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How to Get Verified Without 100k Subscribers?

If you’re a YouTuber, you know how vital it is to have a verified account. The checkmark next to your name on YouTube signifies that you are a trustworthy content provider. But did you know that YouTube used to demand 100,000 followers to be verified? Fortunately, the site has recently modified its verification procedure, making it feasible for producers with lesser followings to get validated. So, How to Get Verified Without 100k Subscribers? Let’s check!


What is YouTube verification, and why is it important?

YouTube verification confirms a YouTube account belongs to a credible and established creative brand or organisation. Verification is displayed by a little checkbox next to the channel name. This checkmark creates credibility and notifies viewers that the channel officially represents that creator, brand, or organisation.

Verification is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, it helps to develop trust between the author and their audience. Viewers are more inclined to connect with and trust content from a verified account since they know it is real. Secondly, authentication allows authors to access extra perks like personalised thumbnails, live streaming, and the option to monetise their material through advertising. These benefits help to build a channel by improving exposure and income.
Until recently, YouTube verification was only available to channels with 100,000 subscribers. However, YouTube has lately revised its stance, and now channels with fewer than 100,000 subscribers can also seek verification. This improvement makes it easier for smaller channels to acquire trust and enjoy verification advantages.


Understanding the new standards for YouTube verification

YouTube verification is a crucial milestone for producers, as it helps to grow their brand and trust on the site. Until recently, YouTube had a stringent threshold of 100,000 followers to acquire the coveted checkmark badge next to your channel name. However, YouTube has recently revised its verification process, making it simpler for producers to obtain verified even with a lesser subscriber base.

One of the most noteworthy changes in the new policy is that subscriber count is no longer the primary criterion for verification. Several factors are taken into consideration by YouTube when determining if a channel should receive verification.

These factors include the genuineness of the channel, the extent to which the channel’s profile is complete on various social media platforms, the engagement and activity of the channel, as well as its compliance with the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service set by YouTube.

If you’re dedicated to producing quality content that meets the requirements set forth by YouTube, channel size may play a smaller role in obtaining verification. Smaller follower counts should be fine with you seeking that coveted checkmark. It’s more about demonstrating a strong presence on the platform and proving your commitment to creating content that meets YouTube’s standards.


How to boost your chances of being verified on YouTube?

On YouTube, earning verification is a challenging feat. But fear not, as there are many ways to increase your likelihood of obtaining that sought-after badge.

Firstly, make sure that your YouTube channel is comprehensive and up-to-date. This entails having a profile photo, header image, and channel description appropriately expressing your business or content. Entertaining and instructive information, high-quality pictures, and audio should all be incorporated to guarantee that your videos are top-notch.

Establishing a strong following on various social media networks can increase your likelihood of becoming verified. Interacting with your audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is crucial.

Enhancing your YouTube visibility and reputation can be achieved through collaboration with other producers in your local area. Demonstrating your dedication to creating quality content for your audience is shown by actively engaging in the community.

Success demands persistence and patience, especially when it comes to YouTube verification. Awaiting verification requires investing some time into creating your channel and online presence.


Tips for enhancing your YouTube channel to fulfil verification criteria

If you want to get verified on YouTube but still need 100k followers, you must guarantee your channel satisfies specific conditions.

Here are some recommendations for enhancing your channel:


1. Fill up your About part:
Ensure your About section contains relevant information about you or your company. This comprises a description of your channel, links to your website or social media profiles, and contact information.


2. Use high-quality profile and banner images:
Your profile photo and banner image should be high-quality and aesthetically attractive. They should also correctly represent your channel and brand.


3. Create constant content:
Create a regular timetable and adhere to it. This will allow your viewers to know when to anticipate fresh videos from you and can enhance interaction.


4. Use keywords and tags:
Use relevant keywords and tags in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. This will help your videos appear in search results and enhance visibility.


5. Engage with your audience:
Respond to comments and promote engagement on your videos. This helps establish a devoted following and boost your chances of becoming certified.

Following these guidelines may improve your YouTube channel and boost your chances of being verified, even if you still need 100k subscribers.


The process of YouTube verification

Applying for YouTube verification is a basic procedure. The first step is to log in to your YouTube account and click on the profile button in the top right corner of the screen. Pick “Channel” from the options in the left-hand menu after clicking on “Settings.” Move to the “Verification” part at the bottom of the page by scrolling down.

In this part, you’ll notice a ” Verify ” button. Click on this button and follow the directions that appear on the screen. You’ll need to submit some basic information about yourself and your channel, such as your name, country of residence, and phone number where you can be contacted.

Once you’ve filed your request for verification, it may take several weeks for YouTube to process your application. It’s crucial to continue providing high-quality material and engaging with your audience to increase your following throughout this period.


The perks of becoming a certified YouTuber

Being a certified YouTuber offers various perks that might take your channel to the next level. The most obvious benefit is that you’ll obtain the desired checkmark next to your channel name, which adds credibility and authority to your channel.

A verified channel also offers access to features that unverified channels don’t have, such as adding unique thumbnails to your videos, live streaming, and the opportunity to appeal copyright allegations.

Another benefit of being a certified YouTuber is that your videos are more likely to show in the search results, suggested videos, and on the YouTube homepage. This is because YouTube trusts verified channels more than unverified ones, making them more inclined to promote your material to a broader audience.

Being a certified YouTuber also offers up many chances for partnerships and sponsorships. Brands are more inclined to collaborate with verified channels since they are perceived as more professional and trustworthy.

Overall, becoming a certified YouTuber is a terrific way to take your channel to the next level and reap the rewards that come with it.



In conclusion, becoming verified on YouTube provides several benefits for producers. Getting verified on your channel gives it an air of credibility, professionalism, and authenticity – something you can’t put a price on. You should know that you can have a smaller subscriber base. Still, it would help if you verified that you meet the necessary criteria and that your online presence and brand are both legit. Time to take action! You now possess the knowledge required to obtain verification on YouTube.