by adding text to your YouTube videos. Using the YouTube Video Editor, you can easily add text overlays, subtitles, and annotations to your videos. You may make interesting, educational movies that connect with your audience by following the abovementioned methods and employing these text-adding suggestions.


Tips for adding text in the YouTube Video Editor


Simple is best
Simplicity is essential when adding text to your videos. Use legible typefaces and complementary colors that go well with your video material. As employing too many distinct fonts or colors can be distracting and detract from the meaning you’re attempting to express, refrain from doing so. Pick a few choices and styles to keep your text clean and clean.


Be brief
Keeping your text brief while adding it to your recordings is significant. Utilize brief, succinct phrasing that conveys your message. Extended expressions or sections can prevent perusers from losing interest in your material since they should be more difficult. Use records with numbers or shots to separate your substance and make it simpler for your followers to peruse.


Use conflicting tints
Guaranteeing the text stands apart is one of the most pivotal parts of adding text to your movies. Utilize differentiating colors that contrast the foundation of your video to accomplish this.

For example, utilize white or a light tone to make text sparkle out in a film with a dim foundation. Then again, pick a dark textual style to make the text more recognizable in recordings with light foundations. This will make it simpler to peruse and ensure the follower will focus on your text.


Try different text placements
Your audience’s perception of your material can greatly influence its placement. Try out several text locations to determine where your message will be most effective.

For instance, if you’re adding a title to your video, think about putting it towards the start or finish of the film to draw the viewer in. Alternatively, if you want to add subtitles, put them near the bottom of the video so they don’t cover up the action.