How to Get YouTube Channel ID?

Each YouTube user has their ID created and assigned for identification purposes. Similarly, when a user creates a channel, they are given a unique channel ID that they may use to locate the channel in specific apps and services. You’re in luck if you’re trying to locate the channel ID of your own YouTube channel or even another YouTube channel. This article explores many approaches to finding a YouTube channel’s ID from a video or playlist. Therefore, let’s begin. So, How to Get YouTube Channel ID?  Let’s check!


What does a YouTube Channel ID mean?

Each YouTube channel is given a specific identifier known as a YouTube Channel ID. To manage, track, and categorize channels, YouTube’s systems and APIs use it to separate your channel from others. Accessing analytics, incorporating YouTube features into websites or applications, and interacting with other YouTubers are just a few of the actions that require the Channel ID. You may get priceless information, data, and chances to improve the performance of your channel by getting your Channel ID.


Finding the YouTube Channel ID from a Video or Playlist

There are numerous ways to discover the YouTube Channel ID, regardless of whether you own the channel. Let’s examine each of these approaches in turn.


Recognize your YouTube channel’s channel ID

If you want it to know your YouTube channel’s ID, that indicates you have access to the channel’s YouTube Studio. The procedure in this situation is highly straightforward. You must perform the following actions on a browser:

1. Log in to the YouTube website using the account you wish to find the Channel ID for.

2. By selecting your profile picture, go to settings in the top right corner.

3. From the settings screen’s left pane, select the Advanced settings tab.

4. You can get your YouTube channel’s User ID and channel ID here.


Recognize Any YouTube Channel’s Channel ID

The simplest method to obtain the channel ID of a YouTube channel that you do not own:

1. Navigate to the YouTube site using a browser.

2. Look it up and visit that channel.

3. click the website link in the address bar.

4. The YouTube channel ID of that channel is the text characters that follow the “channel/” section.

Bonus: You can also employ this strategy to determine the ID (characters after list=) of any Playlist and your channel’s YouTube Channel ID.


Know Any YouTube Channel’s Channel ID Using Third-Party Tools

Creating a custom channel URL on YouTube that conceals the Channel ID is possible. In this situation, you can use various third-party tools to find the Channel ID of a Channel you do not own. The location is as follows:

1. Navigate to the YouTube channel and copy the URL.

2. Access the YouTube Comment Picker website by opening a browser.

3. In this box, paste the channel’s URL, complete the captcha, and click Get YouTube Channel ID.

Without using a third-party tool, find the channel ID of any YouTube channel
Another method of obtaining the channel ID of any YouTube channel is through a computer’s browser. Here is where you can figure out how to make it happen:

1. Head over to the YouTube channel to find the Channel ID.

2. From the context menu, choose View Page Source of any location on the channel.

3. To open the search box on the source page, press Ctrl + F. Type “channelid” without the quotations.

4. The channel ID is displayed next to the channel’s title as its name.


YouTube Data API usage

The YouTube Data API offers a trusted way to programmatically acquire your Channel ID if you’re comfortable utilizing APIs or want to automate the procedure. Take these actions:

1. Activate the YouTube Data API by opening your project’s Google Developer Dashboard account.

2. Create a project-specific API key.

3. Utilize the “Channels: list” Programming interface call with the “mine” choice set to “valid” to get the Channel ID related to your verified record.

4. Extracting the channel ID from the HTML source code

This method may be helpful if you need to know a YouTube channel’s URL or another YouTuber’s Channel ID. Navigate to the YouTube channel site of your choosing by opening a browser window. Select “View Page Source” or “Inspect Element” by clicking the page with your right mouse button. Look up “channelled” in the source code.

The value appended to “channelled” stands in for the Channel ID.


Recognizing the Value of Channel IDs


1. Channel recognition and branding:
A YouTube Channel ID gives your channel a distinct digital fingerprint. It facilitates consumers’ ability to recognize and separate your channel from others, improving your brand’s recall value.


2. Cross-Platform Integration:
Channel IDs are essential for connecting your YouTube channel to other online properties like websites, social networking accounts, or third-party software. Your reach and visibility will increase if you use your Channel ID to connect your YouTube material to other sites easily.


3. API Integration and Data Retrieval:
Developers can access and get data from YouTube channels using the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by YouTube. For developers to access channel-specific data like video analytics, subscriber counts, and engagement metrics, channel IDs are essential for API integration.


4. Collaboration and Partnerships:
Sharing your Channel ID when working with other content producers or looking for collaboration opportunities is critical. Potential collaborators can quickly identify and assess your channel’s performance, content, and audience engagement by sharing your Channel ID, facilitating fruitful collaborations and partnerships.



You can employ several techniques to discover the YouTube Channel ID of any YouTube channel, whether or not you run it. Our goal was to aid you with this article. For proper channel management, analytics access, and YouTube feature integration in third-party applications, you must be aware of your YouTube Channel ID. You may quickly locate your Channel ID and fully benefit from this resource using the techniques described in this guide.