YouTube Play Buttons

How Many Play Buttons Are There On YouTube?

If you often use YouTube, you’ve noticed the play buttons that successful creators get. These buttons’ various colors and shapes signify a platform milestone the creator has attained. However, have you ever wondered where or how to find the play buttons? 


What are the various YouTube Play Buttons, and what do they all mean?

  1. Silver Play Button: The first Play Button milestone developers can reach is the Silver Play Button. Channels that surpass 100,000 subscribers are given it. It is a significant accomplishment for any creator and shows they have a devoted following.
  2. Gold Play Button: Channels that reach a million subscribers are given the Gold Play Button. It is a significant achievement demonstrating a creator’s enormous fan base.
  3. Diamond Play Button: Channels that exceed 10 million subscribers are given the Diamond Play Button. Only a select few creators have accomplished this feat. Hence it is a remarkable accomplishment.
  4. Bespoke Play Button: For producers who hit subscriber milestones not covered by the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Play Buttons, YouTube has also provided bespoke Play Buttons. Channels that surpass 50,000 subscribers, for instance, are given a unique Play Button with a copper frame.

The YouTube Play Buttons are all things considered, a fantastic method for creators to be acknowledged for their successes on the network. 


The origins of YouTube Play Buttons: What led to their creation?

When three former PayPal workers created YouTube in 2005, everything got started. It expanded swiftly to become the biggest video-sharing network in the world, and Google bought it in 2006. 

The Silver Play Button was introduced by YouTube in 2012 and is given to creators with 100,000 subscribers. The Gold Play Button was introduced the next year for producers who had amassed 1 million subscribers. 2015 saw the addition of the Diamond Play Button, which helps producers attain 10 million subscribers.

On the platform, these Play Buttons represent success and achievement, and creators work hard to obtain them to demonstrate their tenacity and commitment.


What must you do to fulfill each Play Button’s requirements?

The prerequisites for each Play Button depend on how many subscribers you have on your channel and how many times your videos have been viewed overall. The following are the four Play Button tiers:

  1. The 100,000 subscriber milestone earns channels the Silver Play Button. Your channel must have a spotless history without violating community guidelines or copyright.
  2. The Gold Play Button is given to networks with one million subscribers. Channels must also consistently attract viewers and have a high engagement rate, in addition to the need for a spotless track record.
  3. Diamond Play Button – Awarded to channels that have surpassed the milestone of 10,000,000 subscribers. The criteria for channels are the same as for the Gold Play Button, except they must have even higher levels of viewing and engagement.

The fourth Play Button, the Ruby Play Button, is presented to channels that reach the 50,000,000 subscriber milestone. Channels must fulfill the same criteria as the Diamond Play Button and leave a lasting impression on YouTube and the larger online community.


A step-by-step tutorial for applying for a Play Button

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply a YouTube Play Button.

Step 1: Verify your eligibility

You must first determine if you qualify for a Play Button. Channels on YouTube that have reached certain milestones for subscribers, views, and interaction are given Play Buttons. Depending on the sort of Play Button you seek, there are different eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Select the Help icon.

If qualified, go to your YouTube Creator Studio and select the “Help” option in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Look up “Play Button”

In the “Help” search box, type “Play Button.” A list of articles about Play Buttons will be provided.

Step 4: Choose the pertinent article.

Choose the article that applies to the Play Button you request. Choose the article “How to claim your Silver Play Button,” for instance, if you’re applying for one.

Wait for confirmation:

Wait for YouTube to confirm your application after submitting it. The volume of applications YouTube receives for Play Buttons can take several weeks.


How soon can I expect to get a play button?

Several variables can affect how long it takes for YouTube to send a Play Button. It’s crucial to remember that only some qualify for a Play Button. 

Once a creative has satisfied their ideal Play Button requirements, they must apply to the YouTube Creative Awards website. Before handing out a Play Button, YouTube will confirm the creator’s eligibility, which can take several weeks.

The location and shipping method of the creator can also affect how quickly the Play Button arrives. The delivery period for American-based creators is often between two and four weeks. 


What do Play Buttons signify for artists and viewers, and why are they important?

The Play Buttons on YouTube are more than just a clear incentive for producers. They are highly valuable to both creators and audiences. These buttons serve as a sign of accomplishment, success, and recognition.

Getting a Play Button is a significant professional achievement for creators. It indicates that millions of individuals worldwide have seen and valued their content. 

Play Buttons allow visitors to locate the platform’s most well-known and influential creators quickly. They serve as a symbol of excellence, proving that the work created by these creators is worthwhile to view and spread to others.


Will there be new YouTube Play Buttons coming in the future?

Since the Silver, Gold, and Diamond Play Buttons were introduced in 2012, YouTube Play Buttons have advanced significantly. The two different levels that YouTube has since added for artists are the Ruby Play Button for channels with 50 million subscribers and the illusive Custom Play Button for channels with 100 million subscribers. New Play Buttons might be added as YouTube develops and expands.

The possibility of a Black Play Button for channels with 1 billion subscribers has given rise to rumors and conjecture. YouTube hasn’t yet confirmed or ruled out this possibility.



In conclusion, the YouTube Play Button is a highly desired recognition that creators seek to earn. It is a big milestone regarding subscriptions and viewership on the site. Each award marks a significant milestone in a creator’s career on YouTube, from the Silver Play Button to the Diamond Play Button.

While the number of Play Buttons awarded has increased remains a remarkable and significant accomplishment. However, it’s essential to realize that success on YouTube should not be defined just by the number of Play Buttons one receives. The platform is always developing; new opportunities exist for creators to interact with their audience and expand their brand.