How to Hide Likes on Youtube?

In recent years, YouTube has become among the most widely used social networking platforms. With millions of users, this platform’s popularity is only growing. You can become well-known on this site by creating material appealing to all age groups. Thanks to this application, people may readily access content, subjects, training, and numerous videos they can interact with. YouTube still provides options that can help its users for this reason. You will gain from reading this article on “How to Hide Likes on YouTube,” just like YouTube.

Owners of YouTube channels can make money from their channels and gain subscribers. The YouTube channel owners who make money from their videos can update new content frequently because of these subscribers and likes. Millions of people subscribe to long-running YouTube channels, which are quite profitable. You will realize that people around you use YouTube from different viewpoints and have varied preferences if you have begun creating material for the site and are actively using it.

It is preferable for YouTube creators, in particular, that many people watch their videos and subscribe to their channels. However, some YouTubers pay close attention to what they like and dislike. As a result, each person may have a unique view of video content. Sometimes the number of people who despise a piece of information rises suddenly. Because of this, video creators typically feel uneasy about this scenario and try to disguise their dislike of YouTube. If you’re seeking to discover how to hide your dislikes in your videos as these content producers did, you’ve come to the perfect spot. The post provides thorough advice on “How Can We turn off likes and dislikes on YouTube?”


How to Hide Likes on YouTube?

You may take a few actions to stop YouTube channel likes for your videos. You must access your YouTube channel’s general settings to achieve this. You may hide likes for recently published videos in this method. You can manually and separately hide the likes for the videos you’ve previously posted if you want to change them. You can quickly hide likes on your article using the procedures listed below. You can find all the specific steps right here.

Start by logging into your YouTube account. Then you click on your profile picture in the upper left area of the app. You can launch the YouTube Studio in this manner. Your screen’s bottom left corner contains the Settings option. After pressing this, you should select “Upload Defaults” from the menu on the left.

On the subsequent page, you’ll notice a field with the video’s feature names. In this section, select “Advanced Settings.”
Scroll down the page after selecting the Advanced Settings section to find the like and dislike buttons.

If the option was unchecked, you only need to save the data. Likes and dislikes are hidden after selecting “Save.”
You will have hidden the like button once you have finished these instructions. No “like” button is available on your recently published content video.

By Default, Preset and hide comments and likes.

Let’s discuss the preset options you may utilize for every video instead of repeatedly manually putting user ratings or YouTube comments off.

1. Visit YouTube Studio.
2. Close the gear-shaped setting icon in the bottom left corner.
3. Go to upload default settings after you’ve reached the channel setting page.
4. After the basic information, go to advanced settings.
5. Locate comments and turn them off to hide them.
6. Remove the tick mark next to “Users may view video ratings.”
7. After completing all procedures, save all configurations.


What Takes Place When YouTube Likes, and Dislikes Are Hiding? How to Hide Likes on Youtube? 

One of the main justifications is that certain people may maliciously approach your video when you upload content on YouTube. Many creators on YouTube frequently hide likes and dislikes after uploading their videos. Because specific audiences purposefully dislike your content for no apparent reason, you might not be happy with the current circumstances. In addition, the high amount of dislikes may cause prospective viewers to view your videos with preconceived notions.

Viewers may have questions when you keep your preferences hidden in your videos. The standard of your material possessions is one of these unavoidable inquiries because people can infer from them that you keep your choices to yourself for whatever reason.
Additionally, because your video receives few likes, some might think you hide likes and dislikes. You can purchase YouTube likes to turn this terrible scenario around.


What Makes Your Video Content Unpopular?

You may create practically any material on any subject on the YouTube platform. However, some of the material you produce can deal with contentious issues. Many people may have diverse viewpoints if these controversial issues are on the agenda. People can click the “dislike” button for your videos if they don’t like what they see. You can analyze your video with more dislikes after a short period. The following issues could develop as a result of the rise in dislikes.

Because they will be biased due to the rise in your dislikes, new viewers will be more likely to dislike them as well. Due to your video’s high dislike rating, subscribers who watch it might not appreciate it. They can unsubscribe and stop following your channel as a result. Because your former viewers unsubscribed because they disliked your video, YouTube will not suggest your new content to them. You might see a low number of viewers for your new material.

Your video might not appear at the top of the search results if it receives many more dislikes than likes soon after publication. In this instance, it will result in fewer people seeing the video. If you run into such problematic circumstances, as many YouTube content creators do, you can figure out how to close the dislike button and solve this issue. Additionally, this page explains how to turn off comments on YouTube.



If you recently created your channel as a YouTube content creator, you can notice low likes or run into issues like increasing dislikes because of malicious viewers. You may hide your YouTube likes and dislikes in such circumstances. The article “How to Hide Likes on Youtube?” provided complete instructions on disabling YouTube likes and dislikes. The post also explains why hiding your video content’s likes and dislikes is a good idea. For information, you can also refer to YouTube Help. You can examine the data and do your analysis to create a YouTube video creation method that is more effective. Doing so lets you rapidly hide your preferences and avoid aggravating circumstances.