How Much Is the First Payment from YouTube?

Many people are starting to make youtube videos, and so many of them are so invested in these videos that this is like a full-time job, and when all of the hard work pays off, youtubers also get a good amount of money in return. Getting your first payment from youtube is a major milestone for any youtuber out there. It is rewarding and motivating, so How Much Is the First Payment from YouTube? Let’s check!


Requirements for getting your first payment from Youtube

Satisfy the requirements for the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP)

Meeting the eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Programme is the first prerequisite for receiving your first payment from YouTube. Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours over the last 12 months to qualify for the YPP. You must also abide by YouTube’s community standards and terms of service.


Create an account with Google AdSense.
You must create a Google AdSense account to monetize your videos and make money from YouTube. With the help of the AdSense program, you can add advertisements to your films and get paid a percentage of the money made.

Although creating an AdSense account is free, you must have an active bank account and mailing address to get income.


Make your videos monetization-capable.
You must activate monetization on your videos after establishing an AdSense account and fulfilling the eligibility requirements. Thanks to monetization, YouTube may show adverts on your videos, and you can make money from such commercials. Go to your YouTube Studio dashboard, click “Monetization,” and then follow the on-screen instructions to make your films monetizable.


Observe YouTube’s monetization guidelines.
To continue making money from the site, creators on YouTube must adhere to stringent monetization restrictions. Some of these rules state that you shouldn’t publish material that contravenes YouTube’s community guidelines, that you shouldn’t entice viewers to click on adverts, and that you shouldn’t inflate the number of views or interactions on your videos. Demonetization or account termination may occur if these rules are not followed.


Obtain the required payment.
It would help if you reached the payment threshold to get your first payment from YouTube. Before YouTube will issue you a payment, you must have a certain amount of profits in your AdSense account, known as the payment threshold.

The payment threshold varies by country and currency; however, it’s commonly between 200 and 500 INR in India. On the 21st of the next month, YouTube will pay if you achieve the payment criteria.


Offer precise payment details.
You must give YouTube proper payment information to be paid. Your mailing address and bank account information are included in this. If you give false information, your payment can be returned or delayed, and you might have to alter your information to receive payments in the future.


First payment from Youtube

The kind of material you produce, how many people watch your videos, and your audience’s demographics are all variables that affect how much money you can make on YouTube.

However, as a new creator, you can anticipate that YouTube will pay you 200 to 500 INR or more as your first payment. Although it might not seem like much, this is an important achievement that can inspire you to keep producing content and expanding your channel.

Google AdSense, a program that enables website publishers to display advertising on their sites and earn money based on views and impressions, is how YouTube pays its creators.

This means that the more views and clicks on your videos for YouTube creators, the more money you can make from adverts. You keep the remaining 55% of the money made from the commercials that appear on your films, with YouTube taking a 45% cut.

Sponsorships and brand agreements are other methods to make money on YouTube. Companies may approach you if you have a sizable following and provide excellent material to advertise their goods or services in your videos.

Depending on the brand and the size of the collaboration, these partnerships can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for every film.

There are several ways to monetize your YouTube channel outside of advertisements and sponsorships. You may sell stuff, provide digital goods like eBooks or courses, or give your Patreon patrons access to unique material. You may diversify your sources of revenue and make extra money from your content with these techniques.

Although the amount of money you make from YouTube varies depending on several different circumstances, receiving your first payment from the service is a big accomplishment that may inspire you to keep producing content and expanding your channel.

You may anticipate making at least 200 to 500 INR from ads as a beginning producer, with the possibility of earning more with sponsorships and other forms of monetization. With commitment and effort, you can transform your love of making videos into a successful profession on YouTube.


Factors that will influence your payments from youtube


Audience characteristics
Your YouTube revenues are also influenced by your audience’s demographics, including age, gender, and geography. If your audience resembles the demographics advertisers try to reach, you could profit more from adverts.

For instance, if most of your audience is young, you might profit more from advertisements that appeal to them.


Advertising spending
Another important aspect that affects your earnings from YouTube is the advertising budget. The highest bidder has their ad broadcast on your film when advertisers compete for ad space.

You can make more money from adverts the higher the bid. It’s important to remember that because the advertisers’ budget changes, your earnings could change from month to month.


Length and video quality
The length and caliber of your videos also influence your YouTube profits. Since longer videos typically contain more commercials, their producers may profit from them. Additionally, making engaging, visually appealing, high-quality videos can lengthen their viewing time and enhance ad revenue.


Methods of monetization
In addition to commercials, there are several other revenue-generating options for your YouTube channel, including sponsorships, apparel, and digital goods.

Your YouTube profits may also be impacted by the monetization strategy you select and its success. For instance, you might make more money from your channel than someone who only uses advertisements if you sell many goods.